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Dried Fruit: A Delicious and Healthy Snack

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Trying to eat a well-balanced diet includes eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. However, it isn’t just fresh fruits and vegetables that contribute to this dietary requirement. There are other ways to intake the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day. You can do this by including dried fruit in your diet.

Different types of dried fruit offer countless health benefits. Not only are they nutritious, but one can enjoy the numerous effects that these good for their health produce.

Listed below are some ways you can discover how to enjoy a variety of dried fruits.

Raisins are very popular due to their taste and affordability. A healthy choice when eaten moderately, these dried grapes can be the most tasting of all options available for purchase come wintertime. They provide excellent sources of nutrients, energy, and minerals, and both kids and adults can enjoy them.

Raisins are also very versatile. You can eat them alone, in cereal, or with yogurt. Another plus of eating raisins is that they aid digestion, reduce acidity in your body, and even lower your heart disease risk.

Apricots are another great dried fruit. Naturally sweet, dried apricots are tough to beat in flavor. This naturally sweet rendition of the fruit appeals to kids as well as adults.

In addition to being sweet, they have a moist, delicious texture and are very filling. Dried apricots are also popular because they last longer than fresh fruits. Fresh apricots can spoil quickly, especially after getting bruised. The dried variety lasts much longer and is just as healthy!

Prunes are one of the dried fruit options that are not necessarily popular. Many people are not fans because of how they look and taste. However, they are a dried fruit staple because of their health benefits.

Prunes tend to be known for their ability to support the digestive system. However, they also work toward boosting your eyesight, are great for heart health, and are rich in antioxidants.

The naturally sweet taste and the satisfying crunch can make dried bananas chips very popular among children like their apricot counterparts.

Even though they are tasty, dried bananas tend not to be considered as healthy as some of the other dried fruits on this list. So, you have to be mindful to consume them in moderation, If you do that, you can benefit from the fact that they are high in magnesium, vitamin A and fiber.
Dried banana chips are also high in iron, which is especially useful for women during their periods. It helps replace lost iron, improving energy and reducing tiredness that often accompanies the end of a woman’s period.

If you are looking for a way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet year-round, these dried fruits should be on your radar! Dried fruit can contain high levels of natural sugars and calories, so remember to eat them in moderation. Like other food and beverages, anything eaten in excess is counterintuitive and can lead to unhealthy results.

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