Dr. Precious Moli-Motsepe— Fashion is said to be a women’s industry and this African woman is certainly living up to THE STANDARD!

Dr. Precious Moli-Motsepe is CEO of Motsepe Family Foundation and Executive Chairperson for African Fashion International which owns Mercedes Benz Joburg Fashion Week and produces Africa, Angola, and Swahili fashion weeks.

AFI’s mission is to promote and develop South African and African fashion and to bring it into the mainstream.

Through partnerships with various companies and government, AFI brings together fashion designers, media, retailers, and consumers. This gives fashion designers media publicity and orders from retail buyers and the public.

Clearly she is not the typical Super Model turned fashion mogul. Dr. Precious Moli-Motsepe is a well-educated businesswoman, wife, and mother of three. She is also a Chairperson for Leisureworx with a focus on consumer goods, fashion, and retail. Moloi-Motsepe was a speaker on ‘Women and Health in the Workplace’ at the Global Summit of Women held in South Africa in 2000.

She has worked in public hospitals in Johannesburg and Pretoria, specializing mainly in Pediatrics. She then went to Richmond, Virginia, the U.S.A. where her interest in women’s health first began.

Dr. Precious Moli-Motsepe holds a Diploma in Reproductive Health and Child Health; the 2012 award for South Africa’s Most Influential Women, The Elizabeth Tshabalala Award On Raising Breast Cancer Awareness and Prestige Award.

There is no sign of stopping this powerhouse South African Woman! Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, a true inspiration, and a source of empowerment for women everywhere!