When we are confronted with situations in our lives, one of the easiest ways to handle it is to give up. It’s too hard; we tell ourselves.

The trouble is that those situations often get worse because we choose not to confront them. They may take some time and especially perseverance. That is the main reason why we decide not to deal with them.

But, if you found ways to persevere, those situations would go away before they got out of hand. If it is a financial one where you don’t have the necessary funds, you may need to seek other ways to make money.

Of course, it’s bad enough having to work one job as many people are not happy with their jobs. Adding yet another task into the mix can be a hard pill to swallow. However, if you focus on the goal of taking care of the situation, this can get you through it. You may only need to work that other job temporarily.

Life can get even more difficult for many people as they get older. When you get past a certain age, you are not as readily employable as you were when you were younger. If you are having trouble finding work after being let go, will you keep going until you find something? There are a fair number of people who will give up.

Perhaps you have thought about starting your own business. It’s certainly much easier to do that with the internet these days. This, too, takes a lot of work, especially since it is getting more competitive all the time. But, those who put in the time tend to make it happen. Others quit. It’s interesting to note that people who leave often do so right before the time where they would start seeing some successes in their business.

We tend to have more medical issues when we are older, as well. Taking better care of ourselves requires perseverance and habit changes. Many people will throw in the towel and take their chances with their health as they age.

Whatever situation you find yourself facing, giving up seems to be the most comfortable option. It’s not usually the correct choice, however. It can take a commitment both in time and attitude (preparing yourself to be ready), but it can be well worth the effort of knowing that you won’t have to handle worse conditions later.