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Doing Your Manicure Shouldn’t Be That Hard – Acrylic or Gel Nails

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A nice manicure not only makes one look pretty, but it can also project a nice professional finish to your overall appearance. That said, doing it by yourself can take time, usually 2 to 3 hours of uninterrupted time and can stretch for ages depending on whether you have done it correctly. Although quite expensive, going to a professional nail salon can be the best bet if you want a professional looking nails done.

Gel or Acrylic

Going to a nail salon is often daunting especially for first time ones. Do you like a regular manicure or an acrylic done? Have you thought about opting for a gel nail service instead? What type of design and color you want done? Do you like a French manicure? All of these questions can give a girl a hard time. Below are just some basics for the two most popular service available today and can give you a brief so that you will not feel lost when you step in a nail salon.

Acrylic nails. Acrylic has been a staple in the industry. It is usually made of powder, mix with some liquids and applied to the person’s nails. It might cover the nail or just the tip depending on how long or short you prefer it. Once the nail technician sculpt it, it is exposed to air to harden. One will also notice a strong smell during the application process and as such, one should do it in a well-ventilated room.

Acrylic nails are best for those who like to do-it-at-home as one can fix it if one breaks a nail or two. Removal is also easy as one can soak it with a polish remover instead of filing it off. It is also cheaper than gel.

Gel nails—Gel nails are the newest service that is being offered and is done by applying a gel solution to the nail tips or the nail to extend length. As each coat is applied, nails are exposed to UV rays to cure or harden. No smell comes off when the gel solution is applied.

Gel nails tend to be more expensive than acrylic and doesn’t last longer however some do prefer it as it doesn’t smell and looks more natural than the later. To remove them however, one would need a professional to repair it as with acrylic, it grows out with one’s natural nail.


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