Do You Plan to Unwrap Your Gift or Not


by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 03, 2020, at 1:00 pm

This morning I am walking in a peace where I can write clearly, hear clearly, and think clearly about the much too much to consider of things that I must do and need my attention during any given day. It is a challenge when you have made up your mind to make life changes, and then actually purpose yourself to implement what you’ve made up in your account to do.

I was having a conversation with my new, latest, and most excellent mentor in Paris yesterday. He is the most loving soul, and I appreciate his warmth, kindness, and heart sentiments so much. We were talking about the beauty of LIFE, LOVE, and this fire shut up in our bones of being energy beings with so much to bestow, create, give, and contribute to ourselves, one another, and the world at large. During our conversation, I felt THE PRESENCE of what is more significant than ourselves with us and in us as we connected to the powerful energy vibration we were marveling over.

What a GIFT it is to have the SOURCE of ALL POWER, the SOURCE of ALL CREATION within us as the core of who we are. What a GIFT to have our intellect, abilities, skills, gifts, talents, and measures as a mere extension and arms of implementation to draw and ignite that SOURCE as we co-create with GOD all things we orchestrate in our lives… that is if you are in alignment.

As human beings, we are all born with the power to be great and the source from which that power comes. What we never realize, or instead realize probably much later on in life, is that we use that power and cause all the time because we THINK and ignite our THINKING into ACTION igniting the creation of our BEING and present state and set of circumstances which, when going back to the root, starts with the THOUGHT.

This is why relationships of every kind are so meaningful…intimate, family, business, personal, houses of worship, etc.. You genuinely become the company you keep. When you are not your BEST SELF, it is most likely due to your being in the wrong place, at the wrong time, doing the wrong things, with the wrong folks. I gain such inspiration from being around certain people, and I am drained of inspiration being around others. I am learning to listen to my voice by paying closer attention to what my spirit is indicating to me through its comfort levels.

I am learning to WALK SLOW, which is something I have never been skilled or competent at. I have been a fast-paced, warped speed girl my entire life because of how I was raised, and my responsibilities as the sole provider for my three children. As I am returning to that perfect peace I once walked with; I realize that it escaped me all of these years because I was outrunning it. That ideal peace was fixed and waiting for me to slow down, slow up, so I could catch wind of its presence. I allowed society to set my course and my speed, and now that I’ve taken back my power to chart my class (with GOD as the navigation system) and adhere to the speed limits enforced by GOD’s timing of all things in my life, I have a very different experience.

I am learning the BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD… and while initially, I fought it tooth and nail (actually for the past nine months is how long I’ve been fighting this particular fight), I am surrendering to the FLOW and the CALM and going with the CURRENT instead of fighting to swim against it. It is enveloping me and soothing me as I’ve never been comforted or soothed before. It is in the word of GOD every opportune moment I get and being on my knees in prayer whenever possible, that is calming and taming this thoroughbred spirit of mine. My bucking has ceased, and I am becoming shaped and formed to the adaptation and form of the WORD. It’s a feeling I can’t explain, too high for words, too immeasurable for the sentiment. Yet as I sit here and just write about it, my heart beats hard, and I have this warm feeling of quickening love vibration. Yes, I think that’s it. I’m falling in love with my SELF and my self.

Steve Jobs said you are only able to connect the dots when you look back. And as I look back, I can see where everything fits in, how so many things make sense, and how now that I have surrendered to not making my pictures from dots from the shallowness of my flesh, and instead begin connecting the dots that have been pre-destinated for me, I can see the big picture before I start plotting the points.

The big picture is the POWER to CREATE was given to us the moment we were created. We just don’t begin to develop the skill of our power until we tap into its source. Tap into the source of the depths of who you are, and you will find that everything you’ve ever wanted, desired, or thirsted to be has been waiting to be unveiled, and you can do that by beginning with the unwrapping of your gifts.