by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, August 24, 2020, at 1:00 pm

OK. WHEW! Here it goes. The GOD relationship is a personal one and a walk that no one can dictate or decide (not Religious Teachings nor Doctrines). Everyone has an opinion. That is why it has always been about establishing, fostering, and nurturing a covenant relationship and always will be. I grew up Pentecostal/Apostolic w/no pants, makeup, music, church all Sunday, etc.. (smile).

As I got older, I became a practicing Catholic, Lutheran, Episcopalian, 5% Earth, Universalist, and I took my Kalimah Shahadah and became a Muslim. I became a knowledge seeker and learned about my Egyptian heritage, the Apocrypha, The Essene Gospel of Peace, about the Greeks, the Romans, The Vatican, Horus and Osirus, Isis, and Yeshua. I studied Buddhism, Hindu, Reiki, Yoga, anything and everything you could name in the quest to find out the truth of how I should be living. (Yes I did not become practicing, but studied the Bible and belief systems of Jehovah Witnesses, Judaism, Hebrew Israelites, etc. and even occult or two).

I have had ministry exposure through personal experiences with (my life directly & indirectly) with the most incredible things including incest, rape, molestation, homosexuality, alcoholism, drug dealing, murder, adultery, low-self-esteem, abuse of all kinds, robbery, fraud, suicide, ostracism, poverty, hunger, etc.). And in all of my searching for the WHO and the WHY and witness to some of the most horrific and traumatic things any one person could ever go through, this is what I learned and what I will share.

On April 1, 2000, I physically and medically (in my charts) died. To try to ‘keep me alive’ and ‘save’ me, the doctors put me on a ventilator life support machine with tubes in my body to breathe for me and feed me. My family can tell you better than I can what near-death looks like from the outside. I was in a coma, and during that time, I learned more about life than my 30 years of living, and searching had provided me to that point.

I will just share the most crucial part of the information that was shared with me, and I quote…”MAN SPENDS HIS ENTIRE LIFE AND ALL OF HIS ENERGY AND EFFORTS SEARCHING FOR THE KEY TO HIS HAPPINESS AND PURPOSE, NEVER REALIZING THAT IT’S ALWAYS BEEN, LOVE”. The key to happiness and OUR creation, our destiny, our service, our purpose, our greatness is LOVE. And until we resolve that NOTHING else matters. We use the scriptures and organized religion to govern us and our lives instead of using the LOVE of the I AM in us to administer the scriptures and put it to use to operate our purpose.

So to answer the question about salvation, in my opinion, the only measure by which a person is saved is determined by the person who created that person in the first place, and that is God himself. That is not for you to worry. Your only resolve is to return to the position of who YOU are through Him and with the Him that created you, the place of KNOWING purpose before you became a Soul with a body, a remembrance of all you were called to be and do. Then and only then will it all become resolved, and your life will truly begin.

God loves us with all of our imperfections. Now if we could only accept and love ourselves with them as well.

Since there is no degree to sin, there is no reason for you to esteem one person’s “doing’ as more than any other. OK, Here I go down the front street again. SMH. But since what I say here is already a public record in my books, it’s already out there for the world to know. Two cousins molested me for YEARS, beginning at 7 yrs old. All I will say is that they were growing up in a “holy ghost filled family”… To this day, I’ve had to see these cousins (who are siblings) at family functions and events and guess what I even facebook friends with them now. So is it wrong to love someone who has abused? No. Not at all.

There is something called AGAPE love, which is unconditional love. Is it wrong for me to love the very cousins who altered my entire life’s choices by planting a seed and taking my innocence? NOT AT ALL. True forgiveness is the compassion of understanding that what happens in this world is for purpose no matter how ugly it gets… a purpose more significant than the two eyes could ever see…one revealed only thru the third eye of spirituality.

HOWEVER, forgiveness and agape love have nothing to do with allowing people into your space. Those cousins are not in, nor ever will be, in my area, circle, or a part of my life in that way. But I love them, have sympathy and compassion over them (for indeed they have reaped what they have sown) and have to live w/themselves and their actions. We are not here to choose WHO we love and ration out portions according to what people say or what we feel like doing. We are to love others as we love ourselves, and the funny thing is this world is an example that is exactly what we are doing, and that’s why it’s a HOTT mess.

LOVE covers a multitude of faults and sins. Always examine YOUR motives for WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO. Be love to everyone you can, and when you do, you’ll learn that justification for the how and why will never be an issue. Let your SPIRIT guide you in all things and don’t listen to me, or anyone else but the I AM in you. I AM human and no smarter, more celebrated, knowledgable than any other person w/an opinion. I’m just more willing to say it, that’s all. Listen to the whispers of your soul to be obedient to purpose through your experiences and gain and give every teaching and lesson that is supposed to be a part of it…

Once you realize your PURPOSE for being here, your destiny has been fulfilled, and your LIFE in your DESTINY begins.