Has God given you a promise that has yet to be fulfilled? Perhaps, you seem to be waiting what appears to be an eternity (although it really is not), but then nothing happened. In fact, to you, it seems like your circumstances turned for the worse.

Financial strain, relationship/family stress, job aggravation – all these changes have been delayed, but for one second, do not think it is a denial. You must be patient, because God is definitely working it out in your favor. Some good things are not to be rushed.

As a young man, God gave Joseph, the son of Jacob (see Genesis 37-48) a promise that one day he would rule. But then, for the next thirteen years everything went exactly opposite to the promise. His brothers, who hated him, sold him to the Egyptians. As a slave in Potiphar’s house, he was falsely accused of raping his master’s wife. Then he was thrown into prison and forgotten. Joseph refused to let his circumstances shape his outlook. He allowed no self-pity or bitterness to rob him of energy. Instead, he chose to use each circumstance ― whether at home, at Potiphar’s house, or in prison ― as God’s appointed place where he would serve Him with all of his heart. God eventually blessed Joseph and made him a blessing to others.

The moral of that story and this piece is “when you stand strong in faith, instead of using the delayed promise as a reason to grumble against God, keep it in the back of your mind to give it all to God.” Let go of expectations of how and when God would carry out the promise and instead, in the meantime, know that God was up to something much bigger than you could have imagined. In time – God’s time! You will see how your life begins to change. Your wisdom, faith and loyalty were repaid with an anointing.

Remember that your plan is not God’s plan. What we may think is good or right for us, God determines the real answer. When people are taken from your life that you once called a friend, do not cry over that loss. Instead sit and see the difference in your life with the new-found freedom and weight loss from getting rid of death weight. Trust Him even when life doesn’t make sense. There is a purpose in what you are going through. Perhaps God is trying to correct your course and redirect your vision. It could be that He is using these trials to teach you to lean more on Him, trust His timing, and strengthen your faith.

God may seem silent but that doesn’t mean He has walked away. He is actually at work in the background, putting together a master plan for you.

A delay is not denial, but a time of preparing you for the promise. It is very hard when we cannot “see” God in action.

Yet, that doesn’t mean He isn’t acting on our behalf. God will never give up on you. Whenever you feel discouraged or start to wonder if God is still there and cares, you can say this prayer:

Dear God, cleanse my heart of self-pity and resentment. I trust that
your good plan for my life is being carried out and that my current
situation is not my final destination. Help me God to believe in You,
trust You and have faith in You, because You have my best interests at
heart. While I wait on this storm to pass God, help me to endure and
keep my heart and mind focused on your promises. Teach me to count
my blessings, because for too long I have allowed others to block Your
blessings. I turn it all over to You God. Amen.

If you are struggling day to day, then every day take a moment to pray on it. Take a few minutes and write down all that ails you and/or that you feel is a roadblock to your destination. Go home and kiss your loved ones and ignore the things that would normally make you mad and say Thank You God, because there is a person or some people who wish they had another opportunity to speak to their loved ones and/or to make peace with a coworker or friend. If you have been patiently waiting for something good to happen, know that each day you are given life, something good has already happened. Stop stressing over what is wrong and start appreciating what is right. Celebrate the moments and know that DELAY IS NOT DENIAL!