Have you been wanting to get organized and de-clutter but just haven’t found the energy to start? We’ve all been there – organizing can be a daunting task.

I’ve tried many different methods of home organization, and there are standbys everyone can use.

Over the past year, I’ve worked in various NYC offices. I’ve helped organize and declutter the most disorderly and grimy spaces there are. With that in mind, I was at first a little skeptical of Mimi Tanner’s book, Declutter Fast!, but was impressed by her depth of knowledge and concise, practical advice.

Read on for an overview of her book:

Product Overview

Declutter Fast! is an e-Book by Mimi Tanner that promises to show how to declutter your home, no matter how messy it may be. I was impressed by was Tanner’s insistence on the importance of a clutter-free home to have a stress-free life. In our fast-paced modern life, I think we often ignore the effects of the environment on our mental health. There’s no question that we feel more at ease in an ordered, clean room, than in one that is full of debris and is dirty or full of dust and clutter.


  • Learn about how your environmental level of clutter can affect others’ opinion of you
  • Learn how to organize and declutter your space right away – Mimi promises you can have a complete decluttered home in “two days, tops.”
  • How to have everything you need and still be clutter-free
  • Organize the stress-free way
  • Overcome procrastination
  • How to organize paperwork
  • How to organize clothing quickly and easily
  • How to organize and declutter your home for a happy, less stressful life


Tanner’s book usually sells for $24.99, but it is currently available for $19.99. The best aspect of her book is its absence of “filler” information – the book is concise and to the point, making it perfect for incorporating her advice into every day, home-organizing use. Organize your home, put your mind at ease, impress your family and friends, and declutter for life!