by Stefany J. Jones on Tuesday, June 30, 2009, at 9:59 am

I was at my spiritual mother’s house, getting my bi-annual fill of spiritual counseling and wisdom. I asked her why is it if I have been praying more than ever and really in relationship and scripture more than ever, that all H-E— is breaking loose?

Her reply to me was so profound. She said, “Stefany, it is not all the time the enemy when all heck breaks loose. Whenever God is changing a thing or even preparing a thing, there is a ‘stirring’ up of things”. I knew exactly what she was talking about and oh how I could relate.

When we are praying fervent and effectual prayers, we cannot expect things to remain the way they have been.

For in all actuality, even if we are praying prayers of gratefulness, Father loves His Glory and is probably inclined to do and give and bring more. That means a re-arranging of some things.

I am well aware that for the past several months, I have been enduring a metamorphosis of grand proportions. I should not have allowed the profound changes that have taken place to move me, these stormy seas to shake my faith – but know that I know that this is all par for the course.

I know that blessings and greatness are here. I understand that the manifestation of those things spoken over my life before the foundation of the world will soon make themselves understandable in this world at this time. And while I know that there is a price for every victory in Christ Jesus, that being part of THE ELECT is not without its measure.

The bible says that many are called, but few are chosen. We are all called to be disciples and spread the good news, the Love of our Father…. but the few who are chosen are given much and have just as much if not more, required of them.

So as I continue with the pruning of Stefany taking place, the separation from friends, the isolation for prayer and meditation, and the brokenness that must occur for God to do work – I now recognize the golden treasure of silence and the pricelessness of keeping all focus on Yeshua. He is the one and only you can always count on, who will never leave or forsake you.