Common Communication Problems in Marriage

Anyone who has been married will tell you: sometimes communication between spouses is as clear as mud. Usually, these experiences are short-lived, especially if a couple is determined to overcome the small things. But communication problems can arise at any time in any marriage and cause any number of unwanted issues! The following are just a few of the common communication problems in marriage that couples face over the course of time.

Before you try and understand why communication is an issue in marriage, especially when it leads to fights and uncomfortable feelings, you should understand the meaning of ‘real communication’ first. Real communication can be defined as sending your message straight and proper to someone whom you want to understand the contents of the message and give you a positive feedback for the same. So it is important that the communication is ‘effective’ and it will be so only when the feedback you receive is positive and good. Now you can understand gradually why communication is an issue in marriage. A lack of proper and effective communication will give you negative feedback from your spouse and that will give birth to an ‘issue’.

With the passing of time, as you will continue to send and receive ineffective communications between you and your spouse, the issues will also start increasing and hence a troubled married life will start taking shape.

However when you use the word communication, do not take it to its literal meaning i.e. writing and sending messages to your spouse about your issues, that will be like adding oil to a burning fire.

Correct your marriage communication issue.

  • If you want to save your marriage, make sure that you improve the communication between your spouse and you.
  • Every marriage in the beginning is beautiful and free of any issue, because there is all form of communication between two newly married couples.
  • Communication in a marriage can be verbal, silent or even literal, for example writing sweet messages to your spouse.
  • Physical communication is also a very important part in the life of a married couple, which necessarily does not mean sex but also holding hands, caressing each other, a kiss on the forehead etc.
  • So if you are having a marriage communication issue, it is because of lack of either one of the above mentioned types of effective communications with your spouse or worse all the above.
  • So to improve your marriage communication issue, learn the art of communicating first. You don’t need a school to learn it, just start with remembering what made you both fall in love with each other in the first place and you will find your answer.