by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 6, 2020, at 11:44 pm

As I continue on this journey of mine into the NEW and IMPROVED way of living as a result of my NEW and IMPROVED way of speaking, which is a result of my NEW and IMPROVED way of thinking, which is a result of my NEW and IMPROVED relationship with GOD, I realize that the life we live is ever-evolving and so can we be if we make the conscious decision within ourselves to surrender to being in ALIGNMENT with our Creator.

I had the most AWESOME day yesterday. It was Spirit and Power filled and one of the most fulfilling I’ve had in a very long time. It was the day that I overcame so many things, and all of the stuff I conquered was a direct result of my THINKING. Once I changed how I ‘faced’ what I saw, I changed the ‘space’ it occupied within me, and ultimately the ‘place’ and measure it has in my life.

When we can grow ourselves to the point where we are strengthened by FACING those things, we would rather have just disappeared and gone away without our acknowledgment, we break the shackles of that stronghold, and it can no longer hold us back.

I am in a place more advanced and more progressed than I was just six months ago, and it’s only because of the turmoil and trials I’ve had to experience these last four months or so. It is incredible how wisdom gives you the stead to understand the beauty of struggle and how the strengthening and growth of who you are during times of conflict are where your stripes are earned. It is the place where GOD creates that endurance you need to be able to have sustainability in the next level life, with next-level thinkers and practitioners, and next-level expectations and rewards.

When opportunities present themselves, I am overjoyed. When challenges present themselves, I can honestly say at this point I have the same level (if not more) of being overjoyed because I now recognize head on the WHY they exist and the WHAT comes after.

Today, as you live in the NOW, in the PRESENT and the PRESENCE of walking in alignment with your Creator in purpose and destiny, understand that what the day brings is for your good, for your perfecting, and your passage into the NEXT LEVEL.