CHANGE IS A MATURITY DECISION By: Apostle Annyebelle Neal |

A preacher once said, “You may be pregnant with faith’s seed, but your blessing are born dead (aborted, miscarried) because the word of hope and the vision was killed in your heart by the enemy.” – unknown

1Co 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

Celebrating New Year Eve is not just a gala festivity but also a time of summation of what has transpired this year and using it to aid in guiding us in year 2013. It points to inevitable endings and new beginnings, concepts, and new maturity levels.

Maturity denotes full development; a termination of immaturity. Paul said it best when he stated in l Cor. 13:11

“When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; now that I have become a man, I am done with childish ways and have put them aside [leaving infant things for good].”

It involves being complete in some aspect. In a certain something, there is no more needed developing or expanding. A greater fullness has come. It’s not solely about age, education level, or experience, but mainly about faith and obedience.

When you pay attention in the classroom, complete homework consistently, study for you test with all diligence, not only does development and growth takes place but promotion is inevitable.

Spiritual maturity is imperative to every aspect of your position [including the secular involvements] and it will authenticate the qualifying tone needed to move fluidly in both arenas.

Looking towards the New Year, let us consider some prevocational changes. Enter the New Year is an exciting time of gala celebrations, it is also a time to consider the accompanied inevitable challenges. You’ll experience a phase of blessed deductions; namely an exodus of people leaving your ministry, group, business, etc. It’s not because they dislike you but that the next part of the vision to be realized is going required of them more sacrifices, walking in a new dimension of wisdom and faith and they are not ready to submit to you or the Holy Spirit’s leadership to upgrade.

We must ever keep in mind that we are people of destiny! We have a conclusive finale to our lives that God has foreordained.

God, who has designed our future has also assumed the position of being responsible to see that our designed, predestined future comes to past.

A – It is sine qua non to understand that that which God has ordained for us in His counsel cannot be altered!!

C – Our every battle has already been won in the spirit realm in order for it to come to pass. We walk in faith to speak its manifestation.

D – You may not think the vision to be great, but Satan knows how God can make something out of nothing. DO NOT LET SATAN DISCOURAGE YOU!

Yes, the New Year has paradoxes that includes:

A time of resolve and new considerations

A time of engaging in new challenges – letting go of inferior thinking, selfishness, wanting your way

A time of walking away from . . . that you might walk toward a new thing

A time of walking out of … that you might walk into

A time of parting with the old that you might inaugurate the new

A time of reflecting on the good or the bad for the purpose of making any necessary adjustments, changes, additions, deletions, and/or modifications

A time of retrospect personally, reviewing comments, arguments to see if you could have / should have done things differently

A time of looking at accomplishments and looking at what was missed, what failed to grow, reviewing reasons for the wrong call or judgments made

A time when God God gives new directions, an expansion of the vision while not forbidding new uncertainties to arise to oft’ times confirm your maturity, wisdom, and understanding. In these areas, there is a faith factor to consider, a fear factor to disregard and an obedience factor to pursue.

There is an impending move of God in which unimaginable blessings and miracles will take place. Many ministries and churches that are seemingly dormant are merely experiencing their winter season where your roots are growing deeper to handle the new growth. In the Spring time of growth, we will see the budding of new things. The in-coming year will also be a time that God will closely monitor you in to determine your preparedness for your next level.

“ . . . An Encouraging Word: Moving In Wisdom and In Excellence”

Be of a good courage! The two immutable things that give us the assurance of a promise from God of being fulfilled are His Word and an oath which is His name and His nature. It’s impossible for God to lie.

His throne, His name, His glory, His character, His continuance in being Who He Sovereignly is are just some of the components that makes Him God.

Be renewed in your mind. — You have to get into the Word, let the Word of God change you so that you can elevate your mind.

You need an elevated mind to elevate in God and to go to that higher place alone with Him. I want to mention two of the purpose for our anointing, 1) which is heaven’s investment of supernatural power locked up within our spirit; 2) is not to escape our specific testing but to be able (in spite of the strength of the test) to use our anointing and prayer power to bring down the grace of God and witness our own triumph over the enemy.

We are commanded to speak the Word (Isa. 55:11). The Word of God is voice- activated and is effective when we speak it. However, the Word of God cannot have the same impact when it comes out of your mouth as it does with God unless your life line up to the Word of God. Satan knows whose anointing to which he must bow.

One who has a vision cannot succumb to the realities of a wounded spirit, sexual visitations, obstacles, threatenings, or false prophecies, etc. Do not cherish a spirit that is devoted to the world, following its vain fashions and pleasures, but cultivate a spirit attached to God, and his kingdom and cause.

When we move in destiny, we realize that all that we have gone through now makes sense and it was all worthwhile. Our trials may increase, but we will be able to handle them better because of our relationship with God. Rest assured, when we trust God, we will walk in the highest level in our giftings and calling on our lives. There will be a walk of faith that nothing in the earth can shatter or shake. We will move in the miraculous, performing mighty exploits

When you stay faithful, God will bless you on purpose as a deliberate, intentional focus.

IN YEAR 2013, God knows how to bring you out of your Moab, your past, wrong company, wrong job, into destiny. God has a way of connecting you to that

someone/group/ministry that will lead you/assist you regarding your destiny. He will cause a “knitting” within each heart. (David had to leave Jonathan even though they were knitted together in heart and spirit. Each useful instrument that you might be using today will die off or you will have to put it aside if it is not the one that is a part of your destiny

Great expectations and new demands will be placed upon us by God to do things that are out of our ordinary experiences, beyond our present boundaries or limitations

The journey to our destiny is complicated, yet it is sure! We will enter into the new dimensions where your where your whole process of preparation will not only make sense to you but will make you one of the most profitable servants of God is allowed.

There are new things we will have to activate and bring out from the invisible realm by personal prayer time and touching and agreeing, WARNING: This is not

the time to drift away in isolation for your own sake

Perseverance is required of all. Everyone has failed, has messed up, has blown an opportunity of a lifetime, but it is yet

required of us all to “press” towards the finishing line

There will be an “infusion” of power from the Holy Spirit, strengthening us with might in our inner man

We must also understand that there is not one area of Christian ministry that has not become a battleground, but often there is no discernment that some form of spiritual resistance is in place. So, God is going to increase our awareness of spiritual junctions or intersections whereby one road or methods of doing things end and another begin.

Be strong, trust God in all things. His flawless wisdom and impeccable integrity forbids Him to lie or to be deceitful. “His He not said and shall He not do it? Has He not spoken and shall he not perform it. God watches over His Word to perform it.

To someone named John Bartram, be blessed and greatly encouraged.