How did you get to here?
It started a few years back. I was homeless and had lost everything; but always knew God. I made some poor choices and those choices put me in the situation I found myself in. Once I surrendered and asked God to just give me a word to be inspired and encouraged myself, God began giving me these very inspirational and very strength-provoking messages.

Wow, that’s amazing. God just gave you these “elements of inspiration”?
Absolutely, and I took the messages and started putting them into my cell phone and began sending them out to people.

When did everything change?
A.  One day I had an encounter with another radio personality Derek “Pooch Man” Frith, who happened to get wind of one of my messages and the rest is history. He was the first person to give me an opportunity and who named me Brother Marcus.



How did you go from homeless to being a popular radio personality? How did you keep yourself encouraged to the point where you had something to hold on to that would get you there?
As I was on this journey, it was God allowing the right people at the right places at the right times to connect with me at the right moments. Once I figured out where I was going, the gentleman I spoke of earlier, Derek, gave me an opportunity to do 20 seconds of inspiration on his show.

It sounds to me as if you were in the right place at the right time.
I believe that there are times when people see the true authenticity of your character and your spirit…especially when they can see the direction in which you are going. You know people will begin to stand behind you and support you when they see your commitment and investment in the things you believe in and see your heart.

At that time, did you find yourself bitter by the turn of events taking place in your life?
No.  Sometimes everything you have has to be stripped away so you can start fresh and keep it fresh and know who is in control. I wouldn’t be where I am now, if I hadn’t gone through.

Did the popularity of your messages and success start changing you and who you were as a person?
I had no idea that so many people knew of me. I was just doing what I was doing; dropping my messages. I didn’t know how big this thing was getting. A lot of people were just helping and supporting, sponsoring and the next thing I knew there were people around me helping me to get back on my feet. I hadn’t realized my world was changing until other radio stations started reaching out to me and asking if I could do the same for their stations. That’s when I began to realize the popularity of it all.



How in the world did you handle all of your adversity?
The only way to handle it is to handle it. Because of Solomon’s unfaithfulness he was told by God that everything would be torn away from him and given to his subordinates. All of what he had would be given to others. That is what I went through. Because I knew God and had a relationship with Him, and my own disobedience, God stripped everything from me.  The house, the cars, and the family. Back then, I wanted things for my self. God showed me I am nothing without Him. I was alone and I was hurt. You find out who your true friends are when everything is stripped away. When you’re no longer able to spend money on people like you used to, or no longer the cool guy or whatever the case may be, you lose your status in society. You not only find out who your friends are, but you also find out who YOU are and your true value.

What would you say is the strongest lesson you came away with when finding out about you?
What I did come away with was me being by myself and not having anything. It was the most connected I felt to God. I didn’t have to worry about material things or bills. Those weren’t my concerns. My concern was, “Lord, it’s just me and you”. The best thing to ever happen to me was to go through the struggle and to be in the valley. At that point, the only direction left to go was up.  I tell people to praise God no matter what situation you’re in. Don’t worry about people or feeling embarrassed, because that’s when the change comes.

Did you always know this would be your destiny?
I always  knew that I would be doing something in front of people. I used to think I would be a Pastor years ago. As a child I had a speech impediment. I had a lisp and a problem with stuttering. That is why I am proof positive that when God has a destiny for you, you can do what you want to do,  but God will keep stripping you, dropping you, purging you until you say God I’m ready. To this day I practice in the mirror to make sure I am enunciating words properly.



What advice would you give the younger generation?
Pick and choose wisely… your friends, your battles. Make sure you keep God as the focus no matter what. You have to have that discernment so you know who’s with you and not. Make sure you don’t get sidetracked and concerned with little arguments. Be prepared to win the war, not every battle.

What would you say to the young ladies?
Know who you are. Know whom you belong to. Know how much authority you have over everything around you. You are to be a help-meet not a slave. The assistant, who is most often times the one who keeps it all together and is more important than the one in charge. You are the one with the strength to make sure things are rolling as they should. Women have more power and authority than they thinks. One reason is because this world cannot run smoothly without the power and strength of a woman.

What would you say to the men?
To the men: we have a responsibility to uphold the family structure. In starting all over, we still have to do our part for what we’ve done in the past.We are to be accountable in that new place for what we’ve had, what we have, and for where we’re going. Let’s do our best to be responsible and stop blame shifting. We can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

Q. What would you say to the women?
For the women of today, don’t go  looking for anything when it comes to being connected. Wen it comes to being with someone, it’s not up to you to be looking and searching. They are picking whatever is coming their way and it’s not all good. Just wait and I know it’s a hard thing sometimes. But women should wait.  A good man will accept the woman  and continue to move forward whomever God leads, and no matter what past she comes with. The one thing I want women to remember is that a good man is going to do things to protect you and not harm you.