Body and Mind as One


If you stood there bare naked, would your eyes go straight to that extra belly fat you’ve been carrying around for a long time or would your attention and first reaction go to all the parts you love most about yourself? We’ve all been there and done it and stand guilty as charged. We have trained our eyes and mind to almost automatically set our attention on our “flaws” every single time we look at ourselves.

In theory, our body is made up of flesh, bones, blood, and skin that has trillions of cells residing inside with its respective functioning organs working throughout our whole lives for us but in reality, our body is like a sacred temple we were supposed to take good care of religiously. (metaphorically speaking)

Instrumentally, we were “built and designed” to work the same way. To have the 5 important and crucial main gifts that allow us to enjoy life no matter where and when we want to do so. We just got to tune in and be in harmony with them.

We have eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell, mouth to taste and our largest organ – our skin to feel texture and sensations. Yet, we all take these for granted and choose to nit-pick on the most superficial part of us that more often than not, doesn’t even serve a functioning purpose, let alone giving us pleasures of any kind. In fact, giving it attention just stirs up even more insecurities, doubts, and every possible negative feeling. Some would want a higher nose bridge, smaller nostrils, bigger lips, bigger eyes, and the list goes on.

In order to connect our minds to our body, we have to learn to come to terms with what we’ve got and embrace its rough edges and the thing about beauty is, it really lies in the eye of the beholder. If you can’t even love yourself just the way you are, how can you expect anyone else to even begin to do so? When you carry negative feelings for yourself and criticize harshly, it will reflect and bounce off right out of your skin quite literally.

Beauty does indeed lie in the eyes of the beholder and that person has to be you. Because the world sees you, through your eyes.