Being Young and Single—Demecos Chambers is a young Peopleprenuer building people to their best, one person at a time.

He specializes in romantic relationships and inspirational skill building. So I sat down and asked Demecos what it is like being young and single in Atlanta.

Listen up!

Being young and single man in Atlanta… has it’s perks.

Being 6′ 3″, gainfully employed, educated, intelligent, dark and handsome man in Atlanta has perks that can be seen as luxuries. At 23 I’ve dated women a little more than twice my age of different ethnicities, tax brackets and walks of life. That experience alone with my avid studies of human relationships and experts such as Dr. Adual Tartt, Pattie Stranger, Susan Page, Owen Williams and David Wygnant. Combined with my passion these pieces of life’s wisdom have equipped me with the tools and knowledge to help those who want loving relationships, become loving people to posses them.

In my many dealings with women romantically and platonically, I’ve found that each age group of women has different levels of a relationship they desire. Women in their 20’s are flimsy with love and optimistic of their thought out romantic chances in the future. Women in their 30’s are reaping their benefits from men by reaching their physical peak and are set on meeting the “right man” to settle down with. Women in their 40’s are set in their perspective of life and who the “right man” for them will be.

Single women in their 20’s are still searching for their direction in life. With that search comes insecurities and obscurities. Men that do well with these kinds of women are one who possess an already journeyed path in life, they’ve found their direction in life and are secure in their identities. Being a romantically optimistic woman in your 20’s is a great way of thinking for it allows you to have your preferences but keep your options open, most importantly allows you to act on those open options. Continue your journey of self and ensure that it’s a “joyful” journey for yourself and the guy you’re dating. Be careful of following men who have already found their path in life for it may not end up being the path that’s best fit for you. To avoid it, enjoy his journey and develop your own.

Single women in their 30’s are reaching their physical prime. This is the point of a woman’s life where her body has fully blossomed. She’s sexually in tune with herself, secure of her matured identity and for men who are on the hunt for nourishment they are the most luscious fruit. These women sort through many men who are trying to approach and date them in many more ways than one.

The attention is flattering but the experience to them grows tiresome fast. They are looking for “Mr. Right” instead of “Mr. Wow He’s Right”. The most beneficial things in life never come all in one package. You sometimes have to reach outside and pull in different resources for it to be of prime use. That same concept is applied for romantic relationships. Women in this age group are emphasizing the life build (career, stability, education, and skill) of the man instead of the human build of the man (personality, fun factor, wisdom and journey). While both are important, at the end of the day you want a human to relate to you not a stat sheet knowing that even numbers never tell the true story. Regain that optimism you left in the 20’s.

Single women in their 40’s are filled with their already predetermined perspectives of life and with their personal experiences. They believe concepts of life to be “true” instead of “possible”. They also share the downfall idea of “Mr. Right” assuming that this one type of man is the only one who will fulfill their romantic meters and is able to reach their standards of being relationship/marriage worthy. These women are typically managers, executives or CEO’s. They have been running things in their personal lives for so long, along with running things at their jobs that they mistakingly apply that same behavior towards dating. Men don’t want a CEO or a boss chick in their romantic life, they want a woman who is able to handle her own, but believe in his lead and support it. At this stage in life you should know that nothing always pans out how it’s mapped out, so open yourself up to meeting different men that allows the possibility of love to enter your life using different avenues.