by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, July 27, 2020, at 4:00 pm

I know a lot of my posting these past few days have been coming from a spiritual perspective, and my whole LIFE BY DESIGN concept of whose we are, who we are, why we’re here, and all that we’re to do. I can’t say for sure why I am writing what I write as the beauty of blogging is that you simply say what’s on your mind, and for the most part since it’s mostly my spirit, which is giving utterance these days, then it is what it is.

I’m finding that my blog is not much unlike the music that I have written and recorded, which by the way I will be adding to the site when the full integration goes live… in that wherever I am, whatever place I am finding my center, the gifts, and melodies of my vibrations are indications of all that’s going on inside me, around me, and as a part of me.

I am learning that as I sojourn on this quest to fulfill a purpose and realize the expected end of my destiny through my life’s design, I have met w/ an abundance of knowledge, wisdom, understanding, awareness, awakenings, corrections, new learnings, and a whole lot of LOVE. The amount of love that is outpouring in my direction from the hearts of God’s people, my brothers and sisters are more than any one person deserves and I find myself blessing my brothers and sisters and regularly praying for their hurts to be healed, the hearts to be mended, and their desires to be brought forth.

I am in this place of praying and petitioning for everyone other than myself. While I am only now becoming familiar how to speak up FOR myself and what I desire and want, I have noticed that when we move from the commonplace of our comfort zone, it is by trial and error we develop new skills and talents in the walking into ‘the never before’ parts of our experience.

What drives me is God’s calling on my life which is ETERNITY, what thrives me and gives me my sustenance is His spirit, and what guides me is this spirit inside of me which is LOVE personified and try as I may I can’t turn it down, shut it off, or contain it. There is a vibration of love beating inside of my very person that thumps with every word chosen for me to speak, and every consideration made in where to walk.

There is an insatiable thirst for everything soul-driven and dissatisfaction with things that are not for the highest good of myself or others. I am learning through this dissatisfaction how to develop a tolerance for something I never made space or place for before now. I am learning consideration for others and WHERE they are and WHO they are. As I release those parts of my character that are not for my highest good, I am learning to embrace and meet with love and compassion those parts of others that are not serving theirs.

This is especially true in my parenting. As I prepare to send my two oldest children to college, I am finding that I am sharing, teaching, seeking, understanding, and learning them all over again while at the same time imparting what has taken me years to learn, which I never thought important enough before now to teach them.

As I love them more than I ever have, I am doing for them what I know I’m purposed to do for those with whom I come in contact with, whether through my writings or in person, and that is my message from now until the day I leave this earth.

We were created BY LOVE, OUT OF LOVE, and therefore ARE LOVE. The only way to find out WHO YOU ARE is through LOVE. We must be healed in LOVE, and then LOVE will conquer all things for us in return.

Rather than strive for extra achievements and perceived as successful pursuits, I’ll just continue to be driven by eternity and led by my spirit, for I don’t know what I don’t know.

Still, I do know what I do, and that is there is no more fabulous gift in this life or enormous asset I could have ever been given to succeed in this life than the LOVE I have in my heart which I keep filled so that I have an abundance in supply to give to anyone who has room and desire to accept.

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