What all Women Should Consider Before Having Sex with a Man

In the beginning of a new male/ female relationship, it is not a woman’s initial intention to experience any emotional feelings for a man, but that’s simply not the case in most instances – especially if she really likes the man she has slept with and sees some inkling of a possible relationship.

The reality of it all is that a man may be sexually into you, but that doesn’t mean that he’s into you emotionally. Most women often want more once they have given themselves sexually to a man. According to most research, most men don’t get more interested but less interested and eventually become distant. This is a very common experience for a woman, which often leaves the woman beating herself up for making the decision to indulge in sex in the first place. So to escape such disappointing feelings with one’s self, it is key to be cognizant of the things you should know before you give yourself to a man sexually.

When meeting a new man, you experience those new feelings of excitement –feelings that you haven’t experienced in a long time, it’s very difficult to let go. Men and women are totally different creatures, we don’t interpret feelings and emotions in the same way. Although a man will spend some quality time with you, and communicate with you on a regular basis it does not mean that he wants to be committed to you. If you are sensing that your new male friend is backing away from you and becoming distant, you should feel free to have a conversation about yours and his expectations of your new friendship before you go too far. This can be a little sticky, because sometimes as human beings, we don’t like to hear the truth because it can hurt. It is best to know in the beginning stages of the friendship rather than to get hurt midway through the friendship after becoming emotionally attached.

Having sex is a very enjoyable experience, and just because a man may enjoy having sex with you doesn’t mean that he wants you, or respects you.

It may be that he’s just physically attracted to your physical make up. Being good under the sheets does not make a man fall in love with you, and it doesn’t mean that you will even experience a deep connection with him. Love does not occur over night, although as a woman we may have those “love at first sight feelings” when we meet a guy that we’re attracted to. Love occurs over time, and we must begin to realize that. According to Travers, a man’s love will usually come over time as he realizes you’re something special and he wants to keep you in his life.

Finally, before giving yourself to a man, a woman should make sure that you and your male friend are on the same page and you have discussed what you are getting into sexually. In most cases, a woman becomes even more interested in a man once she has had sex with him. Before you indulge, you and your male friend need to discuss this. This allows you or him the opportunity to decide if this is something that you and he both really want.