By Jordan Pritz

Spring is just around the corner (really, it’s true!), and a new season and warmer weather means a change in your everyday beauty routine.

It’s time to ditch the dark make-up hues, swap out heavier creams for lighter versions and give your hair some extra TLC after the toil it took during the winter.  And who better to look to than our fabulous Nars Beauty Specialist, Jordan Pritz, for the best-ever spring beauty tips.

“The best skin is skin that can reflect light!” – Francois Nars, Founder & Creative Director. 

Optimal Brightening Concentrate

Helps the skin reflect light and gives the skin a glow and helps your look to be radiant. This advanced radiance-boosting serum instantly brightens skin and revitalizes the complexion.  Potent Multi-Action Vitamin C clarifies and evens skin tone while working long-term to prevent and help repair signs of aging while encapsulated Noni Fruit Extracts boosts cellular energy.  Dark spots begin to fade from view and skin appears youthful, prismatic, and illuminated.

Natural Look

For Spring… get on a natural high.  Use a concealer.  Blurs imperfections with a soft focus affect.  Oil-Free.  Long wearing.  For targeted application in textured areas, use a brush strippling technique.

Play Your Hand

“My rules of thumb are lightness, transparency and less is more.” – Francois Nar, Founder & Creative Director.

As noted before, as the weather change, sometimes does your makeup.  You tend to switch to a lighter foundation to give the same look without the heavy feel.

Light Reflections Setting Powder – Enhances the look of foundation without a hint of color and prolongs make-up wear.

Pressed Powder Foundation – Triple-milled for a light, silky texture.  Pressed Powder provides sheer natural coverage to set make-up, soften color and smooth the skin’s texture.

Mix Shades & Textures

“Play and try to be a little daring… Break the rules.”  – Francois Nar, Founder & Creative Director

Multi-sticks – Available in an array of shades.  A multi-purpose stick which is used to highlight your eyes, lips and cheeks.

Dual-Intensity Blush – Defies genre with a silky, wet/dry formula of unprecedented artistry.

Don’t Be So Serious… It’s Only Make-up

Velvet Shadow Stick – Spring Shades.  Unearthed.  Break new grounds with untamed colors.

Express Yourself

“Make-up should fit who you are.” – Francois Nar, Founder & Creative Director

Chic Palette – Cheeks, unfiltered.  Six expressive shades.  Endless ways to show cheek.

Wild Fire Collection – Going back to basics, so foundations, concealers are more natural, but your shadows and lips are popping.

We invite you to check out the whole line of Nars.  Their stuff is out of this world, in a good way.  Also, if you are ever in the New York Area and want a one-on-one consultation, stop by Scarsdale’s Lord & Taylor and get more beauty tips and make-up suggestions by Jordan Pritz, Nars Beauty Specialist.