Be WONDERFUL Because There Will Never Be Nobody Like YOU!


KEM’s song NOBODY is one of my favorite songs.

Not because he is one of my favorite artists and, I love his sound, lyrics, and soul… but because it is one of the BEST songs in the world to get you in the mood for LOVE. Love for another, with another, for yourself and with yourself.
We must learn to LOVE OURSELVES more. Falling in love with ourselves fills our love tank with an insurmountable amount to give to another, and that is the way this works.

This was my Facebook status today: “Loving unconditionally means you love without excuses, expectations, micro-management or handicaps.

It means you will forgive much and apologize often, even when you are not the one in the wrong.

It means that even when you know the scope and breadth of who you are is the best thing going and coming, you are good with not imposing who you are and what you have to offer upon anyone for any reason.

It is an attribute only for the strongest, wisest, and most understanding people within our culture. …. and those with enough of it to give that NOT getting it back in return doesn’t matter nor take away from the power it brings you by bestowing it freely as the gift that keeps on giving to anyone willing to receive.”- Stefany J. Hustle MAMA