Be The Bigger Person


By Mariel Ferry

If everyone got along, this world would be a perfect place… but let’s be real people… something like that is most likely never going to happen… no matter how much we want it to.

Drama happens everywhere: school, the workplace, even at home. Am I right? Yes! It happens everywhere! There is a reason it happens though, and even though people mostly know why it happens, they tend to play it off as if it was not intended.

The reason drama ensues is because people like to stoop to other people’s levels or as they use to say “misery loves company”. This is not something I would do to solve anything and I encourage other people not to do it either.

People are not going to always get along… it’s just that simple.  It could be in the form of siblings, a married couple, and coworkers.  If Mary likes pink and Jodie likes black, Mary should not bash Jodie for liking the color black.  This goes for the general American society too. We take things too far for being different. We judge the way people dress, the way they talk or act, who they hang out with, how they carry themselves, social statuses, heck even the way some people live.   God created us all different to be our own kind of beautiful.

God wanted everyone to have their own mind and their own life.  Unfortunately, the drama is something people love to live for and if one thing is for sure… IT SHOULD NOT BE RECORDED FOR OTHER PEOPLE’S PLEASURE EITHER!

Someone needs to step up and be the bigger person! Could it be soon, please?  Anyone could do it: you, me, your silent coworker when your boss skips out on their coffee and yells at the new intern.

We know that has happened once or twice… yikes! On a serious note… people need a role model. Someone who is going to leave the “drama” for the television or the theater and not let it consume them.   Reality shows were created to let you know what goes on in reality, but not to become your reality.

We need to fix our homes, so we can fix our lives.  Please note though, that you must fix you, before you can consider pointing out faults and trying to fix someone else.  Changes start with YOU!

If people would start not allowing the drama to consume them, and they build a bridge above it, this world would be a much more harmonious and brighter way to live. People need to be the bigger person and not allow themselves to jump at what people say to them.

Ever heard of the saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”? Being the bigger person is a good thing and it makes people like you.   Or in the contrary, if you be the bigger person, they may hate you now, but they will love you later!  Sometimes when ignoring the drama, it makes people respect you and want to be around you.

Also, if you have the chance, and you see someone getting lashed out at, instead of pulling out your phone and taking pictures and/or videotaping it, why not try to help or stand up for them.   In no shape for form am I suggested putting yourself in danger, but if it can be diffused by a simple act of kindness, yes, try to help out.

Let’s all take a step out on faith and join the movement on being the bigger person and the next time you see two people having an argument in the store, or your sleep-deprived boss yelling at the entry-level intern, it’s ok to take that person aside and be nice to them.

You may not want to get super involved in the matter but it is ok to lend an ear, or maybe give someone some advice on how not to make it happen again.  I have found that sometimes those people lashing out at others, are not aware of their actions until told by someone and/or they feel their actions are acceptable, because no one never said ENOUGH!  Start allowing people to be them, without allowing them to change you.

The lesson here is not only is it okay to be the bigger person but also “do not allow your HAPPENINGS to control your HAPPINESS” or affect those around you.