by Stefany J. Jones on Monday, July 13, 2009, at 7:59 am

Ok, people, it’s been a while since I’ve shared some wisdom on the ‘human nature’ of things. As I always try to err on the side of caution with what I write, today, I feel like it’s no holds barred.

There is nothing wrong with stepping to your partner to tell them they need to “back that thing up” when they aren’t coming correct.

All my single ladies. Listen up. I am here to tell you that if your man isn’t giving you EVERYTHING you need and deserve. EVERY SINGLE THING HE HAS to offer including attention, introductions to his family, his friends, time spent, money, feelings, heart-to-heart confessions, trust, gratitude, support, empowerment, respect, dignity, hard work, honor, and everything but the breath in his body…. then HE IS NOT YOUR MAN. He’s someone who is giving either the minimum, the almost some, the little bit, or the just enough.

There are plenty of people on this planet who are takers. That includes men and women. You have some sister girlfriends who only want to hang when it’s your payday. Some men will take from you and then give you rations or portions back if they give anything at all. Don’t get it twisted; men take care of who they want.

If your man isn’t sowing seed into your life and giving you all he’s got. If he gives you crumbs or is selfish or stingy taking care of self before you…. then HE IS NOT YOUR MAN. If he is not giving to you and depositing into your life all that you are giving to him, then HE IS NOT YOUR MAN.

No one is perfect; there exists only that mate that is perfect for you. But, until you have the whole kit and kaboodle (is that a word???) until you have been 100% involved in every aspect of his life, HE IS NOT YOUR MAN.

HE IS YOUR PRACTICE, YOUR TEST RUN… You better learn your lessons from every relationship you have. You better know what you are worth. And if the person you are with doesn’t know or hold your value dear, you better ask somebody. Because for every man that doesn’t want you, there are two or three who have been through so much with “trifling”, gold-digging sisters – that they would not only kill to have you a sister who is of measure and worth on their side, they would consider you a blessing and honor you as such.