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Award-Winner Dancer, Actor, Writer Roxanne Alese


Award-Winner Dancer, Actor, Writer Roxanne Alese

My passion for the Arts is unyielding. I find Acting to be the most challenging Art form. I choose to become another person from scratch. I use parts of myself where needed.

You can live a full and productive life, even with autoimmune deficiency and illness.

You are a champion for women. Share your background.

I was born in 1957. Growing up in the ’60s, I noticed that women were submittal to men. Most women didn’t work. They catered to their homes, husbands, and children. It seemed to be the usual way of life. When the ’70s came, situations began to change. Women went to work. I was a teenager and was passionate about being in the Arts. I had already started my career at the young age of 4. At that time, it wasn’t acceptable to choose a career so unpredictable. Unfortunately, I had two hardships. I was crippled, and my old fashioned Italian father was against my choice of a career.
Nevertheless, I was unyielding in my pursuit. By 4-years-old, I danced at Carnegie Hall. I believe women have a voice and need to be heard. Even at such a young age, I voiced my passion for the Arts. My point is, always let everyone know you have a voice. You will be heard! Women have made tremendous strides in every area since then. I’m enamored by their success and stand beside them…proudly.

How did you transition from Dance to Acting?

I was taking classes in both art forms and auditioning for both. I studied every art form except instrumental. I have a love for all art forms and have worked in every one.

What is your mantra?

My mantra is, “The mind can control anything.” It is my true belief that the mind is powerful. I have studied mind over pain and medication for years. Honestly, it works! It is up to the individual to have a solid belief in mind control. I have danced in a major Ballroom competition with a broken bone in my ankle and never felt the pain. Training your mind can take years, but the gratification is enormous! I have danced, acted, and directed while I was in severe pain. This mind control method is essential if you chose a life in the Arts, or you have been diagnosed with a disability, and you want to be active. I have chosen both.

What led you to act?

Acting, to me, is the most challenging of all the Art forms I’ve studied. I studied Acting at the same time I studied Dance. I was very young but determined. I wasn’t a prodigy. I looked for long hours and worked very hard to learn these fantastic crafts. I went to several different Acting schools in NYC. Also, workshops and private coaching. I wanted to know and learn all the different styles of Acting. I’ve utilized “The Method” the most. I’ve been in 25 plays and had my own theater company in the ’90s. I wrote and directed 17 plays. I trained theatrically; I also took courses at NYU for the film.

My passion for the Arts is unyielding. I find Acting to be the most challenging Art form. I choose to become another person from scratch. I use parts of myself where needed.

Amazing Art form!! You’re working your mind and body. It is a beautiful process to watch yourself become another human being. Research is essential. You must know your character as you know yourself. It’s exhilarating!!

I believe my favorite role is coming shortly. I will be playing a prostitute/drug dealer living in NYC while a prostitute killer roams the streets. I” m enjoying doing the research. The lifestyle of these individuals is frightening, and at the same time, quite exciting. They’re resourceful human beings. Besides that, I played Queen Elizabeth. The younger years, when she learned about power and how to use it. There have been many roles I’ve loved. I like playing powerful women, and yet I’ve won awards for characters that were weak and severely damaged. It has all been thrilling.

Tell us about THE DANCER.

“THE DANCER” was the first film I entered into the festivals. It was dark and emotional. I wrote and directed it. My initial thought was what happens to a world-renowned Dancer who can no longer dance. What happens to her life? You may answer that question in many different ways. My choice was to make it ominous. It did well with the audience, was nominated in several categories, and won for Best Cinematography.

My theater colleagues call me; “The Dark Knight.” I wrote two successful comedies, but I tend to go more to the darker side. Family dysfunction, child abduction, drug abuse, prison life. I believe this comes from the fact that I’m open-minded to all people from every walk of life. The more bizarre, the more they’ve got my interest and attention. By nature, I love to laugh and have fun with great people, but, as they say, we all have a dark side! Also, everything I write is based on real people, places, and situations.

What do you enjoy most about directing?

Directing is my favorite Art form. I always know what I want from the actors and the scene. Fortunately, I’ve worked with more experienced Actors, so they follow directions easily. To view a scene exactly how you envisioned it makes me ecstatic. Directing isn’t a game of power. It’s a collaboration between Actors and the Director. Many Actors give the Director good ideas and make the story better. I’ve worked with Directors, and I’ve been a Director many times. The best are the most open-minded.

Tell us about “The Choice.”

I wrote “The Choice.” It involves myself and the horrific deaths of my family members: my mother, father, and young uncle. To be the caretaker for these loved ones was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Cancer can be brutal. I’ve seen the worst. Being very ill also, it was an arduous undertaking. Believe me, when I say I would do it one hundred times again. I loved them unconditionally. The sensational filmmaker, Debra Markowitz, came on board when I needed help. She did rewrites to the script, added characters, and made a successful film. I’m very grateful to her. There are several twists and turns necessary for dramatic purposes. With a stellar cast and direction from Debra Markowitz, the film did very well at the festivals. I hold this film close to my heart.

What’s next?

As for now, I’ll be working on my acting reel and completing my new short film, which I’ve decided to play the lead. I’m looking forward to it all!

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