I am beginning to get a lot better with straightening some things out in my life. I very clearly recognize why being in ALIGNMENT with GOD makes our crooked paths straight.

There is no straighter posture to have than that of being in ALIGNMENT with Him… and quite frankly, it’s my life’s work, soul’s purpose, and entire spiritual pursuit.

The reason why His Peace will surpass all understanding is that the relationship you have with your Creator becomes the most important to you at some point, taking precedence over things that used to be your focus. Well, at least that has been my experience.

These past few days have been hectic. Hustle Mama has been on her grind, and GOD has been blessing immeasurably every day to the point where I have to adjust my list every day as He opens new doors, closes old ones, and brings resources & opportunities with every turn.

I am witnessing the move of God, and when you can witness His moving before the natural occurrence of situations or view from walking with Him the beauty of that movement before – it does something to you. It’s as if there is an ignition of your soul’s remembrance to the WHY be born in the first place. There is something pretty powerful about coming to the realization of WHY you were born in the first place and when you do the pursuits of your flesh become subjected to the authority of the Holy Spirit in you and those things which are counterproductive to purpose are put into their proper perspective and lay at rest.

To whom much is given, much is required. All that is needed is the knowing and understanding of the things of GOD for the wisdom to deal with the words of this LIFE. That is the much, for the much only comes with being a GOD chaser as I have been for many years. As it cyclically continues to replace any OTHER chasings I do, I find that it slowly loses its form of being a chosen pursuit, and instead of an inevitable plight.

While the decision to BE in alignment is from the THIRST of NEEDING to BE with Him, beside Him, near Him, and for Him at all costs, the actual feat of being there is an accomplished measure and position I am no longer willing to vacate even for a moment.

So when things get a little challenging, as they always do because heh this is still very much life on earth, I fall on my knees in the sitting area section of my room and I commune with Him to get my fill and get full off His liquid love-filled spirit and I drink on that!

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