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Affordable French Provincial Furniture Design

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The luxe look of the French Provincial Furniture originated within the country during the 18th Century. While the wealthier homes saw grand architecture and ornate furniture take off, rural people were left to create their own unique spin of the style, influenced by the countryside and meant to emulate the natural textures and rustic farmhouse aesthetics present within the towns.

The style of French provincial furniture has become popular since its creation. You can have a sense of luxury from this style to create your dream home. There are ways you can adorn your rooms with the beautiful style of French provincial furniture that can complement the architecture in ways that make your home look and feel affluent.

In this article, we take a look at the best affordable French furniture designs you can create inside your home. These designs come with amazing details and will help you get the best looks.

Where to Get Good Affordable French Furniture

Furnishing your new home or going for French furniture overall can be an exciting time. Some of the options you have to buy affordable French furniture include:


Walmart is a good bet when it comes to furniture. They have a good range of French furniture in their online and physical stores. You will likely find pieces that fit within your budget. However, make sure that you check reviews of those specific pieces before buying them.


Ikea is a furniture giant and offers low prices with easy assembling. You can head to Ikea to find a number of options on display. The outlet is stacked with several options and will make buying the right fit easy for you in the long run.


Amazon is the best option for purchasing furnishings and accessories online. Additionally, you can shop for items by price and style. Combined with quick shipping, Amazon is a great option for adding French provincial furniture into your decor.

Interior Designs that Work with Affordable French Furniture

Here are some interior design styles you can create in your home using the structure and balance of French Provincial Furniture design!

Material Mix

This wonderfully mixed design is created through the use of weathered surfaces, rich patinas, natural stone, and distressed timber. Imagine this look as an amalgam of exposed beams, timber, or tiled floors. French provincial design also includes sculpted fireplaces and cornices. You can combine faded blues, warm whites, and earthy greens to form the anchor and complement natural materials when adding this design style. Fabrics will include lace, cotton, and linen to soften the feel. Try to remain clear of shiny, new elements, including plastics. TheĀ trick of mixing old with modern, when mastered, can lead to great results.

Simplistic Styles

Including a French Provincial Makeover in your home adds to the simplistic appeal of the style and wonderfully creates a link between nature and the interior curb appeal. Start with a grand armoire or ornate chairs. Create a rustic look with the addition of an ornate bed frame that sits perfectly well with the look of your interior. Give your white-wash treatment to all items and ensure that they match the colors and upholstery of the place. The end look is extremely satisfying and a delight for the eyes.


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