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Health Benefits of Unglazed Cookware

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Health Benefits of Unglazed Cookware

Health Benefits of Unglazed Cookware – Everywhere you turn your head these days, all you can hear about is going green, living healthy, eating whole foods, or embracing more healthy eating habits. It’s a trend that has gained a lot of ground and propaganda because it ultimately helps people and steers them in a healthier direction. Eating healthy is a massive part of this new direction, but eating healthy is not just about the type of foods you buy, it’s also about the way you cook them. This includes the type of cookware you use during the process. Lately, pure clay cookware has become very popular because it promotes a healthy cooking process. There are many types of earthen cookware, but the best vessels are those unglazed, and here is why:

1. Unglazed cookware is non-toxic

The glaze is toxic. That’s a fact. Glazing means coating the cookware with paint, and paint is toxic. Many of these products are glazed to make them watertight, while others are flame ware or ceramic clay vessels that contain chemical additives, and that’s why they’re glazed. However, pure clay pots have no glazing, therefore no additives or toxins to leach into your food. Your cooking will be 100% healthy and safe.

2. Unglazed cookware preserves nutrients

Clay cookware acts like a steamer. The difference is that clay pots keep the steam and heat inside, which means all the vitamins and nutrients from the food you cook are preserved. When using regular pots and pans, steam is eliminated and with it most of the vitamins and minerals because they are water-soluble. Pure clay can keep and manage steam inside the pot so that you and your family can enjoy all the nutrients of the food you cook. The design of the vessels and the lid retain the steam inside the pot, condensing it and sending it right back into the diet.

3. Unglazed cookware doesn’t require oil

There is another advantage that comes from the clay’s ability to keep steam inside the pot, except for the preservation of nutrients. It allows you to cook without using oil or fat or any other liquids of the kind. Because food is steamed inside, it cooks in its juices and oils, so you don’t need to add any other liquids to it. You don’t have to worry about the food getting burnt or not cooked, because unglazed clay cookware not only manages steam inside but also helps heat spread out slowly and evenly. Therefore, all seasoning and spices can smoothly go deeper into the food, which means you can use very little of it while achieving great flavor.

Choosing healthy cookware is equally essential as choosing the right ingredients to cook. With unglazed pure clay cookware, this choice is straightforward and truly rewarding.

Mesothelioma and Good Nutrition

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Everyone knows and acknowledges that the critical component to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is to incorporate good nutrition into your diet, particularly if you have mesothelioma cancer or some other health-compromising disease. Individuals who have mesothelioma can greatly benefit from consuming a nutritionally rich diet, which will undoubtedly fluctuate as they go through their treatment protocol and will require a great variety of nourishing and wholesome foods.
Consuming a health-conscious diet that consists of all the necessary nutrients the human body needs can be an overwhelming challenge in general. However, people who suffer from mesothelioma and other types of cancer may find it even more challenging to adhere to a healthy diet plan. Eating a well-balanced diet is especially important for people with mesothelioma also though they struggle with nausea and appetite loss since nutritional foods help sustain energy, boost the immune system and ward off free radicals that may trigger cancer. Additionally, proper nutrition is vital to diminishing the detrimental side effects that some mesothelioma treatments can incur.
Mesothelioma victims cope with various nutritional requirements since cancer treatments may produce side effects that are relative to nutrition. For instance, a patient who receives chemotherapy or radiation therapy can experience difficulty regularly eating since these types of treatments are recognized as producers of intense nausea. Also, post-surgery patients are generally weak and therefore have a hard time eating proper foods. Other cancer treatment side effects that could sabotage an ideal nutrition plan are overall pain, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, difficulty swallowing, anorexia, bulimia, anxiety, depression, and mouth sores.
It is crucial to maintain a nutritional diet before, during, and after cancer treatments since undernourishment can cause weakness, exhaustion, and leave a patient vulnerable to infection. Frequent dietary issues many cancer patients face are not consuming enough calories and protein, which are critical to promoting healing, stave off disease, and maintain energy levels. A well-balanced and healthy diet can result in a better outcome for the patient.
Here are a few nutritional suggestions for fighting mesothelioma and staying healthy while enduring cancer treatment protocol.
– Keep your body thoroughly hydrated to expel harmful toxins that accompany certain cancer treatments
– Discuss an optimal diet plan with your dietician that is personalized to meet your needs specifically
– Consider a low-carb diet while integrating high amounts of healthy protein-rich foods which help restore impaired tissues due to surgery or other various mesothelioma therapies as well as boost the immune system
– If you are experiencing difficulty swallowing or nausea, consume softer types of foods or vitamin-rich liquids. Create healthy fruit smoothies or consume ready-made liquid diet supplements if solid foods are intolerable to you
– Incorporate healthy fats into your diet to maintain energy levels and avert depression
– Avoid extreme weight loss by eating high-calorie foods, which include real cheeses, milk, and butter if you are experiencing a loss of appetite
– Consult with your doctor or medical practitioner to be sure you are getting an ample supply of the essential nutrients your body requires

The Human Species and Humility

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Humans are a rather arrogant lot, consider if you will see how we believe we are the most superior species on the planet, no matter that there are species that are far older than we and have carved out a rather nice niche for themselves. Someday when humans have evolved into something more adaptable or become extinct, I think we all inherently know that other species, more adapted, will remain in high numbers and ready to take on the next era on Planet Earth – the cockroach for instance.
When it comes to the human species, perhaps we need a little more humility. One think tank mind, Jim, explains it this way; “It is more than a little revealing that this entire topic discusses the importance (or not, right Lance?) of humility within the context of communication and interaction between humans. By far, the more important brand of humility, one that is in incredibly short supply, is our humility as a species. We can’t seem to get over ourselves. The Anthropocene is well on its way to being the shortest epoch in the history of the planet. If that isn’t humbling, I don’t know what is.”
Jim makes a good point. Often humans assume they are the ultimate species of the planet, only ones that can do, this, that or the other thing when in reality a large number of species are fully capable of such things; communication, empathy, self-reflection, you name it. Other species often can do things we can’t; infrared, navigation, echolocation, sonar, and such, lots of different types of organic sensors, and we are only learning of this in observation. Most of the significant innovations humans have come from biomimicry, copying nature.
Also, humans believe they can master their environment – geo-engineering, stopping Mother Nature, with sea walls, dams, etc. And then we see how powerful Mother Nature is compared to flesh and blood even with humans’ intellect. That is humbling, indeed.
All life is exciting, and all life matters, not just “Black Lives Matter” or “All Human Lives Matter,” but all beings and all living things matter. It is amazing how much humans copy other species and their evolutionary adaptations into our innovations and science, without those examples and millions of years of evolution to figure it out; we’d still be trying to fly, not have a supersonic flight, VTOL and planning human-crewed missions to Mars. Indeed, Jim is correct, and maybe we need to be thinking here, so please consider all this and have a little humility human.

Design Of Spokesperson Staff And Ceremonial Swords.

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Designs Of Spokesperson Staff And Ceremonial Swords.

Symbolism reigns in the Ghanaian community. Therefore, the Designs of Spokesperson Staff, an exceptional staff held by the spokesperson who plays the role as a mediator between the chief and his subjects in the Asante ethnic society in the Ashanti region of Ghana, have symbolic meanings. Also, in ceremonies, the chiefs of Asante hold some ceremonial swords as they are carried in palanquins. These swords are also arranged before the chief when he is seated among his subjects during the observance of the ceremony. They also have some designs on them that have symbolic meanings. These must be understood by residents and visitors who attend the festivals and other equally meaningful gatherings where these symbolic items are used.

Ceremonial Swords

These are specially carved or cast swords used for royal ceremonies. They are usually arranged in a semi-circular or horseshoe formation before him. They serve various functions in society. They signify the social standing of the clan, group, or state in terms of strength, wealth, and attitude. The ceremonial sword is an essential symbol of statecraft. It has spiritual and political associations. They are used for ritual and festive events. It identifies kings and chiefs and distinguishes them from the other members of the society during state functions. They are used for swearing oaths during enstoolment. It is often presented to a great retiring warrior in the Ghanaian community to serve as recognition of his bravery, devotion, and courage, thereby qualifying him as a warrior chief. The ceremonial sword also symbolizes the safe passage during purification rites of heads and ancestral state stools and for display. In contemporary Ghana, the ceremonial swords are also used as symbols of ambassadorial rank.

The ceremonial swords are usually decorated with animal motifs in gold, which are symbolic. Examples of these symbolic animals and their philosophical meanings are outlined below.

1. The Lion- It signifies strength, power, and might.
2. The Crab- It means simplicity and peacefulness.
3. The Eagle- It signifies greatness, superiority, and determination to succeed.

Spokesperson staff

A spokesperson is a mediator between the chief and the people in the traditional council. In the Ghanaian society, it is not proper for a leader to address his subjects directly, and it is viewed as disrespect for a member of the community to address a chief directly. Therefore, the responsibility of a spokesperson is to communicate the messages of the king to the people and vice versa. As a particular sign or symbol denoting his office, the spokesperson holds a special staff. The top of the staff has proverbial symbols that vary from one clan to the other. Most of the symbols at the top of the staff take the form of human beings, animals, and fruits.

Animals or objects used as spokesperson staff tops are usually totems of clans and families. A totem is an animal or object which has a strange association or special relationship with a group or clan. It is believed that the animal or object may have rendered a specialized help or assistance to the founding ancestor or ancestress of the clan that ensured the survival of the clan and its members. Usually, it is asserted that members of a particular clan exhibit traits of the mythical animal that serves as its totem.
Some of the symbols at the tops of the spokesperson staff are explained below.

1. A hand holding an egg- This is a warning to those who are in authority in how they are supposed to exercise their jurisdiction. The symbol indicates that power is like an uncooked egg. When held too tightly, it breaks, and when held too loosely also it may fall. Therefore, those in authority should not be too strict; neither should they be too weak or lenient. Even though they have to be firm and consistent, they should, at the same time, be sympathetic.
2. Three heads carved together- This reminds us that one leader cannot go into the council and that it is essential to consult others before decisions are taken for the entire society. This discloses why a king usually asks his traditional council members and the president, members of the council of state, concerning a matter before making a decision.
3. The Chameleon- ‘Slow but sure in action.’ The animal signifies patience and consistency.
4. A bird with the head turned backward- The bird is made picking something from behind. Usually, the Sankofa bird is represented. It indicates that it is not wrong or a taboo to return to fetch something that has been left or forgotten. It shows that we can always correct our mistakes when we notice them or are prompted.
5. The Crab- This teaches the fact that a crab always gives birth to its kind. This explains the fact that children often inherit the behavior of their parents.
6. A Snail and a tortoise (Represented alone or sometimes with a gun) – These animals are very peaceful. A representation of them symbolizes peace and harmony. The symbol indicates the fact that if there were only the snail and the tortoise, there would not be the need for war among neighbors.
7. Tortoise- When it is represented alone, it symbolizes independence and self-sufficiency.
8. Porcupine- This animal symbolizes warlike nature, always ready for war.
9. A Pineapple- This fruit reminds us that things should ever be done at their right times. This is because the pineapple is plucked and eaten only when it is ripe. Otherwise, it tastes sour. It’s a word of caution to all those things done in a rush are often not done right.

Stay the Course

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Never Give Up – Never Surrender

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising each time, we fall.” Confucious

Hurdles in life are inevitable. If we didn’t have them, we wouldn’t appreciate our accomplishments nearly as much.
It’s sort of like my experience of the weather now that I live in Britain with the frequent rain, I appreciate, (and cherish!), sunshine so much more than I ever did when I lived in South Africa. I’d be lying if I said that having this insight made it easier to bear the hurdles, (or indeed at times the endless grey skies and rain), but if there’s one thing that I stand by, it’s that we cannot let those hurdles keep us down.

I’ve worked so hard in the past, and been knocked down or tripped up so many times! At times this was through making poor, misinformed, or uninformed decisions. What caused more upset than those poor and misinformed decisions, was when my falls were due to being ripped off by people that I trusted. In business, as is the case with life generally, there will always be people that we have to trust and depend on, and unfortunately, in the case of business, having that trust broken can cost financially, as it did with me. It does not mean that we stop trusting; it just means that we make more informed decisions because I can tell you that nothing caused me more torturous moments than knowing that I had fallen because I had made uninformed decisions. These errors in my judgment that cost me quite heavily, are the ghosts that haunt me, but what they remind me of, is that I need to learn from my mistakes continually. Those in the know, and I need to persist with acquiring knowledge through fantastic mentors and business partners. More than anything, the ghosts remind me of a place that I never want to return to, and for this reason, they spur me on.

Giving up has never been an option. Because I’ve persevered, learned from my mistakes, made more well-informed decisions, networked with good people, and applied what I’ve learned from some of the best in the world, it’s confirmation to me that dedication, working smart and consistent action pays. I’m on my way to where I want to be, and I sincerely hope that you’re on that same journey too. It is a path I haven’t walked alone, and for all the obstacles that have come my way, I’ve had twice the number of excellent, supportive people in my life. So this post is also a dedication to them, (and I encourage you to think about those special people in your life too), a huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to all the beautiful, genuine people who walk alongside me. Your support and encouragement mean more than I could ever express, and my success will always be shared.

Success Is Never An Accident-It’s A Choice

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Success Is Never An Accident-It’s A Choice

Success Is Never An Accident-It's A Choice
Success Is Never An Accident-It’s A Choice

Success is never an accident. It can lead to success in their careers and life. However, Success Is Never An Accident-It’s A Choice. Not every student is ready to accept that fact.

Unfortunately, some students get it wrong. They come to college with the single goal of having some fun. Of course, that is a choice that students can make. However, fun should only be a small side benefit of their college experience. Launching their careers should be their primary focus. If they leave their college performance and their career goals to chance, success is unlikely to follow.

Success is never an accident. Students don’t believe in this thing. Therefore, if the student’s goal is to land a job that pays well and gets their career off to a good start, they should think about the statements that follow.

Students don’t:

– Do well on tests by accident

– Create exceptional projects and presentations by accident

– Obtain outstanding references by accident

– Develop an excellent reputation by accident

– Build an exceptional GPA by accident

– Develop solid job hunting skills by accident

– Develop a list of accomplishments by accident

– Become great leaders by accident

– Develop exceptional communication skills by accident

– Solve complex problems by accident

– Become respected professionals by accident

– Gain exceptional knowledge and skills by accident

– Obtain job-related work experience by accident

– Become prepared to compete for good jobs by accident

– Receive amazing job offers by accident

There are things that students can do to become more successful in their college and career endeavors, but success in never an accident either.

Successful students:

– Select a college that will support their career goals

– Work on ideas and goals that are important to them

– Identify and describe the goal clearly

– Create and follow a plan

– Participate in activities that will be of interest to potential employers

– Practice continuous learning – Courses, Reading, Research, Participation & Jobs

– Are willing to make changes and adjustments

– Obtain the necessary information and tools

– Develop the necessary skills and abilities

– Create a work environment free of distractions

– Surround themselves with supportive people

– Devote enough time

– Put in enough effort

– Perform at a high level

– Take calculated risks

– Associate with others who are successful

– Fight for positive outcomes

– Communicate their needs

– Seek help when needed

– Show their appreciation to those who help them


Every student has to make choices. Those choices will determine how successful they will be in college, in their search for employment and their careers. Therefore, students should keep this thought in the forefront of their minds: Success Is Never An Accident-It’s A Choice.

What To Wear for a Job Interview

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Appropriately Dressed: What To Wear For A Job Interview

Long gone are those days when wearing a tailored suit to a job interview was compulsory. Time changed drastically, and so has fashion. The immense growth of industries and new jobs have provided several options for the workforce to do whatever job they like, the ability to work from home, flexible hours, staying connected at work and comfortable dressing for the office.

Apart from your academic brilliance, skills, professional experience, getting that perfect job require your hiring manager to know you well during the interview. The phrase “the first impression is the last impression” really matters here, your hiring manager will judge you on your skillset and academic qualification; he will also judge you based on your appearance. So you’re grooming, and overall dressing counts a lot. What you decide to wear on a job interview can break or make your chances of landing for the dream job.

The work departments in a company have become so diverse that the idea of a single dress code for the entire office has become unrealistic. It pushes the HR managers to reconsider the dress code according to the job requirements and description of the employees. Jobs that need creativity and humor don’t require the employees to wear boring clothes or too formal clothes like a suit at work, but it also doesn’t mean that you can dress up in casual attire.

Before going for your job interview, you can call the HR manager to ask what kind of dress code does the company follow or do some research on the dress code yourself. If the employees are allowed to wear jeans with regular T-shirts, then you can aim for a more polished look by wearing a blazer and button-down dress shirt.

If the companies in which you are applying have a conservative dressing sense for women and they are allowed to wear sheath dresses, pants, and blouses. Then wear a sheath dress with a blazer to nail that interview. The key to looking perfect is by wearing your dress in a better way and without appearing too formal.

If the company is strict with their dress code that you have to wear suits only to work, then this is the right time to get it cleaned and get it pressed, and if you don’t have one, then time to buy yourself a new one. The fact is that when you know you are looking good, you instantly feel confident and better, and that’s how you can land into your dream job.

Why You Should Stay Job Hunting?

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Why You Should Stay Job Hunting?

Jon Hunting
Job Hunting

Why You Should Stay Job Hunting. Conventional wisdom suggests that when you have found a job, you quit hunting for a new one. Job Hunting is a mistake that the vast majority of professionals make, and it’s one that is typically detrimental to their careers. Continually looking for new opportunities not only keeps you current with what positions are available, but it also keeps you fresh in your current job. Job Hunting always a good idea to know what jobs are out there since you never know when you will be forced back into the Job Hunting. By keeping yourself current on those positions that are available, you won’t feel so overwhelmed when the time to look for a new job reveals itself.

New Position OF A Job

Continuing to search for a new position isn’t necessarily an active pursuit. When you are reasonably happy in your current job and not looking to change either your career or your employer, job search takes on a more passive role. Much of what you do during an active job search is ignored, such as cold calling, applications, and interviewing. In a passive job search, you keep your resume updated, and you occasionally examine what is open in your field. It also means keeping your eyes and ears open to new opportunities – whether that is through networking, talking with colleagues and acquaintances, and browsing online forums and Facebook groups.

Networking For A New Job

Networking is still a part of a passive job search, but instead of looking for a new job, you are looking for contacts. Meetings, seminars, and various network gatherings can be a fun way to meet new people as well as stay current in what your field is offering to new job candidates. It’s also a way to keep current on new trends in your area of expertise as well as current salary ranges. It can be helpful during your next salary negotiation or promotion meeting. When networking, make sure that you keep all of the business cards that you collect and even take a moment to jot down on the back of each card, who you spoke to, and what possible opportunities are available in their field or company.


Staying in the hunt for a new job also means that you are ready to hit the ground running should you suddenly need to make your passive search an active one. In an uncertain world, it’s good to have this in your career arsenal year-round.

Mind-Blowing Photography Tips for Beginners

Professional Photography Equipment. Professional Photographer Work Kit. Photo Lenses.

Photography Tips for Beginners

1) Pick a subject matter that speaks to you!

Pay attention to the reoccurring themes in your work. Think of what draws you to these things so you can find new ways to capture and express what you like!

2) Practice!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Sometimes those mistakes turn out to be something unique and innovative that you can build on.

3) Work on the subject!

Try shooting the same thing in as many ways that capture different aspects of it. After you shoot, look through your shoot and critique your work. Be mindful of what worked and what didn’t and why. Editing your shoot is an essential part of the learning process.

4) Study the work of other photographers.

Find something that inspires you and pay attention to what you like and try to mimic it. Then try to make it your own by bringing in something new and different.

5) Composition.

If you pay attention, most great photographs will contain at least one of these guidelines:

  • Rule of Thirds: Imagine the image is divided into thirds both horizontally and vertically. The exciting aspects are on those lines. The practice used in landscapes, with the horizon placed in the top or bottom third of the composition. Some cameras even have a grid option that will display through your viewfinder, to help you make your arrangement precise.
  • Balancing Elements: If you are framing your main subject off-center, try having a less important object in the background of the image to balance the weight of the principal objective.
  •  The secondary object will add depth to the subject and make it more interesting by filling the void of space in the image.
  • Leading Lines: Use the subject’s lines or contours to your advantage! These lines lead the viewer’s eyes across the image, so become aware of them and how to use them to your advantage. The more they lead the eye around, the longer the viewer looks at your image. Examples of the leading lines could be a winding road on a hilly landscape or the contours of your model’s body. Notice how models pose in ways that create prominent lines by using their limbs in intriguing ways.
  • Symmetry and Patterns: Often used in architecture and nature, even in artistic portraits. The subject is center balanced, unlike in the rule of thirds.
  • Viewpoint: The angle of which the photographer shoots the subject. Showing us from perspectives that we don’t usually see it is a great way to make it more interesting. While working, pay attention to the message the shot conveys. Try eye-level, from above, below, side behind from a distance, in close, etc.
  • Background: Pay attention if it doesn’t add to the subject, use a plain backdrop, or use a shallow depth of field to blur the background out. Think about how it affects the tone.
  • Depth: Mostly in landscapes, depth helps convey a 3-dimensional subject in a photograph, which is 2-dimensional.
  • Framing: Objects in your environment can be used to add to your shot! Some useful examples are archways from a building, branches from a tree, holes in some cliffs. These frames can help show off the setting.
  • Cropping: Cropping in tight on a subject is a great way to remove distracting elements around it. Everything in the photograph should hold value to your image. If it doesn’t, try cropping it out.

The more you practice these composition guides, the more they will become instinctual. Even in your editing & selection process, pay attention to which images pop out at you, and see if they hold one of these elements.

6) Familiarize yourself with your tools.

Photography is so versatile! You can even take amazing photos with a coffee can, but you must understand the limitations of your gear.

7) Familiarize yourself with photography software!

Digital software is today’s darkroom & developing an image is just as important as how you shoot it. My favorite way to digitally polish my images is through Lightroom. It’s incredible what it allows you to do to an image without exposing yourself to chemicals or wasting photo paper and developer. The preset filters are a great way to intensify the tone of the picture, but you must know how to fine-tune them to make the image just so. Photoshop is also a valuable tool.

8) Learn Lighting!

I suggest photographing a subject at different times of the day and compare them. If you have access to professional lighting equipment, try shooting your subject lit from different angles, diffusion vs. Hard lighting, etc

There are jobs just dedicated to lighting on high-end shoots, so there are no limits there if you have the budget. Think about how the light conveys your message to the viewer.

9) Go with your instincts!

Make sure what you are shooting is fulfilling something for you. There is no point in shooting something you aren’t enjoying. It will show in your work! The more you are passionate about it, the more creatively you can capture it! I’ve worked with many photographers that have talent, but take on shoots they don’t enjoy, and it showed in the quality of the images. For example, I could never understand why somebody would hire a nature photographer to shoot their portraits. Somebody that isn’t a people person doesn’t take flattering photos of people no matter how much technical knowledge they have. On the other hand, if you see all people as beautiful and you have a natural talent for making a person feel confident about him/herself, then portrait photography is a great niche!

10) Communicate with your subject!

If you are shooting a portrait, prepare beforehand. Nothing worse than having your model show up with chipped blue nail polish! Learn to guide your subject with clear direction in a way that makes them feel comfortable! Even models feel vulnerable with a lens in their face, so learn to give suggestions in a flattering way. Nobody feels confident after hearing “sucks in your gut,” but if that’s what you want to try something like “intensify your ribcage.” Compliments go a long way! When you ask for a smile, it will look forced. If you compliment the person, they will naturally smile.

How Fear and Anxiety Cause Violence


The world has achieved brilliance without conscience. 

Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. 

We know more about war than we do about peace, 

more about killing than we know about living.

~Omar Bradley~

Many people lately have become alarmed by “senseless” violence around the world. It makes you wonder if there is a connection between the spate of suicide bombings in Europe and mass shootings around the world, including those in this country? Not too long ago, I suggested a possible connection between fear and violence. Let’s look at this closer.

If you have ever studied psychology or even read about it casually, you are most likely familiar with the fight or flight response to fear. Depending on your circumstances, when faced with something fearful to you, you react by attacking the source of your concern (fight) or avoiding it if it seems more powerful than you are. For example, the kind of fear following a direct and immediate threat of attack by a wild animal or person; you don’t have time to think about it but react almost automatically.

Related to fear is anxiety. The feared object might not be immediately present, but we can worry about what might happen or not happen in the future; we become anxious about our welfare or that of our families, the possible behavior of other people, or the course of the society in which we live.

If we are unable to find a way to relieve anxiety, it builds and eventually leads to a sense of desperation or hopelessness that takes place inside us and remains unknown to others unless we find someone whom we trust with our concerns or act on our anxiety. Based on my experience and reading, it seems clear that we all have a breaking point where we feel forced to move in ways not typical of us. Perhaps some people seek violence as a way to be taken seriously for once. Some commit suicide when they feel their life challenges are more than they can bear.

The result can be a lashing out toward other individuals or society in general if we see it as responsible for our predicament. If we could understand the workings of others’ minds, much of the violence in our world would not seem quite so senseless.

But what can we do about it? Perhaps the best place to start is to realize that our technology has resulted in amazing inventions allowing us to contact others around the world in a matter of seconds. Yet overload of immediate communication has resulted in separating us rather than bringing us closer together.

In the process of becoming connected, we seem to have forgotten the purpose of communication. Its purpose is to help us understand each other and learn to work together to find harmonious ways for us to exist together. Instead, we use our channels of communication to try to persuade others to think as we do. We use them for entertainment and for advertising and of course, to get as many electronic “likes” as possible.

Although our technology, to a small extent, helps us understand each other, we need to do much more to appreciate each other in our search for meaningful lives. People who tend toward violence may not have had goals much different from our own, but might have had their dreams crushed along the way. They no longer see any path toward a fulfilling life.

Life Lab Lessons

  • Use the media at your disposal to understand the history of the society in which you live.
  • Learn about other societies through the same methods.
  • Meet others with backgrounds different from yours.
  • Find out what you and they have in common.
  • Think of ways to bridge cultures, at least on an individual level.

Estate Planning


Estate Planning

  • Estate Planning – Most folks know that the last will is the centerpiece of any estate plan — but it isn’t the only piece. The are many other steps you should take to ensure that your family is taken care of after your passing. Failure to do so could put your legacy in jeopardy and leave a significant mess for those you leave behind. With that in mind, here’s what you can expect from estate planning services.Objectives

    It might not be able to pass on your memories, but a well-thought-out arrangement can reflect your hopes and values. Although its overarching aim is to take care of your family after you’re gone, there are other, more specific goals, an estate planning law firm can help you achieve, including:

    • Minimizing confusion and delay during the settlement of your estate
    • Helping your heirs avoid paying more than they owe in taxes on inherited assets
    • Managing your legal and financial affairs should you become disabled or incapacitated
    • Guarding your assets against the rising costs of long-term medical care
    • Making sure your wishes are carried out concerning medical decisions and care should you be unable to make those decisions for yourself
    • Providing for your loved ones according to your preferences after your death
    • Overseeing charitable donations
    • Working with the executor to manage the distribution of your assets

    Proper Preparation
    One of the most common mistakes people make is the failure to make short-term arrangements. Death seems like something that will happen in decades. Some people unprepared when an unexpected accident results in disability or death. Of course, the expenses associated with either event could alter any long-term financial goals. That is why estate attorneys must always consider both short and long-term options. They may advise purchasing life and long-term care insurance. These policies will protect your assets in the unlikely event that you are cut down in the prime of your life.

    Common Strategies
    Another aim of estate planning is to help your heirs avoid unnecessary taxes. Although transferring wealth in America almost always involves fees, there are ways to limit them. Trusts and annual gifting, for example, are common strategies an estate planning law firm may employ to avoid unnecessary expenses.

    The Process
    Although they don’t manage money, attorneys often work closely with their clients’ financial advisers. For obvious reasons, the attorney needs to know the size of the estate before he can recommend short and long-term objectives. These plans may and often do change based on input from financial experts. If, for example, the client loses one-quarter of his assets in a stock market collapse, the attorney would have to make the necessary adjustments in the short-term.

    An estate planning law firm can help you prepare for the inevitable with a strategy that ensures your legacy.

De-Clutter Fast

Close up on a big pile of clothes and accessories thrown on the ground. Untidy cluttered wardrobe

Have you been wanting to get organized, but just haven’t found the energy to start? We’ve all been there – organizing can be a daunting task. I’ve tried many different methods of home organization, and there are standbys everyone can use.

Over the past year, I’ve worked in various NYC offices. I’ve helped organize and declutter the most disorderly and grimy spaces there are. With that in mind, I was at first a little skeptical of Mimi Tanner’s book, Declutter Fast!, but was impressed by her depth of knowledge and concise, practical advice.

Read on for an overview of her book:

Product Overview

Declutter Fast! is an e-Book by Mimi Tanner that promises to show how to declutter your home, no matter how messy it may be. I was impressed by was Tanner’s insistence on the importance of a clutter-free home to have a stress-free life. In our fast-paced modern life, I think we often ignore the effects of the environment on our mental health. There’s no question that we feel more at ease in an ordered, clean room, than in one that is full of debris and is dirty or full of dust and clutter.


  • Learn about how your environmental level of clutter can affect others’ opinion of you
  • Learn how to organize and declutter your space right away – Mimi promises you can have a complete decluttered home in “two days, tops.”
  • How to have everything you need and still be clutter-free
  • Organize the stress-free way
  • Overcome procrastination
  • How to organize paperwork
  • How to organize clothing quickly and easily
  • How to organize and declutter your home for a happy, less stressful life


Tanner’s book usually sells for $24.99, but it is currently available for $19.99. The best aspect of her book is its absence of “filler” information – the book is concise and to the point, making it perfect for incorporating her advice into every day, home-organizing use. Organize your home, put your mind at ease, impress your family and friends, and declutter for life!

Easy Ways to Pay Back Student Loans

Businessman holding USD banknote for payment .US dollar is main and popular currency of exchange in the world. Investment and saving concept.

Easy Ways to Pay Back Student Loans

Student Loans
Student Loans

They are many ways that you can Pay Back Student Loans, and we will cover a few of those methods in this article.
A recent study, it was revealed that about 50% of college graduates all have student loans and that the average debt was over $10,000. What appears to be happening is that loans are rising at more than twice the inflation rate.
With these continual costs rising, it is no wonder that students need more financial assistance.

Here are 8 Easy Ways To Pay Back Student Debt:

1. Have a Plan. Work out a strategy that will allow you to pay off your debt well before you graduate.
2. Have a Savings Plan. It might be an advantage for you to either get a part-time job to help you or look at other methods of raising passive income. Some ways to raise extra needed cash include setting up a crowdfunding campaign, start an online business or even write some eBooks about something you are passionate about
3. Double Think about Consolidation. It is the method of pulling all of your existing loans into just one loan. The advantage of this is that you will only have one payment to worry about and you will also probably get a discount from the finance company
4. Debt Reduction Through Work. There are several things that you could do to help reduce your level of debt:
You might like to try your hand at self-publishing on the Kindle platform
You might want to set up an internet venture, or one of the quickest ways to make money online these days is to set up a crowdfunding campaign.
It is my favorite because it means that you can get cash quickly, you can either use one of the more popular crowdfunding sites or even use your software (there are low-cost plugins that can get you set up within minutes).
5. Earn as you Learn. Enquire at your campus office to find out more details about their work to study programs. There are many different programs available; you have to ask the right questions.
6. Scholarships. A method to help with tuition is to apply for scholarship programs, there are many different types of these available, and although it may seem like getting one is like finding a needle in a haystack, the fact is that the odds are in your favor. If you apply for, say 40 different scholarships, the odds that you will win three or four of these are highly likely.
Search online to find the latest and most popular websites that can help you in your quest.
7. Grants. Apply for grants, the same deal here, apply for as many as you can, and the law of averages will be in your favor.
8. Credit. Always make sure that your student loans are on time, this will help improve your credit rating and may make it easier for you to get more credit in the future when you may need it the most.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about these ways to pay back student loans, go out there and try them.

What Makes Organic Honey Better for You

Glass jar of honey, Linden flowers on light background.

Organic HoneyWhat Makes Organic Honey Better for You

Honey is nature’s wonder. And health-conscious people around the world are turning their attention towards India, due to its Organic Honey. It comes from different parts of India, including the hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Araku Valley in Andhra Pradesh and others. The famous Kashmir Honey is one of the bestselling varieties and is from the beautiful and mesmerizing landscapes of Kashmir. The Honey collected from rain-fed slopes of Araku Valley acts as an excellent digestive and antioxidant due to the presence of a large variety of medicinal plants in the valley.

So, let us see the different varieties of Honey available in India and which one you should choose:

Commercial Honey

Commercial Honey is a processed version. Though you won’t notice the word ‘pasteurized’ anywhere on the container, isn’t it evident that commercial products are all processed? Instead, the name you see in the description is ‘Pure.’ But the reality is very far from it, as there are no set of manufacturing standards that define ‘pure’ on a label. And such commercially manufactured Honey may contain fillers such as corn syrup, artificial sweeteners, etc.

It is manufactured and processed to remove all the bits and pieces like pollen, propolis, comb, etc. that come along with Honey during collection. It is heated to get a cleaner final product and filtered for a smooth texture, in such a way that it doesn’t crystallize unless allowed to freeze in a refrigerator. It is heated at a high temperature to achieve this and, in the process, kills all the bacterial enzymes. Though it is not an optimal variety, it is better than refined sugar. If raw or Organic Honey is not available, commercial Honey from stores is the next best form.

Raw Honey

Raw Honey is collected and distributed by trusted local beekeepers. It acts as an excellent immunity source against seasonal allergies. With just a visit to your beekeeper’s unit, you can assess the quality of the Honey. It is usually 100% pure and unadulterated. It will be available in 3 forms:

  • Completely Raw Honey – It will be crystallized and crunchy when you buy it. It may contain bits of pollen, wax, and other remnants.
  • Unfiltered Raw (or Strained) – It will crystallize more quickly than the other types. It is strained to free the Honey from large chunks of combs etc.
  • Filtered raw Honey – It is slightly heated and filtered. It is clean without any bits of pollen etc. It doesn’t have all the other health benefits of a completely raw Honey, but it is considered better than pasteurized variety. Though the raw Honey is claimed to be unprocessed, there are no strict legal requirements labeling Honey as “raw.” Though they are unprocessed, they are slightly warmed to retard granulation for a short time and allow light straining and packing into containers for sale. Therefore, it isn’t straightforward to identify the amount of real Honey in 100%, pure Honey.

Organic Honey

The variety of Honey with the best flavor, aroma, and health benefits is Organic Honey. Organic Honey manufacturers meet the standards set by the local natural agriculture board in terms of bee foraging areas, source of nectar, bee management, extraction, transportation, and packaging materials. 

For Honey to be organic, the beekeepers have to follow the below standards of cultivation:

  • The farms surrounding the beekeeping areas about 5 kilometers are organic. Meaning these farms are cultivated only through natural ways and with the use of natural fertilizers.
  • There are no additives added at any point in time (sugar, sweeteners, non-compliant Honey, etc.).
  • Mostly, the beehives are maintained in isolated areas far from pollution and high traffic areas and cultivated under a safe, pesticide-free environment.
  • During starvation, bees must be fed organic supplements only like Honey, sugar, fruit concentrate, etc. This kind of farming demands rigorous methods and regular sample tests, which ensure that the process is consistently organic.

Organic Honey is a healthier choice and has a superior taste when compared to other varieties.

Finding Love and Success At Last


Finding Love and Success At Last

Finding Love and Success At Last – Oh my goodness, this was a life-changer I learned attending a workshop, the short course changed my life.

I met my love after five years of being single and feeling more and more lonely, till that fated evening when I found out what I wanted in a partner. And soon enough, I was in a steady relationship, totally in love, and finally married. It is the second and last time, for good reasons, of course. Curious about how we met? If for you or someone you know, here is the exercise I learned in a special romance workshop. It worked, and we have now been married for over seven years, together for over 14.

Step 1: Get a pen and paper, whiteboard, or notebook on your device, and write down the ten qualities that are most important to you in a partner. And remember, this is to help you move forward, so no cheating! For example, “attractive, tall, green eyes, black hair, athletic” does not count as one quality but 5. And “kind, generous, loyal” are three qualities, not 1. Take your time writing them down. These are the ten qualities that you want more than any others, so again, no cheating. Keep it to 10.

Step 2: Now, scan this list of 10 qualities that you have written down. Think about how you feel about these qualities. Then be very strong and let go of 5 of them. Yes, I know this can be hard, but do it anyway. There is a reason for that. Now you have the five qualities that are the most important of all to you in a partner.

Step 3: OK, now the exciting part. Cut the list down to 3 qualities and no more. Take your time; you can experiment with it, think how you feel, and look at the list until you have whittled it down to 3 qualities. These are the qualities that are important for you in a partner. Now focus your attention; we can usually only find a partner that satisfies three qualifications that are important to us.

If it is “Honest, Loyal, and Black-haired,” then don’t waste time on dishonest people (do they cheat on their taxes, or tell lies in social groups to make themselves seem more interesting?)
Disloyal people (are they that way to their employer or cheated on their partner, for example?)

Or people with blond hair (because that would not keep your interest looks-wise long-term). Of course, these are just three qualities I plucked out of thin air with no prejudice to blond, red, brown, black, or bald-haired amazing partners, but you get the idea.
Happy searching and finding!

EFT Tapping for When Over-Eating Equals Love

Advertising composition with fast food dishes paper bag and decorated speech bubbles on light background vector illustration

For many, food represents love. People often eat to recreate feelings when they felt loved, or when they felt included, paid attention to, or cared for. They may take particular pleasure in eating with friends or being given food presents like chocolate or nuts, trail mix, cake, or whatever their family and friends are into giving.
Here is a complete EFT tapping suggestion using classical EFT. This is the form of EFT that you can find on most practitioners’ websites to learn a simple version for yourself for free. EFT, short for Emotional Freedom Techniques, using Tapping (stimulation of acupressure points) while using targeted releasing wording. If you already EFT, even better. You can adapt these suggestions to whatever EFT format you use.
Setup on Karate Chop:
“Even though my mother didn’t love me, I love that Little Me anyway.”
Reminder on all the points:
“I love that Little Me anyway.”
Do this until the tears/sadness stop, and you feel like a zero out of 10, where ten is the worst you can handle, and 0 is neutral.
Setup on Karate Chop:
“Even though people showed me love, by feeding me, I love that Little Me anyway.”
Reminder on all the points:
“I love that Little Me anyway.”
Follow by…
Setup on Karate Chop:
“Even though I felt loved when people fed me, I love that Little Me anyway.”
Reminder on all the points:
“I felt loved when people fed me.”
Do this until the tears/sadness stop, and you feel like a zero out of 10, where ten is the worst you can handle, and 0 is neutral.
Follow by…
Setup on Karate Chop:
“Even though I got the attention that I so craved when people fed me, I love that Little Me anyway.”
Reminder on all the points:
“The got attention that I so craved.”
Do this until the tears stop, and you feel like a zero out of 10, where ten is the worst you can handle, and 0 is neutral.
Follow this by…
Setup on Karate Chop:
“Even though I equate food with love and attention, I love that Little Me anyway.”
Reminder on all the points:
“I give that Little Me attention and love, not food. I play with her. I praise her. I tell her how much I love her. I hug her. I tell her how much I want her.”
Do this until the tears stop, and you feel like a zero out of 10, where ten is the worst you can handle, and 0 is neutral.
Then choose a soft toy or a pillow to represent Little Me. Allow yourself to hug her and kiss her and talk sweet praise and loving to her. Could you do it for as long as you want? Allow her to absorb all the genuine love and attention.
I hope this helps. It may take a few days or weeks. Just stick at it, because it seems to be at the very core of your eating habits. Naturally, as with any alternative or complementary modality, you are advised to consult with your medical professional before trying it out.
With loving and healing thoughts, and no offer of food, just appreciation, and praise that you dared to read this.

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