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Understanding Quarantine and Isolation


Today we have been experiencing many different and strange diseases, some of which science has no understanding of. It is very likely that if such an illness were to surface within our neighborhood that the federal government or even the state, for that matter, would either place us in a quarantine status or isolate us from the rest of society. Although this response may not be conducted out of malice but rather for the safety of the population, it still does not make us a happy survivalist. If this took place, it would behoove us to understand a little bit about what quarantine and isolation are.

Quarantine is essentially the separation and eventual restriction of a person or group of people in their free movement, even though those individuals may not display an active illness. The key here is the word exposure. They may have been exposed to a communicable illness type but may not show progressive signs of infection. The main objective of quarantine is to prevent the transmission of the disease.

Quarantines can be broken down into several different designations, such as absolute or modified quarantines. An absolute quarantine places limits upon the movement of those being quarantined for some time consistent with the disease’s incubation period. On the other hand, modified provides a partial limitation upon the person or groups’ freedom of movement with the risk factors involved.

When we speak of isolation, we refer to the separation and ultimate restriction of movement involving an ill person who has contracted a contagious disease. Once again, the intent is to prevent transmission of the illness to others.

An example of quarantine took place in September of 2014 when defense secretary Chuck Hagel initiated a 21-Day Ebola Quarantine upon military members returning from West Africa. These measures served as a safety value to prevent possible exposure to others of the deadly disease.

An example of isolation brings to mind the illness of TB. Isolation is a standard procedure typically employed in hospitals for tuberculosis patients as well as other infectious diseases. This process permits patients to receive the necessary care that they need while containing the potential spread of a dangerous illness. The goal is to control and prevent the unnecessary spread of an infectious disease.

I would now like to discuss the issue of trust as associated with quarantine and isolation. To effectively combat health-related matters, the public health departments must foster a measure of public confidence in their expertise and judgment while making decisions and taking actions. This issue poses a crucial challenge to public health officials.

During significant epidemics, public health professionals must rely upon expert knowledge to correctly identify and manage the population’s health requirements in an as accurate manner as possible. The primary aim is to maximize the external influence with accurate data accompanied by professional judgment. All decisions should be comprehensive and as objective as possible. The problem seen here is that not all of their expertise is viewed by the public as inspiring. This brings into play the need to embrace the political process, which weakens the impression provided towards professional neutrality.

This is important because even though the health agency may possess coercive powers by law to be successful, it must depend upon voluntary public compliance. There are not enough enforcement officials to implement and insist upon compliance. Compliance without enforcement is an essential aspect of public health. To achieve this result, it is necessary to establish firm credibility for the health department involved. Without the proper trust and confidence in our health departments’ ability to detect and monitor infectious diseases, the programs would be in dire jeopardy.

Getting Your Organization Ready For E-Learning


Today, E-Learning has become a need for almost every organization. Companies allocate the right proportion of budgets for training and development of employees majorly through online learning courses.

But, many professionals do not consider workplace learning as a business-relevant activity. Before initiating learning through an e-course within the organization, it is essential to ensure that this initiative should be regarded as a business activity and aligned with the business objectives.

Any learning initiative would be funded by business leaders only if it is business relevant and supports an organization to achieve its goals. And, once the budget is allocated to any learning activity, then it becomes a business activity. For example, if an automobile company’s learning department wants to develop an e-course to train their internal sales force and their dealer sales personnel, then the top management would fund this initiative because it will fulfill an immediate business need of the company. This means that the activity is business relevant; hence it’s a business activity.

Once a learning activity is accepted as a business activity, the second aspect is to align it with business. Here comes the real challenge for learning professionals, and they fail to discourse both relevances and alignment. The learning process needs to be beneficial for both learners and organizations. Right learning professionals who create learning strategies keep in mind the need for business and business objectives and generate better ROI from teaching activities. They align learning techniques with changing business priorities.

It has been seen that professionals develop a relevant e-course and then expect employees to align learning solutions with business objectives. By doing this, learning professionals do not get any credibility from the business leaders. And ultimately, business leaders turn down to fund for online learning courses. Top business leaders set business targets for learning programs and measure the outcomes at the end of the program. Business leaders need a commitment to ensure skills development and effective utilization of these skills to achieve their goals.

For example, an IT networking company wants to retain its position in customer satisfaction. Their learning department will train its customer care team on product features and services and align the learning process with the customer satisfaction business objective. So, it is ensured that the learning process would meet customer expectations. This happens by including real-time skills assessments so that employees are on explicit performance expectations.

Before recommending any learning activity, learning professionals must ascertain that activities are relevant to the business and are aligned with business objectives. Business goals determine the learning strategy of any organization. A learning professional’s role is to develop a learning strategy to drive the organization towards achieving its goals. Before suggesting online learning courses to the organization, the Learning & Development team must first analyze business problems and then formulate learning strategies that can add value back into the business and generate optimum ROI.

Enjoying a Once In a Life Time Trekking Break While You Raise Money for Charity


More and more avid trekkers are opting for exciting trekking challenges all around the world, and they’re raising money for charity as they do it.

Trekkers are able to choose their dream trekking locations, like the base camp at Everest or opting to do a charity climb of Kilimanjaro.

These types of trekking challenge stretch the talents of experienced trekkers, and by raising money for charity, they are not only helping others as they climb, but they are also giving themselves a goal and a reason to make it to the summit!

Many individuals opt for joining pre-organized charity treks where the trip is pre-planned with set routes and experienced guides. All the trekkers have to do is choose their charity and gather their sponsorships. Most of the reputable trek organizers don’t have minimum fundraising criteria in order to join. There will a set price for the planned trek, including your travel and accommodation, and then what you raise for the charity is your responsibility.

Thousands of trekkers successfully raised significant sums of money to help charities all over the world. Some chose charities close to their hearts, like cancer research charities or organizations that support certain illnesses that are meaningful to their families. Children’s charities are particularly popular amongst trekkers too.

The sense of individual success and happiness that can be gained from having reached a difficult peak after a deep, difficult trek is made even more meaningful when you know every step you take is aiding someone less fortunate than you.

It is an amazing way to present yourself something while you give something back. Many trekkers choose charities from their home town or give the money they raise to local schools or church groups.

If you are a keen and experienced trekker and have always dreamt of reaching Everest base camp or reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro, why not add an extra special dimension to your trip by making it special for a deserving charity too.

A charity trek to Everest base camp will give you the most amazing views of the world’s highest peak. This trek will lead you through the world’s highest, most breathtakingly beautiful mountain range – the Himalayas in Nepal.

Or, if you prefer the stunning views of the African plains when you reach the summit, a charity trek up Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is the choice for you. With amazing 360 degree views you will never forget and a tough climb to achieve, the addition of raising much-needed funds for your favorite charity will make it the trip of a lifetime and life-changing for you and the recipients of all the fundraising you do.

Take pictures as you trek so you can share your epic journey with your chosen charity. Many charity trekkers have shared their experiences in blogs, photo diaries, and some have even written books about their experiences and the personal challenges they faced to make it to the top.

A charity trekking holiday is not for the faint-hearted – they are for the dedicated and determined trekker who wants to make a difference to their own life and the lives of others.

How To Deal With Unpacking When Moving Into A House?


Packing and moving is a humungous task that can easily take a toll on anyone. However, the story does not end here. What most people fail to realize is that only packing and moving is not enough. The most challenging part of the plot happens to be unpacking. So, if you are thinking of shifting or have recently gone, here are a few tips on unpacking your stuff that will help you keep a cool head in the turmoil.

Time Allocation – Most people think unpacking is an easy chore and does not take much time. However, this is not true as unpacking takes just about the same time as packing, and thus, you need to allocate proper time to it. To do this, you need to consider several factors like the number of boxes you have, the number of items that need unpacking, etc.
Hire professionals – It is best to hire professionals for this job as they are not only well equipped to do the job better, but they are also fully capable of putting back intricate pieces of furniture together and assembling items that you may not be able to.

Sort your priorities – What you must unpack depends solely on you. However, it is highly recommended that you start with your bedroom and move towards the bathrooms and the kitchens next. Items belonging to the living room and guest room can be saved later as they do not require any immediate attention, like the other rooms.

Label the boxes – To unpack effectively and efficiently, the first and foremost thing you should do is label your boxes. You can do this by using a marker pen easily. Labeling the boxes helps a great deal as it allows you to know which item is packed where. It also helps to determine which boxes can be stored away for later and which are the ones that need unpacking right away!

Do not procrastinate – Packing and moving is a tiring job, and thus, by the time one starts to unpack, one gets immensely tired and starts to procrastinate. You must not do this and start unpacking right away. This is because it will help you keep order in the new house and settle down quickly. Thus, do not give in to your lazy thoughts and start unpacking right away!

Now that you have read the above tips on unpacking make sure you follow them when you move into your new house!

Different Cobblestones for your Home


There are a lot of cobblestones that you can decide from for your home. Every style has its touch to suit your choices. With every cobblestone comes to its frame, and this can lead you with your patio design.

Cobblestones have been around for centuries and give off that English way feeling. Maybe before, it might not have been as pretty, but now it’s seen as an artistic pavement method. You will see that cobblestone is not usually symmetrical and is found in various sizes and surfaces.

Random Roma Cobbles is a perfect style for someone who loves asymmetrical texture. These paving stones are placed in lines and have a completely cozy feeling. A person could say that these are put together in the form of a puzzle to reach up to the ground.

Canterbury Cobbles are evocative of the era where roads were used to carry horse-drawn wagons. The heavy paving stones give the exterior being paved a fair amount of height without exaggerating it. This stone is often found in symmetrical shapes, but the soft sides have a delicate appearance. The sandy color gives your backyard an old look.

Cornwall Cobbles are a dark grey that appears to go flawlessly with a drizzly and cloudy day. These paving stones can often be cut into various sizes to match your choices.

Bastille Cobbles have the same features as the stones used in the fifteenth century. The design of a fortress works hand in hand with this stone. The polished look gives the idea of a sporting terrain for jousting.

Asymmetrical paving stone like Porto Cobbles is usually put in rounded designs. In the past centuries, most countries’ harbors were made with a stone that was hard to slide on. With that idea in mind, garden artists use it for their aesthetics and practicality.

Piazza Cobbles are, nowadays, used for prime yard features similar to how it was used during the old days. The Piazza Cobbles has a high-quality finish that gives a person to feel as if they were in a market place of the yard of a castle.

Oxford Cobbles are similar to the eighteenth century. They are often finished to be a darkened color that makes the terrain look like a lesser significant piece. When these are put in the contemporary home, they give the surrounding garden more meaning.

Cobblestones will give your driveway a classy look. Driveway concrete can be rougher and paved with asymmetrical stones for artistic and contemporary design.

Buy Travel Insurance For A Fulfilling Travel Experience


Travelling is as important for development as it is for relaxation and rejuvenation. And in this frenzied and chaotic routine of ours, travel is not only a source of replenishing the lost verve but giving a completely new outlook towards life. A family holiday helps you to amass all the wrecked bonds of love and care with your loved ones and thread the pearls of affection and alliance with your dear ones.

But what if the much ‘sought-after’ vacation that you seek for revitalization and recreation becomes a string of bad memories laced with unfortunate events? Yes! Have you ever thought of and prepared for a situation when your hard-earned holiday surfaces with unfortunate inevitable instances like loss of baggage or passport and wallet theft or medical evacuation etc. And hence the need for risk coverage surfaces, and it becomes imperative to opt for the right kind of Travel Insurance.

The insurance sector is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the current era. There are a large number of players that have entered the industry and are having a tough fight to stay on top. To grab the apex position in this sector augmented with a greater market share, insurance companies are offering lucrative and exciting Travel Insurance plans to their customers. Information about different insurance plans is also available on the online portals of all reputed companies. Thus one can check out all the available options and choose the best one that perfectly fits in his/her budget and has all the services and risk coverage terms according to his/her need.

A travel insurance plan provides not only extensive risk coverage but also provides immediate help in an hour of need. Losing luggage might turn sour for anybody as it can mean losing the important documents and hence can create great trouble for him as foreign authority officials are very strict and particular about documents. Also, in case of an accident or a medical emergency, the insurance company takes every possible step to provide the traveler with the best treatment in the quickest time. Travel insurance is the right security tool that acts as a perfect support system when one is caught in trouble on foreign land.

Progress in technology has made things easier, and one can buy and replace travel insurance plans online. Online banking and credit cards have made the job more convenient as payment for the policy can be done using the same mode of transaction. All reputed companies have high-security standards and are SSL certified, so the investment is secure, and there is no scope for any malpractices to exist. This also saves you from going to the corporation office, carrying a bulk of cash that is risky.

Companies are also issuing digitally signed insurance policies that make it easy for the traveler to access this important document from his desktop, laptop, and even phones. Also, there is no limitation on the number of copies one can have in print. So keeping an additional copy for any kind of emergency won’t be a problem.

Meet Ashley Griffin – CEO, Yah Roots Official



  • What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?

I moved around a lot growing up.  I was born in Baltimore, MD but my mother moved us to Wilmington, NC when I was 4.  I lived there all the way through my later teenage years then BOOM, my senior year of high school my family left Wilmington and moved back north to Baltimore.  Imagine relocating as a senior, it was not fun leaving all my childhood friends.  I went to 3 different High schools, however, I was able to make new friends at all of them.  My family is spread out on the east coast so I don’t get to see them often, but when we come together it’s always a lot of dancing, karaoke, and laughter!

  •  How old were you when you knew this is your calling?

As early as 10 I begin to be conscious about hair care and would do my own hair for school.  My hair is curly, so I remember going to hair stores to find hair products that I thought were “good” for my hair, at 10!  By 12, I began to make my own hair serums by mixing oils that my grandmother had and would “deep condition” my hair once a week.  I didn’t think anything about what I was doing at that time until I had my 2 children, I noticed that hair care is my passion.  I gave my son dreadlocks and would make my own twist cream, and I would make deep conditioners for my daughter’s hair from natural and organic ingredients.  As my knowledge for hair care grew, people would come to me for hair care tips, and wanted to know what I was using on my family’s hair.  This is when I knew I wanted to share hair products with the world.

  • How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and sometimes unscrupulous industry, as a business at times can be cutthroat?

I believe that if you stick to your passion and maintain your values and morals then you can face anything that comes your way.  Never lose sight of what your drive is.  There are thousands of hair products out, but I don’t look at them as competition.  I focus on my own brand and knowledge of hair care, so, as long as I am providing the best hair products for my customers, I am happy.  I interact with my customers and I allow them to provide authentic reviews, I feature real everyday people on the Instagram business page @YAHROOTS_OFFICIAL, that’s what drives me to stay focused on my brand.   

  • What advice do you have for others who have the dream?

My number one advice is to invest in yourself!  Invest not only money but time into your goal.  Read, study, and educate yourself on what it is that you trying to accomplish.  Knowledge is power, and with knowledge, you can do anything you put your mind to do.  Second advice, do not be cheap with yourself, if you need a machine that cost $400 that will benefit you, GET IT THAT 400$ machine!  It will all pay off.  

  • What are some of the things you do to wind down and relax after grueling events and preparations for them?

I love music, so when I want to wind down I may play some smooth r&b or smooth Jazz music, it puts me in calming headspace.  Of course, a nice glass of wine is always good to “wine-down”

  • What is your definition of peace? What is your definition of success?

My definition of peace is the space that I call home, and the people I surround myself with.  I do a lot of work from home, so I like to invest in furniture and live plants and flowers, it makes me feel happy and peaceful.  I am very big on good energy from others, so I keep my few close friends around to spread good vibes also. 

Success to me is seeing your dreams become your reality.  Whether big or small, its so amazing to see your hard work and dedication pay off.  It’s not about money it’s about your accomplishments and that priceless feeling of “I DID THAT!”.

  • What is the one thing you want people to remember most about you and your work?

I want people to know that YAH Roots Official is what I prayed for, this is my gift from The Highest and I give all credit to God.  I promote a love of ethnic natural hair of all types.  It is my passion to provide the best products for natural hair.  Every ingredient used in YAH Roots is exclusively chosen by me and beneficial for all hair types.  I like to say its “Made with Love”.

  • What type of legacy do you wish to leave? 

We live in a world that it’s not appealing to love our ethnic hair.  Afros, tight curly hair, thick hair, wavy hair, thin hair, whatever your authentic hair maybe, we hide it with perms, weaves, and wigs.  I want people to know that our ethnic hair is beautiful and there are amazing organic and natural ingredients that God has put on earth for us to maintain and love our hair.  My legacy is to promote knowledge on hair care and beard care and to regain the love for our own natural hair.  YAH Roots is the face of bringing natural hair back in style.    

  • If there’s one thing you could change about your past, what would it be? 

This is a great question; my answer is very simple.  I would not change anything about my past.  My past experiences and tribulations are what make me who I am today.  I am at a good place in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am if I had not gone through life as God planned me too.  As I always say, “Turn your L’s into lessons”

  • If there is one thing you could change about the world what would it be? 

I would love for Black, Native Americas, and Latino cultures to have more opportunities and resources to become business owners. 

  • What advice do you have for the young ladies (teens to young adult age) who are growing up in today’s world with so much influence in music that is not always supportive of their best interests? What advice would you give young men? 

Ladies, I know how easy it is to be on social media and see other people “living their best life” I want you to know that its only entertainment and only believe half of what you see online.  Move at your own pace in life, set your own goals, and do not compare another person’s lifestyle to yours.  Remember you write your own book with your own story, be yourself always.

Men, you play such an important role in this world.  I know there is a lot of influence in our music culture that does not encourage healthy relationships or respect for women and promotes violence.  I encourage you to keep the entertainment separate from your actual goals in life.  Know that it IS cool to be a good guy, and it IS cool to want a healthy relationship with a woman, and it IS cool not to condone in violence.  We need our men.  

  • Are you single? 

Yes, I am single.  Might not be for too much longer though lol  

  • In your opinion why are relationships failing today and if you could remedy them, what would you do?

In my opinion, relationships lack communication and it causes long term issues between you and your partner.   I would say be open to expressing your feelings respectfully to your partner giving the chance to talk things out early on before situations become more complicated.

  • What are you looking for/from a relationship?

I am looking for a spiritual connection with someone.  Someone that will be on the same accord as far as our values, morals, and beliefs.  If we are grounded in The Most High we can get through anything in life. 

Who do you admire most and why?  

I admire my mother Valerie, my father Desmond, and my grandmother Shirley.  These three have been so influential in my life and taught me to never settle.  They are hard workers, true hustlers, and dreamers.  I gained a lot of my hustle and ambition from them.  I am forever grateful to have learned from them.


Ashley Griffin is the creator and founder of YAH Roots Official Hair and Skincare.  Since a child, Ashley has grown a true passion for encouraging women and men to love their authentic ethnic hair.  She loves creating tutorial videos providing knowledge on healthy hair and beard maintenance.  People regularly come to her for hair tips and want to know what she uses in her hair.  This inspired her to create YAH Roots Official for the world.  Ashley’s love of math led her to pursue an education in finance and science, which helped her to become her own formulator for YAH Roots Official; making her own products in a personal lab.  Ashley gained years of extensive research on ingredients and formulating before releasing YAH Roots Official to the world in May 2020.  With a steadily growing amount of positive reviews, she has been able to stay connected with customers providing more than just her products.  Ashley’s goal is to influence people to embrace and care for their natural hair. 

Along with being a full-time entrepreneur, Ashley is also a full-time employee for an Insurance company and single mother of two amazingly intelligent children Jayden and Nyla. When asked how she handles all these responsibilities her answer is simple, “Balance”.  Though her busy schedule, Ashley enjoys making time for her family and herself. She loves planning weekend trips just to get away and enjoy her “me time,” as well as frequently taking road trips with her family to exploring new places.  Outside of traveling, two of her favorite things to do is trying new foods and furniture shopping.  Ashley is a true hustler and goal-getter, giving all credit to God first in everything. 

Art and Music Business For Work-From-Home Parents


While parents might be trying to save money on daycare as well as the meal expenses at work, it can still be a pain in the bank account.

However, parents can still recover from those finances. Work-from-home is getting more common nowadays.

There are so many opportunities to get everyone started, but if you have an eye for Music or arts, then creating your own business by the use of your musical and artistic talent must be of use.

Teaching Music or art from the comfort of your home can be a good idea to increase your income. Open your home and let a few kids express their artistic side or teach them how to play a certain instrument of play with colors will not only help you financially but you will also help your children learn the fundamentals of music and art in an exciting way knowing there are people joining them.

Introducing art and music to your children at an early age is beneficial to their growth. In young kids, art encourages them to learn their colors and new information by simply discussing works of art. Children will acquire new words from discussing Music. When kids read words from Music, it teaches them more vocabulary, Music, and art add oral competency.

Understanding the art of music can help kids improve their imagination and visual components that go collectively, giving them better math problem solvers. With art, there are all sorts of visible signs that children are learning, including spatial information, when working with clay or gems.

Music and art also assist children in improving their creativity. This change will be significant in a child’s grown-up life, even if they don’t practice art or music anymore.

Choosing to become a stay-at-home parent is never an easy one. If you can recover some of the lost job income by planning a home business with Music and art, then you can also give an ambiance for your kids that they are sure to grow in by exposing them to the art and music in your home. Killing two birds with one stone is not a bad thing.

Know The Only Person That Can Change YOU


Most relationships that face obstacles concentrate on the “who is to blame game.” It is not only harmful but is also an act that normally drives to more difficulties than resolutions.


Being the “in the position” person would let the person take on the burden of recognizing some change is required, and that the change should ideally begin with the person itself. Being able to affirm that some of the flaws lie at the individual’s “shoes” is a set in the accurate path.

Considering the time and energy to search the multiple causes and effects that had a role in providing to the current negative situation of the relationship will improve the particular person recognizes that there is no good in putting the blame on everyone.

Successful healing of a broken relationship will be off to a good beginning when each person concerned is ready to change for the better. The chief focus of the practice as changing for the better will continually be a more useful practice that will ultimately become so common that the person will no longer look upon such action as something made or unfair.

The positive changes will also benefit the person to become a better person, making the overall circumstances more comfortable and comfortable to develop. It is also almost always more natural to change oneself rather than change the other party in the relationship. Changing oneself does not need constant control of another person’s physical and mental demands.

Focusing on being a better person and a more thoughtful and caring partner will also assist the other person in responding positively, thus successfully letting the relationship development for the better.

Getting Free Counseling

Marriage is tough work, and anyone who says oppositely is not committed to making it for the long trip. With the hard work, there are also moments of great happiness and accomplishment, but when this is not anticipated for quite a while, then it is time to ask some outside advice. This advice ideally should reach in the sort of marriage counseling.

Where To Go

Read something related to marriage is helpful. When there are problems written that are related to the ones the person is going through, the overall experience and result could be implemented or at least tried. Sometimes it would be important to know that others have gone into the same circumstances and that it is likely to resolve it.

Asking counseling from a minister is also another possibility for those who are more religious. It is effective only if both parties are open and willing to search for options intimately connected to the religious side or take on things. It is also a helpful alternative if both parties are known to the minister carrying on the counseling session, as it would give all concerned parties a take or idea on the whole situation.

For some seeking a support group would be a more fitting match, as they would fancy hearing various views on the topic and also for its non-threatening and non-judgmental foundation. Being in a crowd will allow both individuals to attend many different kinds of advice and views that may prove effective and efficient.

Help Yourself in Dealing With Stress


Dealing with stress overruns people’s lives all the time. Life gets tough, and it’s difficult to balance all the things life tosses at us.

We need to get our anxiety levels under limitation because the constant increase of stress levels are deadly to the human body and begin heart illness, high blood tension, obesity, and diabetes. It’s easier than you may imagine helping yourself reduce your stress levels.

Follow these steps in dealing with stress.

1. Cut your alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine intake.
Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and will not lower your levels of stress; they raise them. Alcohol is a depressant in substantial amounts and a stimulant in tiny doses, making it dangerous for you to ease stress. Rather than relinquishing the alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine, take some water or herbal tea. These are hydrating and help you ease the stress.

2. Exercise Regularly.
Stress provides hormones in your body, identified as adrenaline and cortisol. Clearing some of these hormones can help your anxiety levels to lessen.

3. Get Enough Sleep.

Not having a sufficient amount of sleep is primarily related to high-stress levels. Thus, stress hinders us from getting enough to fall asleep. If you are having this problem, try getting a hot bath or reading before bedtime. Another great advice is going to bed at approximately the same time every night. It forms a habit for you to follow.

4. Try Meditation.
Every day, try a different stress-reducing method. You can try Meditation, as this is very simple and you can do it easily. Don’t fret if these meditation tips won’t work at the beginning. Meditation takes time and a lot of focus to practice.

5. Talk to someone you trust.
Letting someone knows how you feel is one of the best ways to lessen your stress level. A lot of people have said that it’s like a burden being raised off their shoulders. Stress can cloud our thoughts and limit us from thinking clearly. Sharing your thoughts with someone can help you think out a resolution.

6. Keep a Stress Journal.

Keeping a diary and writing down your thoughts and disturbances will help you become more conscious of what you’re thinking. Write down the date and the details when the stressful situation happened. Writing everything down will allow you to bypass other stressful circumstances, and you’ll find some new coping mechanisms.

7. Control your time.

A lot of people endure stress when they run out of liberty to do fundamental things. With a calendar to follow, you can guarantee that you get all of your important chores done quickly. Having all your work completed on time will aid to lessen some stress.

8. Saying “NO” Is not Bad At All
It’s easy to think that you have everything under your nose, and you can multi-task and juggle more things in your life. However, You just need to realize that there are some essential things that need to be prioritized. There’s a limited amount of time a day, which makes it difficult for someone to get multiple things done.

Taking care of yourself is a priority. Stress can easily destroy one’s life but always remember that dealing with stress is attainable, and there is nothing to fear. Believe that you will get better, and things that give you too much stress won’t hinder you towards your success.

Planning for Your Big Day? Create Your Own Wedding Invitation

wedding invitation

A wedding is among the most significant occasions in one’s life. Therefore people strive to get the best ways to make it a remarkable event. There are several aspects associated with the preparation of the wedding. Among them, wedding invites justify a place of value. The Wedding Invitations supply the visitors an impression about the theme and feeling of the couple. Some couples prefer to create their wedding invitations to get an idea about their character. Anyone can visit the departmental stores and choose a wedding invitation as per his or her preference. If one has no affection for store shopping for getting an excellent wedding invitation, he has a more reliable choice. The couple can check the internet for their ideal wedding invitation. A lot of websites offer printable wedding invitations that they can download. But, they have to make sure the budget and the requirement of their wedding invitation.

After the couple has chosen the perfect wedding invitation, they can think about personalization details. Some people like to add a line from their choicest song or poem. One needs to pick a color that complements the motif of the wedding. Aside from checking the wedding reception, the couple can look in the wedding magazines to find more ideas to add to their wedding invitations. You can find these magazines anywhere. It would be advisable to seek an opinion from a friend and friends who have got married lately for help. There are various stationary shops as well as bridal shops that market a variety of wedding invitations. Checking through these catalogs can be a time-consuming affair, but the rewards are worth the effort.

Before printing the wedding invitation, The couples should make sure that they are empty of any errors. Ordering wedding invitations from marriage suppliers can be expensive.

If one wants a cheaper option, they can choose to layout and print their own invitations. Make sure they have all the supplies they need, such as envelopes, card stock, rubber stamps, embellishments, etc. Also, they need to use software to create artistic invitations.

How To Find the Best Deals on a Desktop Computer

desktop computer

Whenever you start wanting to buy a new desktop computer, you always need to make sure you receive the very best deal. But, with a lot of various direct shops along with online retail stores as well as a lot of different types of computer systems in all pricing structures, looking for the best offers can be a tedious task. Here are a few rules to assist you.

Black Friday is the day in which desktop computers get discounted. You really can, on some occasions, get the newest desktop computers for less than they may originally cost. Of course, you will have to squabble with the large crowds. Even if you can’t make it to the retail stores on Black Friday, the entire holiday season is not really that full of excellent deals, so keep your eyes wide open. You can even check online for more Computer promos.

The normal person buys computers that have far more options than they need. It is because of an assertive salesman and also for the reason that most of the people do not know all the specs for your computer systems. Consequently, before, create a list of exactly what you truly need. What’s the reason why you have to buy it? This approach will assist you to remain concentrated so that you do not waste more than you have to.

Seek help with your local Computer specialist for suggestions

Why not try to find some knowledge from somebody who understands more regarding computer operations? Through communicating with your area computer expert, you possibly would rightly distinguish with what your computer specifications are and also what options are available in your resources. The very best computer service providers will be able to assist you in getting the most fitting computer systems for your personal or business demands.

Look for discount deals

Computer stores are always offering excellent compensation deals on their computer systems. One can find a few unique kinds of refund offers: the immediate refund and the mail-in rebate. This compensation provides you to get your money back, assisting you to save big on your computer services. Simply make sure you have an eye on all specifications of the mail-in reimbursement correctly to ensure you qualify for it.

Considering repair and upgrade your old Desktop Computer

Maybe you don t need to drop the funds on a new-fangled computer after all. You may be able to have a Computer services firm repair and upgrade your older desktop computer to get it to work as if it is a newly bought computer. If your desktop computer is working slowly, the firm might repair it for whatever is wrong with it. The technician may also update it with more RAM and added a hard drive room.

The fact is you should certainly be able to find a desktop computer that meets your qualifications and, additionally, your budgets. There are fairly priced choices starting at just a few hundred dollars. Moreover, never miss old computer systems that can have good vivacity infused into them if you use a computer services firm to fix all the defects and improve parts as required.

Rising Above Coronovirus

supernatural power

“I don’t understand how you’re doing this Ashley.”  I’ve heard this statement several times over the past few weeks, as my children and I stay secluded in our home, safe from any exposure to Covid-19.  My answer?  My God. 

It may come off a bit trite to those who don’t understand the supernatural power of Jesus Christ, but for those that do, this is a word of comfort.

My God.  When I respond in this way, I’m simply saying that God loves me so much that he granted me the opportunity to experience long-suffering back in 2011 when I was battling a rare neurological disorder.  I was home alone mostly for about 6 months, completely uncertain of how things would end with my health.  At the time I was suffering from Psuedo Tumor Cerebri, a condition that increases the level of cerebral fluid in your brain, which results in immense pressure on your optic nerves causing temporary blindness.  I was in extreme pain every waking hour, I couldn’t see, and the medications that doctors were experimenting on me caused me to lose most of my muscle mass, such that I was bedridden.  

Some days I was optimistic as my headaches subsided and my eyesight improved, while other days I was completely overwhelmed with the prospect of possibly dying of a sudden brain aneurysm.  The fear of the unknown was debilitating, but eventually I found my refuge in God.  I sought him out diligently through scripture and desperately longed for revelation, as I listened to sermons.  God’s Word is what ultimately healed me, and more importantly, what trained me to thrive in situations like the one we are currently in: solitude.

During the quiet hours of the morning when the sun was just yet up, I would sit in my sunroom and pray.  I didn’t know how to pray like most Christians did, with the platitudes of higher-level language and scripture reference, but I did know how to talk to the ONE person who I knew could help me at this time.  I’d talk to God for hours.  Then, I’d just sit and listen to the stillness in the air.  It calmed me and re-assured me that He was up to something I couldn’t see.  In my Bible study time, I’d learned that the prayers of the righteous avail much (James 5:16), so when I spoke to Him I knew with full confidence that He heard me and was already working on my behalf.  I prayed for my health at first, but the more days passed by, and the longer I was alone with Him, my prayers changed.  I sensed Him suggesting what and whom I should pray for.  “Pray for Areshia,” He’d say.  “Pray for your mom.”  I wouldn’t always know why, but without fail, later in the day I’d get a call or text from the person I was praying for telling me about a challenge they were facing.  I quickly connected the dots: God wanted our connection to be a catalyst for power in Heaven to be transferred to the Earthly realm…in order for “His Kingdom to come.”(Matthew 6:10)

The 6 months I was pulled away from the hustle and bustle of daily life was the greatest gift God had ever given me.  Yes, I was lonely. Yes, I lost relationships with loved ones who didn’t understand my journey.  Yes, I missed out on events and activities with friends.  BUT, My God.  My God transformed me into a greater person than I would have ever been had I kept living a life so far from His presence.  My God gave me new, more fruitful relationships to replace the ones that didn’t survive my growth.  My God gave me a new life with new mercies and new favor that to this day continue to feed and bless not just me, but EVERY single person that crosses my path.  

During this time of “social distancing,” I encourage everyone to stop resisting the golden opportunity they have at hand right now to build a more intimate relationship with a God that will supply all your needs (Philippians 4:19), never forsake you (Psalm 9:10), and forever direct your path (Psalm 119:35).  Embrace this window of time to feel a Love like never before and be renewed by a supernatural power that will bring you peace beyond all understanding (Philippians 4:7).  Cast all your cares on Him (1st Peter 5:7) and He WILL set you free. (John 8:36)  You will no longer be a slave to fear and anxiety, but most importantly, as you walk in lock-step with God, you will walk in your purpose and fulfill your destiny.  You will wake up and become your true self.



I was listening to an interview and the artist said something that caught my attention.  He said that “my plan is to live full and die empty!”  With that being said, while you have life, love and opportunity, live your life to the fullest and do all that you can and give all that you can, so that when the time comes that the Lord calls you home, you have emptied your soul of all the things you wanted to do and you loved those closest to you to the best and fullest capability.


It is true that this pandemic has so many sinking into a mental health issue and/or so afraid to do anything, let alone go on about their everyday life.  Sad, but true, but this is what we in the year of 2020 has come to.  With the message received through that artist, he and I both feel that life is short, so do not prevent your life from living and/or from existing.  If you put up a mental block that prevents you from loving others and/or living, you will live and die full of nothing but regret.


I have a list of things I would like to do, but I know if I looked through the mental pages of the years past, I have done and accomplished so much, that if today or tomorrow the Lord called me home, I will be ok.  I wake up with love and I sleep with love, hate is not a part of my meal plan or life span.  If you do not like me, ok so to hear, but you are not the first and you will not be the last.  Not being vain and/or tooting my own horn, if you do not like me, then it is something in you that does not allow you to do so and not an action on my behalf.  That is the woman that I am that I have no problem speaking this fact into existence.


Now although I have not had any children, I have had the opportunity to experience motherhood.  It was short spanned, but it was worth every minute and second of that one month.  God knew and although naturally I asked, “Why me Lord?”  I did not question.  Seeing the full picture, I may not have any biological children of my own, but I married a man with three of his own and I am blessed to be loved, surrounded and admired by my god children and the other children in my life.


I feel that if you tell your truth, you are helping someone else live theirs.  With that being said, I have had a traumatic experience that triggers that I work on daily.  I have survived many car accidents, yet when I ride with people, I still have anxiety with being on the road.  I know whether I am in the passenger seat and/or the driver seat, I cannot control what may be, but being in the passenger seat and putting that control into another person’s hands, scares me to the point where I clinch the seat belt and the door handle and tense up to the point where my chest hurts.  So not good, but I am working on it and giving it all to God to help me.  Heck, if the circumstances of having a gun pointed to my head and my chest (2 different situations) does not cripple me, why should I allow this to?  Day by day and step by step.

MY MESSAGE TO ALL READERS READING THIS: Know that I am here to share my truth and help you live yours.  Free yourself of all that ails you.  Live your life as if it was your last day.  Love unconditionally.  Dance as if no one is watching.  Take a day and sit with God and give Him your burdens.  Don’t be a Victim, yet instead be Victorious.  Most important, allow your Tests, to be your Testimony.


Collateral Consequences

After advocating for others for almost a decade as a criminal state and federal defense attorney, I found myself on the other side of the table as a defendant.  

As a first time, non-violent offender, I was sentenced to 36 months imprisonment.  I ultimately served 1yr and 10 days and placed on 3yrs probation.  

I served my time, yet my rights have not been restored because of Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions.  Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions as defined by www.USLegal.com are “the various consequences which are beyond the terms of the conviction under federal and state laws…….it is the result of the arrest, prosecution or conviction that is not part of the sentence imposed.”  In layman terms, collateral consequences of criminal convictions are consequences that are imposed or are the result of the conviction or arrest.  For example – losing voting rights, losing public housing or other supportive services, losing professional licenses, not being able to obtain federal student loans and probation to name a few.  The American Bar Association under its Criminal Law Section has a listing of over 45,000 federal and state statutes and regulations broken down by state that impose collateral consequences of convictions upon people convicted of a crime. 

If the purpose of the legal system is to return us to the place we were before incarceration through REHABILITATION with an even greater sense of ACCOUNTABILITY to self and to our communities, we must be able to come full circle and be made whole again.  For instance, if the system is truly about rehabilitation, why couldn’t I be reinstated by the Bar and resume my practice of law upon release? Why can’t barbers and beauticians be relicensed upon release? Why aren’t voting rights restored immediately upon release?

I am in favor of reducing recidivism, increasing public safety and economic growth, however, in order to accomplish this, barriers to housing, employment and supportive services must be removed for returning citizens in order to have successful reintegration.  Collateral Consequences of Criminal Convictions are an unnecessary barriers to successful reintegration.  

We must create systems that more effectively serve this population, we must have the desire to provide the resources to restore human dignity and human potential to all returning citizens.  

I am a believer that there are no extraordinary people.  I believe that people are given extraordinary opportunities.  Every Voter in the United States has the extraordinary opportunity by effecting legislation or repealing legislation that will do away with all collateral consequences of criminal convictions.  

We must become a Nation of Second Chances! Where “Time Served” Means “Time Served.” By removing unnecessary barriers to successful reintegration for our returning citizens.    


Dee G. Rainer, JD

Former State and Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer; and

Committed Criminal Justice Reform Advocate;

That has been directly impacted by the criminal justice system;


The Arrival


by Stefany J. Jones on Thursday, September 28, 2020, at 1:00 pm

I don’t know what took me so long or what exactly was standing in the way, blocking this blessing of mine – the forum, venue, opportunity whatever you want to call it, just to speak my peace. I have never been one who was good at being consistent w/handwritten journals… probably my lack of patience b/c thoughts run through my head at lightning speed. But this right here is the answer to prayers and dreams… Who knew?

It’s the strangest place to be, at times, in our skin. As we seek the truth, learn lessons, grow from experiences, share in the values of others through personal interaction – there is a time when you are with self and SELF, the I AM just still and taking it all in. I believe, as human beings, we are so ‘marked’ by our past and our paths that we have this percentage of doubt within us that triggers when the unthinkable or the unspeakable happens.

What is probably one of our best defense mechanisms against pain and anguish, I have found to be a trigger of sorts of all the good things that pass before us as well. And although within us all is this soul thirst which searches for the fulfillment of truth, there is also present this waged hindrance upon our shoulders that is ready and quick to whisper “this is too good to be true,” “careful now,” “nahhh this could never be yours”…, and the list goes on. Because I believe we give words power and energy, I will not go further except to say that the mind’s defense mechanism of protection which is designed to work in our favor is the very culprit that incites the rationalization of talking us out of everything promising and good for us out of fear.

So when you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, when things are going great for you, when you see the light at the end of a dark tunnel just know that it’s not an illusion and the only delusion is your believing that you are not worthy and that there isn’t much more where that came from.

I, for one, have held up and virtually ‘passed’ on MANY more JACKPOT moments than I care to admit. Primarily because when I ‘thought’ I had struck gold, I eventually discovered through wear and tear, I was left with fool’s Gold and tarnished pieces of ‘not much of anything’ of value…. But I can say that with every day I press forward. I have spent these past 11 years in a place of walking towards/sojourning to that place that I’ve known for more than 35 years I belonged.

I AM grateful for my growth, for the multiple times of grace and mercy that have been extended to me. Still, most of all, I AM overjoyed at the ARRIVAL as the highest time of my life is NOW…. This time I refuse to accept what IS without open arms, a different mindset, a changed heart, a more substantial walk, and, most of all, confidence in the knowledge that I AM safe, I AM well, I AM deserving, and I AM finally here.!

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