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Hope “The Novelist’ McGill


By Sina McClendon

How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and sometimes unscrupulous industry, as business can sometimes be cut throat?  

I am a firm believer of what goes around comes around so I try to treat everyone the same.  My business has honestly been able to grow by word of mouth.  I have a return ratio of 85% which is something that is almost unheard of.  I am up front and honest with my clients, I meet my deadlines and they are always able to reach out to me if they have questions or concerns.  I wear integrity like a badge of honor so it’s important for me to have good business principles.  I’m also very big on the vibe.  Not all money is good money and I have turned clients down if they ask me to make something that is offensive.

How difficult is it to maintain a work-life balance?  What measures do your take to ensure that you have that?

This right here is a struggle.  As I type this, it’s actually 6:41 AM in the morning and I have not had any sleep.  My work load is constantly growing.  Entrepreneurship is hard, consistent and sometimes insane work.  On the outside it appears to be easy, fun and care free but there are so many mechanisms needed to keep the wheels turning for your business.  Often times we are learning as we go, seeking to find our own way.  I’m still working on learning how to balance my personal life and run two businesses.

How hard was it breaking into the business? We hear stories of people who try for years and never make it, and then other stories of “overnight in the right place at the right time” sensations.  Which one do your think there’s more of?  Those who pay their dues, or opportunity meeting preparation? 

The hardest part of breaking into “ANY” business is realizing who your target market is.  The biggest mistake that people make when starting off is targeting their business and services to their friends and family members and becoming frustrated when they’re unable to make sales.  You need to formulate a plan and pitch your business to customers who have a need and want for it.  In my opinion the businesses that have longevity and success are the ones that have put in years of work.  Overnight sensation normally doesn’t last too long because they are unprepared.

What advice do you have for others who have THE dream?

I would tell them to pursue what you are most passionate about.  Do the one thing that you would absolutely do for free. Your passion is connected to your purpose.  This kind of work is meaningful.  When you have hard, rough days the love for it will keep you afloat.  You need to not only love it but you should want to MASTER it!  This will require you to consistently learn and revamp your craft.  I don’t think anyone should ever get too comfortable, you should always be seeking for ways of how you can improve and scale your business.  For me I’m never in the current moment.  I’m always 4 steps of ahead in planning exactly where I want to go.  Prayer is also very important.  Pray through the process it keeps you centered.

What are some of the things you do to wind down and relax after grueling events and preparations for them? 

I’m old school.  A nice hot bath, candles and smooth jazz playing soothes me.  I add a little Epsom salt mixed with lavender, smear some sugar scrub on my face and close my eyes.  I normally like to retract for a day or two and just have quiet time to myself to recharge my energy and rejuvenate my spirit.   

Are you single?


How difficult is or was it dating in your profession? 

You need to have a very understanding partner that is supportive because lots of times the business takes up a lot of time and energy.

In your opinion why are relationships failing today and if you could remedy them, what would you do?

Each relationship is different in its own right.  I would say most fail because of communication issues.  I don’t really have the answer to this question because each situation is different.   

Who’s been the greatest influence in your life?

The women in my family have influenced me greatly.  I watched my Mom put herself through college with three small kids and completely change her life around.  That taught me that anything is possible through hard work and determination.  My Grandmother is a warrior in her own right.  I would give up a lot and cry and say things like “I can’t do it.  It’s too hard” and she would tell me, “there’s no such word as CAN’T.”  She told me if I wanted something badly enough I would continue to try.  She is strong and wise.  I’ve learned a lot from watching her.

Hope “The Novelist” McGill






Everyone Needs a Little Bit of Hope


Hope “The Novelist” McGill

Hope McGill grew up in New York City’s famed neighborhood of Harlem.  She is the epitome of “you believe it you can achieve it”. At the age of sixteen she began writing short stories.  Reading has always been a means of escape for her.  Curling up with a good book helped her to explore the world and meet fascinating people.  As she grew older, her appetite for reading grew immensely and her books became more diverse.  She began to read books such as J. California Cooper’s, “Life Is Short But Wide”, Octavia Butler’s “Bloodchild” as well as the classic, “Manchild In The Promised Land” by Claude Brown.

The excitement and joy of reading these various authors inspired her to begin writing.  Her stories feature real people with real lives, real problems, and extraordinary passion.  She published her first book at the age of 38.  “Pearls” was published with blood, sweat and tears and absolutely no financial backing.  The public’s response was overwhelming to say the least and spawned two sequels, “Pearls II” and “Pearls II Special Edition”.  Her collection of work is available on her website www.HopeMcgill.com as well as Amazon, Kobo and NOOK.

You would think that being an author was enough for Hope.  After searching online for waist beads and being unable to find a set that was appealing to her that would also fit her waist adequately, she decided that she was going to learn how to make her own.  After trial, error and many long nights she was able to make what she envisioned in her head.  Hope’s waist beads sparked a flurry of customers requesting sets of their very own and Beaded By Hope was birthed.  Her collection of bead work has expanded by leaps and bounds.  She now offers wrist bracelets, rosaries, necklaces, anklets and even eye glass chains!

Not limited to women Hope’s jewelry appeals to men and children as well. Custom pieces made with love and a special passion for seeing her customers smile is what makes the pieces uniquely beautiful.

You can find them on her website www.Beadedbyhope.com





Cruising Tips – Should You Book from the Internet?


Cruising is one hell of a traveling experience; I find it to be a unique mode of traveling. So finally if you have decided to go on a cruise and you are worried about how to book it then worry not. There are many ways through which you can book a cruise, but many people are scared whether they will be able to book it properly or not.

Here are some tips for the beginners to make the cruise booking process go easily.

A Travel Agent Can Be Of Great Help?

When booking a cruise you get a lot of options you can book the cruise directly with the cruise line, or you can pay a travel agent to book it for you. The best option is to book your cruise thorough a travel agent who will take care of everything including the legal work and get you the best price. Even if you don’t have knowledge of booking a cruise a travel agent can help you with all the formalities.


When booking a cruise online through a travel agent, you get access to years of experience and knowledge that can assist you in selecting the right cabin and cruise. The benefits of booking through a travel agent are far more like travel agents know if there are any rule changes on the cruise line, so when you board that cruise, you don’t get any surprises. They also have the leverage to take a personal inspection of ships giving them a proper insight to a variety of ships and their facilities.


There is a common myth that using booking online will cost you far more than booking a cruise yourself. In reality, it’s the opposite. Travel agents from big agencies have hundreds of groups on different cruises. They can easily book you into these groups at the given group rate which is not available to general public. They also get daily emails from the cruise lines informing them of different promotions and offers. By booking through a them, you can make get hold of the best deals through these promotions.

Save Time

Using an online booking agency, can save you a lot of time that you may have used in searching for a cruise yourself. You can tell the agent what you are looking for and they will get back to you with several different options. They will ask for your interests, expectations and hobbies and find you the best fit for your budget.

Free Upgrades

While the cruise lines don’t give any details about which cabin they choose for getting a free upgrade, my years of experience in the cruise industry have led me to understand that booking through large agencies can get you more upgrades. Again, I don’t have insider information about this, but this is what I have mostly experienced. Booking through them will get you good chances of getting an upgrade rather than those who book online themselves.

Naked – A Letter From the Editor




By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Wouldn’t it be nice to find someone who loves you NAKED!  Before you say yes, let me explain my terminology of NAKED.  It’s so much deeper than you think and so heavily weighted that it won’t sink.

Too many times society teaches to love a particular shade, shape or sign, but wouldn’t you just love to be attracted to someone who goes against what society teaches you to love.

Someone who is beautiful inside and out.  Her or his definition of beautiful or handsome is so much more than a physical attraction, they stimulate your body with their smile and charm.  They know how to make love to your mind with conversation so erotic, that the physical being does not need to get undressed to be satisfied.

Someone who is much more than the money in their bank accounts or the items that they own or the cars that they drive.  Sure, they did good for themselves or at least some portray the image that society tells them to.  Come on you heard of the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses.”  Yet, this being has all those things and more, but they don’t flash it or trash it.  They do not expose you to the finer things in life, because they know that if you cannot love them at their worst, you do not deserve them at their best.  They teach you to love them for them and not for what they can offer you.  They teach you to love them NAKED!

Someone who has a crooked smile and natural hair.  Someone who has a beer belly and ugly feet.  Yes, these women and men exist, but you do not see them.  You see the woman with the wig, the weave, the beautiful shape and so forth.  You see the man who has a swag that enters the room that say “Lord thank you!”  But take away all those features or material items that make up that person – very few would say that they love that person NAKED and you want to know why – because those people never loved themselves as God created.

Loving someone NAKED means loving the person who can stand before you, with or without their clothes, and be loved for who they are.  Loving someone totally attractive not by how they look or how what they drive, but how they feel and their internal drive.  Life’s best lessons are what we learn or experience and the only way to grow is to live your truth.  Loving someone who wears their heart on their sleeves and their scars are beautifully flawed and they still feel completely free being NAKED!  Next time you want to experience true love, try loving someone NAKED!

My Bucket List Guide


By:  Cecile Anthony-Bryan

I’m a simple woman with not much needs for expensive items or material things.  As long as I am happy, then I am rich and content with what life has to offer; needless to say, I have long wanted to go to Hawaii.  There are many reasons “Why Hawaii” is at the top of my list, but just to name a few – scenery, adventure, romance, and most importantly, relaxation.

A Bucket List is more than a list of my goals — it’s a compilation of my dreams. We often work toward our goals, but leave our dreams to the wayside, hoping they might happen on their own.   While you go to work, day to day, with no plans of anything to look forward to, remember “Work Hard, Play Hard.”  You must work towards your dreams, just like you work toward your goals.

That’s why it’s so important to have a Bucket List.  Writing those dreams on paper turns them into goals, makes them attainable, tangible, doable — aspirations to work toward, instead of pipe dreams that might never happen.

My list keeps me moving forward.  It’s a reminder of what I can look forward to, as well as what I’ve accomplished.

So what’s on my bucket list? Here’s a sampling:

Write a book
Getting my work published
Arrange an Woman’s Empowerment Event
Marry a couple of people
Get paid to travel
Continue my education
Start a business
Backpack through Africa
Go skydiving
See more of the world (this has its own list)
Earn a certificate as a life coach
Research my family’s genealogy
Get married

What’s on your bucket list? More importantly, what’s keeping you from crossing off those items?

Deh Abroad


By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

Deh Abroad is a nonprofit social platform created by Dominic Christopher and dedicated to the Caribbean diaspora, with a mission to create a network for wealth and cultural awareness. As a membership driven organization, we are united in our commitment to be the premiere information portal of the Caribbean diaspora for business services, cultural events, healthcare needs, and educational insights. Our vision is to improve and sustain the quality of life for those who live, work, and play abroad.

Deh Abroad will provide exclusive discounts and offers, networking, educational opportunities, and also the capacity for members to connect socially through games and/or message boards. The organization will go through three major cycles of growth, based on volume of merchants and members, with the areas of risk keenly monitored and addressed by the executive leadership team.

With the high demand of networking in the new age, influential aspects are in dire need to be implemented within the community. We at Deh Abroad give an edge within technology, business networking, marketing and much more to capitalize on our platform, which will deliver amenities to the Caribbean diaspora.

Deh Abroad Youth Internship Program

  • Internship placement with Deh Abroad merchants based on students’ majors in college.
  • Job interview workshops, including resume writing.
  • Stipend for students participating in the program.
  • Job recommendations

HMM: What was life growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?

DC: I was born in the West Indies, on the beautiful island of Jamaica and later came to the States.  Life for me was great.  My family wasn’t rich, but we have always supported each other.  I grew up in an extended household. I am who I am today, because of my grandparents.  We were able to provide and let others feel comfortable on not a lot.

HMM: Were you a dreamer growing up? What kind of dreams did you have?

DC: Yes, I was a dreamer growing and these traits still exists.   As I kid in Jamaica, I grew up near an airport and I have always dreamt about taking off to unknown places and using my imagination to make it what I want it to be.        

HMM: Would you consider yourself a driven person?  What makes you a powerhouse? What is the source of your strength?

DC:  I have always been a self-driven person.  As I grow as an entrepreneur, I always had issues on delegating tasks. 

HMM: Tell us about Deh Abroad.  How did you get the idea and/or concept for the business?

DC: Deh Abroad was created to be a network for wealth and cultural awareness for the Caribbean diaspora.  I realized that New York City is a melting pot of immigrants, yet there are not many commerce and wealth opportunities for people in Caribbean/African American communities.

HMM: What was your mission at the outset?

DC: My mission was to create a network for the community so that others can be aware that professionals do exist in our community and so Deh Abroad will be a platform to provide incentives for supporting the community.

HMM: What type of services does Deh Abroad offer?

  • DC: Caribbean Mom & Pop Business Education
  • Deh Abroad Youth Internship Program
  • Financial, Educational and Networking Events
  • Incentives to participating merchants within the Caribbean diaspora.
  • Visibility and Promotional Exposure

HMM: What is unique about Deh Abroad?

DC: We are a non-profit organization, currently self-funded by young

professionals whose parents have struggled to give us a better life.  We are

dedicated to using our experiences, not only to give back to our communities,

but also to create wealth.

HMM: What made you choose this type of business?

DC: I am an app developer and focused on developing innovative projects.

Our community is a big consumer for technology, and I thought it was best

to create a platform for us.

HMM: What is the source of your strength? What keeps you motivated on a daily basis?

DC: The source of my strength is my family and what keeps me motivated is the receptive feedback I get from the community

HMM: What can we expect from Deh Abroad in the future?

DC: A community bank which Caribbean/African Americans can use our resources as capital to open business, purchase real estates, and build a diverse community without any fear of being rejected.

HMM: If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

DC: My advice to anyone starting out and/or who has a dream is to: 1) Never give up; 2) The best person to seek advice from is yourself; and 3) Not everyone shares your vision.  

To follow or join the Deh Abroad movement, see its contact information below:

Website:     www.dehabroad.org  

Twitter:      www.twitter.com/dehabroad

Instagram: www.instagram.com/dehabroad

iOS App:     https://apple.co/2TazJie

Andriod:     http://bit.ly/2Y1qK6x

Our Future


By: Cecile Anthony-Bryan

JAFRE CHASE – Aspiring Musician

Jafre Chase, a humble 18 year old young man from Baltimore, Maryland, who went from homelessness to awesomeness, is proving to everyone that “Your current situation is not your final destination!”  Jafre Chase, a Violist, born in the Bronx, New York, but whose family later moved to Baltimore, Maryland, is a bright young man who has overcome the odds to make a household name for himself, unintentionally.  When Jafre was in the 11th grade, his family hit on hard times and unfortunately became homeless.  Regardless of his situation, he never stopped believing or working on his craft.  At the homeless shelter, his mother made special arrangements for him to practice in an empty conference room.  All this happening during the most crucial time for any teenager in high school (grades 10-11). While attending the Baltimore School for the Arts, with a major in viola performance, still he strived.  Now a high school graduate of the Class of 2019, he is proud to say that he has gotten a minimum of 4 full scholarship rides. (University of Michigan, Peabody Institute, University of Maryland, College Park and the Eastman School of Music, where he will attend in the fall) Schools are lining up and knocking on his door,  to teach this talented musician, where at one time he did not even have a door or a home of his own.

Even with all the challenges Jafre faced, his humble response when asked about his current stardom and his future, he replies “Oh, I don’t think it will ever get easy, I have so much to learn!” God bless him.  He pays homage to his mother, Cynthia Chase, and the many teachers, family, etc. who never let him stop.  If you have not learned anything from Jafre’s story, then one thing you missed is that “all things are possible through Christ!”  His story is not just inspiring, it is also amazing.

HUSTLE MAMA MAGAZINE is proud to shine a light on this month’s “OUR FUTURE” recipient.

We can definitely look forward to hearing more about Jafre Chase in the future.

The Importance of Basics


Building a wardrobe is a concept that too few us have the knack. While we may have a closet full of clothing, the reason you may find yourself in the “I have nothing to wear” thought process is due to your inability to get dressed, in your head. What do I mean by getting dressed in your head? It’s the ability to skillfully plan your outfit based on knowledge of what IS in your closet and what is not.

Here are a list a Basics I believe should be in every woman’s wardrobe to get started so that she can skillfully dress for different occasions.

SOLID COLOR BLOUSE(pink, red, green, etc.)

As a New York Native, I know we, women have a tendency to focus on black, even in the summertime. If it’s too much or extreme for you, consider a substitution of grey or navy as alternatives, to black.

If you’re really lucky you may have several of the fore mentioned items at your fingertips; but having at least one of each insures your ability to dress for work, a date, a casual meet-up or professional scenario. It’s also the basis to mix with other items which will call for a more refined wardrobe; taking you to the NEXT LEVEL.

Next level items means that you’ve fulfilled your basics and consider yourself more of a “dresser”, thus the need for items which allow you to express yourself more and offer a better variety in rounding out your wardrobe. While the basics will always be needed, I find the enclosed pieces offer more room for conversation and versatility.

*(long & short sleeves)

Since I’ve already mention substituting your black for grey or navy, consider another substitution of brown or camel for the grey pieces mentioned. Your silky blouse can be all silk, some silk or pure polyester; it’s all about that “flowy” look. That twin set can be very traditional light weight knit or a mix of lace or some other fabric. I still feel the traditional knit will serve you best in your mix and match, but this is YOUR WARDROBE, thus this is your choice. I have the same feeling about the denim shirt decide if it should be long sleeves, short sleeve, light or dark wash; you’ll figure it out.

Ultimate items are that which we would like to have but are not completely necessary to dress skillfully. They offer yet another level of versatility and poise, mix well with the Basics, Next Level items and offer an amazing springboard to The Best Dressed Woman.


These items can come from anywhere and be purchased in abundance or sparingly. It’s about what makes you feel best.  Also note each item is open to immense interpretation. Your PLAID PANT can be bold in color or black and white, your deconstructed JEAN can be a skinny or boyfriends fit, completely full of holes or only a small tear at the thigh or knees. It’s all up to you.

Special Note: Sequins is something new that has come on the scene the past few years. In the past, it was an incredibly dressy item worn by that “Sassy Gal” or on very dressy occasions, but now it’s incorporated into so many more items, even baby clothes! If infants can wear it, surely adding a bit to your wardrobe concept won’t hurt!

Once you’ve reviewed the list, try not to use it as a hard guide to follow and check off, but rather an opportunity to organize what’s in your closet, add or remove different ideas and maybe keep in mind when you do have the opportunity, to shop. Remember fashion and fashion dressing needs to be open for interpretation to help create your own personal style.

As you pay attention to the list, realize that all of the items, including the ones from Basic and Next Level can come in a variety of silhouettes, fabrics and price markets; I did this on purpose. It’s NOT price and Designer that offers style to your wardrobe but rather poise, confidence and grace; something each of us are capable of, no matter the cost of garment, size of the woman or outside opinion of others (including me).❤

NEUTRAL DRESS  (Basic) with Leather Jacket (Ultimate)

DENIM SHIRT (Next Level) with BLACK PANTS (Basic)

CAMO PANTS (Ultimate) with SEQUINS TOP(Ultimate)

TWIN SET (Next Level) with WHITE JEANS (Basic)

DENIM JACKET (Basic) with BLACK DRESS (Next Level)

UTILITY PANT (Ultimate) with  BLACK JACKET (Basic)

FLORAL PANT (Ultimate) with WHITE SHIRT (Basic)




The Foundation – What’s Under Your Clothes?

Pink and black bras on a bed

I love clothing but one of the most important things that too many of us are guilty of ignoring is the undergarments.  It is so important to have the best underwear, under your clothing. I find that this is something I only pay attention to when I know there is a chance someone will see them (locker rooms or vacations with friends), but I understand the need to have strong foundations, to have your outside style appear its best.

They’re referred to as foundations because they do just that; they are the foundations of your “Put Together”. The right bra, smoothing underwear, proper pantyhose, enhancing girdles and perfect panties can be the difference between an amazing outfit or the reason people give you a double take all day.

You want to make sure that your undergarments are useful. While sexy underwear is always a plus it’s not always the best choice for an enhancing appearance. You want your breast to have the most support, your tummy to appear it’s flattest, your thighs & booty, to have its best look. Bumps, ripples, incorrect color under clothing will never be excused. Trust me, even if no one says anything, they’re thinking it!

In my time as a Stylist I’ve joked with my customers I consider myself a “Spanxologist”, [shout out to Spanx], but there are many brands that offer support for our booty, midsection and thigh area, that a great deal of women find troublesome when looking to achieve the ideal fit, in their clothing.  There are even support items for men these days, with the strongest focus on that difficult mid-section.

These items can be expensive and require special care for maintenance and cleaning. While these things are true, they’re also worth it. If you wash and dry them utilizing the cleaning instructions making sure your soap and water are gentle and that you’ve dried them properly, you can make them last a very long time.

I’m not sure if I’m convinced those waist cinchers are the best idea. All I can think of are the corsets women use to wear in times past, where their organs were squished and they were known to regularly pass out, in public. Some women swear by them, removing all fat and giving this amazing sexy look. Everyone wants an amazing hour glass figure! I’m so intrigued by this concept but remember, this is a temporary fix and will never substitute, for taking the best care of yourself. Do what feels right for you!

The undergarments I find most impressive right now are the ones which offer excellent support (great fabric), smooth appearance with as few seams as possible and a focused color palette. I think what is the most frustrating is the concept of “nude” and who exactly looks “nude” in it. Don’t let this idea frustrate you. Black and nude seem to be the most useful. White looks nice, but isn’t the most practical. Pink is very pretty, but doesn’t always offer an invisible option under light colored clothing and Red; don’t get me started! Find what will work best for you. The most important part is the support and comfort. The underwear companies are finally moving in the right direction regarding the color “nude” and realizing that we all have a different nude color and I have faith in the positive direction.

I could write a book, on this subject! I started to develop at the age of 8 and have needed proper support, of the pectoral muscle most, of my life. The struggle is real! Good bras are expensive, pretty bras are nice, but do not always offer the best support or value, for the price. A good bra is not where you should skimp and what justifies running not walking, for a good sale. A good bra will help support you breast, for that run I was just mentioning, help preserve the tissue of the bust, your back and can even improve your breathing. The right support can improve your workout, posture and your sweaters. Make sure your wearing one that allows for a perky yet smooth appearance and doesn’t give you spillage. Spills of any type are bad but in a bra are particularly unsightly taking away from our smooth, all important “Put Together” look. Spillage in the front or sides is not attractive, uncomfortable and distracting to your great outfit so try your best to avoid this issue. This is a great place to enlist professional help. I think bra fitters are under utilized genius and should be treated accordingly. Take their sage advice and move forward with enhancing the delicate tissue, of your chest. Again I’ll say, it may not always be pretty, but it should always feel good. Being supported (emotionally and physically) is usually a very good feeling.

I’ve always had a difficult time with hosiery but sometimes you just have to have the option. Use the size guide, on the package as a true guide. If it rolls immediately after you put it on, it’s the wrong size. If you find a color, type and brand that works for you HOLD ON TIGHT (no pun intended) as this isn’t a fleeting romance. Purchase several at a time, if you love them. This is deep committed LOVE. You’ll also need to make a very personal decision about underwear under the pantyhose. Me, personally, I say none, but for some, this is not a comfortable decision. I can respect that, but now you’ve created one more layer, one more opportunity for bulk and one more opportunity for something to bunch, twist and torque. Weigh your options and make the decision that is smart for you.

Remember, your foundation is pretty much your second skin. While it’s never going to have the amazing color, ventilation, strength and stretch as your real skin, it should have the consistency and support needed, as the skin. Look to have the balance between support and comfort of your real skin and you can truly refer into it as your foundation!💜

How Chili Can Save Your Life


What most people seem to believe about chilli peppers is that they are spicy, mouth burning, flavor creators of passion! When you ask, most people say, “it’s just a little spicy red thing”.

It’s pretty obvious chilies are ultimate flavour enhancers. However, most people are unaware that these peppers have amazing, super powered health benefits!

It seems that not only are you able give your food a flavor hit, but it helps you with weight loss. So if you’re keen to “drop a few”, make sure to include chili peppers into your diet plan! This is a good way to boost your metabolism.

According to studies published in Cancer Research (2006), chillies can actually help lower the risk of prostate cancer. This is due to their ability to kill off cancer cells, while causing no harm to others. Another positive outcome is that as a treatment it shows that chili peppers also reduce the growth of cancer cells.

Diabetes. A word most unpleasant! However, have no fear the chilli pepper is here! Thanks to compounds within the pepper, they immensely lower your risk of developing diabetes. Wow that’s so amazing!

Looks like it’s time to man up and eat some more chili. According to random studies, chopped up chilies have the positive health benefits of increasing your immune system’s ability to function. How cool is that? Having some sinus problems? No problem! Get your chilli cayenne pepper out and mix it in with that chicken soup! Instant unblocked nose!

Ever heard of a little vitamin called “Vitamin C”? Of course you have! So has “Chilli”. Did you know that chilli peppers have more than double the amount of vitamin C than a tall glass of good old OJ? In addition, a good amount of vitamins A and B are also found within these little peppers!

A few simple ways to include these little miracle workers into your diet are, blending them into smoothies, having them soak in cooking oil to create chilli oil and to just eat them plain and simple! If you have trouble deciding which chilli is the right one for you. Don’t worry there are heaps to choose from. It’s said that green coloured chillies are not as hot as red and orange ones. Also be sure to keep your eye on the little ones. Yes, they sure are the most hot and furious of them all!

Pasta Machines


Pasta machines have become a common item found in most household kitchens. These device were first invented back in the eighteenth century and can be useful essentials for all kitchens, both private and commercial on a global scale.

Pasta is a detailed, long and exhausting process. It requires you making the dough, then rolling out and cutting it to size. As you can imagine making your own fresh and healthy pasta is a time-consuming exercise and you are guaranteed to never be able to cut your pasta into perfect sizes each and every time. You want your pasta even to make sure that it cooks evenly as well.

With a pasta machine you can mechanically cut the dough, which can save you a considerable amount of time when making fresh pasta. There are different types of machines which you need to take into consideration, but the most common is the roller pasta machine.

The roller pasta machine enables you to run the dough through the rollers, which lengthens and flattens the dough. Once you do your desired thickness, then you can cut the dough based on what you want to make. You can do anything from lasagna sheets to tagliatelle to spaghetti and so much more.

It is important that you are aware that there is more than one type of pasta machine. You can buy electronic or manual. In most homes you find the manual machine. Even though it does need some work, it can still cut your effort and how much time you spend rolling and cutting your dough. With the manual machine you feed the pasta dough through the machine, turning a handle to get the rollers to work, it really is that easy.

When it comes to buying a pasta machine, there are so many important factors to take into consideration. One of your main factors is to find the type of pasta machine you want to buy. Do you want the roller version? Are you looking for a manual option or an electric one? These are things you need to know before you go online and start shopping.

The best place to start your search is online. You will find many companies providing you with a choice of pasta machines. You want to focus on each machine first, identifying the companies that will give you the item that matches your unique requirements whether you are buying for a home or commercial kitchen.

It is important that you take the time to review and compare the companies, you want to ensure you will buy from a reputable company with years of industry knowledge and experience. Take each company and review their website in detail. See the type of products that they sell and whether they manufacture the products themselves.

You will want to type the company name into your search engine and go through the results, looking for honest customer reviews on online forums and independent review sites. You will be amazed how this can help you narrow down your search, leaving you with one or two companies you feel you can work with.

Once you have reviewed each company in detail, then you can compare the pasta machines that they offer, identifying which one is going to best meet your needs and requirements moving forward. Comparing the companies and products will give you the insight you need to make the best decision.

Always check on the company’s delivery times, along with their warranty and returns policy. This can help you buy with complete confidence.

Your Feng Shui Office Setup


Your office is the place where things should get done. Properly coordinating your office furniture can have a positive effect on your productivity. Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system based around harmony with one’s environment. It’s a sophisticated and complex form of physiognomy that has been practiced by the Chinese for over 3,500 years, but don’t be intimidated. There are a few simple things you can do in order to harness your Qi and bring new harmony into your workspace.


There’s no secret to the first step: a fundamental characteristic of any productive workplace is organization. The first thing you need to do is clear away any clutter you accumulated on your desk or elsewhere. In order to maintain a clutter-free lifestyle, consider the following:

– Deal with your paperwork as soon as it arrives. Piled up documents normally make up a good percentage of office furniture clutter.
– Before you leave for the day, make sure your desk is clean and clear, ready for the next morning.
– Identify the tools you use daily and most frequently and keep them within arm’s reach. This will keep you from leaving your desk.

Keeping those three habits is a great step towards the next goal: establishing balance and harmony.

Balance & Harmony

One of the founding theories of feng shui is the concept of Qi, a movable positive or negative life force that flows through the environment. Another is yin and yang, or the polarity between an exerting force and a receiving force. Concurrently, the Five Elements or Forces, which are earth, fire, water, wood and metal, play an important role as well. Contemporary feng shui utilizes these concepts to create an aesthetic balance between your office furniture, decor and interior design. Try to have a representation of each of the five elements in your workspace. For example, bright colors or bold lighting choices can represent fire. Cool colors, an aquarium, glass, or mirrors can all stand for water. Earth, wood, and metal can all be represented in your furnishings. It’s finding a balance between these elements that can be tricky. Additionally, keep in mind the guiding principle of yin and yang when making these decisions. Create contrast between angles and curves, high and low ceilings or windows, soft and hard textures, or through the general color palette. Plants, which can represent both wood and earth, are another great way to inject some life energy into your surroundings.


Feng shui dictates that every object in the room has an influence on you. Harnessing this influence in a beneficial way is the goal. Seat yourself farthest from the entrance, still facing the door, to ensure the most power and influence over the room. Make your workspace a place that you actively enjoy being in and a template for the success you want in life. Surround yourself with images and totems that keep you inspired and creative. Infusing your office with personality will support these ideals in your mind every day.

The Truth About The Ego


I want to introduce you to an old friend of mine, we were best friends for a while, I received guidance and help from this loyal friend. My friend was known as the ego, commonly understood as a persons self-esteem or self-importance.

My ego subtly told me that I was not good enough; that people were not enough and that my career was not enough. It convinced me that living in fear, inferiority and living a mediocre life was right for me. It perceived everything it looked upon in a negative light. The ego is that insistent voice in your head that speaks loudly. It speaks first and it speaks the loudest. It is always finding fault with you and with everyone and everything around you.

The ego sets you up for a failure, giving you a hundred reasons why another person is guilty and why they are wrong. Only to beat you up unendingly for following its advice which it knew all along, was not in your best interests. It wants you to seek love to blow it when we find it. And when things are going well, that’s when it tends to start get involved, attempting to sabotage our plans.

And so it is extremely clever. In fact, it is our own intelligence used against ourselves. It can ruin marriages, relationships, careers and lives until we ask “surely there must be another way?”.

Thankfully there is another way. We are conditioned from birth to look at the world through a limited lens. We look at what is wrong, instead of looking at all of the things that are right. We can achieve a shift in perception and start to focus instead on everything in our lives that is working, therefore attracting more of the same.

Like me you might have had two friends. One that is there to help you and one that isn’t. One is a quieter voice that won’t compete with the ego, it will wait in the background until we are ready to speak directly to it, asking for guidance. This small still voice can guide us with feelings, a newspaper article, something a friend says or song lyrics on the radio. It knows what is best for us and can see the bigger picture and it doesn’t attempt to hurt us or anyone around us in the process. The way to speak to the quiet voice is thorough prayer and meditation.

Good and Faithful


“Well done good and faithful servant… ” these are the words that every believer wants to hear from the Master when He returns and we give an account of what we have done with what He has given us. In the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25, we read of a master who gives instructions to his servants before departing on a long journey:

“For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey.” Matthew 25:14-15

A talent was a weight, or a sum of money, but it is appropriate to see this talent as a resource in a person’s life (time, money, ability, authority). The story goes on to reveal that the first two servants felt the responsibility of their assignment and went to work without delay. They used what had been entrusted to them, and gave the master a return on his investment. We read of the 3rd servant that he was afraid and went and hid the talent entrusted to him in the ground. At the very least, he did not lose what was entrusted to him, but he only gave his master “what was his” and no more.

We discover that each servant did give an account of what he had done in his master’s absence…

“So he who had received five talents came and brought five other talents, saying, ‘Lord, you delivered to me five talents; look, I have gained five more talents besides them.’… He also who had received two talents came and said, ‘Lord, you delivered to me two talents; look, I have gained two more talents besides them.’

It is good to note that both servants received the same reward, even though they were given different measures, or weights, of responsibility. They both heard equally:

Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’

Note also that each servant gave an account individually. As a group they would have done well – 8 talents given, 15 returned; however, each ONE gave his own personal account before his master.

“Remember, my hearer, that in the day of judgment thy account must be personal; God will not ask you what your church did – he will ask you what you did yourself.” (Spurgeon)

Much to the third servant’s surprise, he was not commended for returning to the master what belonged to him. He seemed to believe – because his master was so powerful – that he didn’t need his help. With boldness and perhaps even pride he says to the master, “Look, there you have what is yours.” He seemed to have no idea that his master expected a return on his investment – at least some interest!

As we finish out the parable we see that the third servant was deemed to be “wicked & lazy,” or unprofitable & unproductive. He received no reward from his master, but rather what little he did have was taken away. His fears and assumptions were no valid excuse. He was afraid but his fear was misplaced – He should have feared God rather than fearing risk or failure.

Every time I read this passage it is sobering to me. We don’t have the luxury of not using what God put in our hands. We all want to hear, “Well done.” We all want to hear, “Good and faithful,” when the Lord is addressing us, but we often let our own fears and assumptions about God’s greatness and our “smallness” deter us from fully developing in the gifts and graces He has entrusted to us. Saying, “I was afraid,” is not a valid excuse! Fearing risk or failure rather than God will only lead us into being unprofitable and unproductive, but we are called to live lives that bear much fruit!

Listen, the qualities God is looking for are goodness & faithfulness. He didn’t say, “Well done thou mighty and anointed man of God.” Nor did he say, “Well done thou popular and well recognized Christian celebrity.” No, no – He is looking for faithfulness. He simply wants us to do something to serve Him with what He has given us. It might be serving in your church, raising up children in the spirit of faith, running a profitable business that advances His kingdom, or painting, dancing or performing for His glory. Whether He has given you 1 talent, 2 or 5 – give Him a return on His investment! Bear fruit with what seed He has given you!

In a very unfaithful world, God sees and recognizes and rewards FAITHFULNESS! What is the weight or measure He has entrusted to you? USE IT for His glory, and live excited for the day when you get to stand before Him and hear, “Well done.”

New Positive Thoughts = New Opportunities


“There’s nothing that “thinking new thoughts” can’t solve, make happen, or improve. Wow, sent that one just in time, huh? – The Universe”

So kick into high gear and start thinking new and improved positive thoughts. Don’t be afraid of your own dreams, it’s allowed to think big. Many will say to focus on the small things and forget the big dreams because nothing will ever get accomplished if it’s too difficult to reach these goals. These are the naysayers, they are afraid that you WILL reach these big unreachable dreams. Who are they to control how you think, how you dream and how motivated you are to get to where you want to be? You make that decision so just go for what you believe. Do not delay anything. There will be never a perfect moment for anything. Just take that leap of faith and get yourself moving.

Just look at all the great scientists, inventors, artists who pursued their dreams and made them happen. Thomas Edison with the light bulb, Alex Bell with the telephone and the many others who did what they felt was required to make peoples lives a bit easier. I am sure that if these two mentioned above didn’t pursue their dreams, maybe someone else would have. I am not saying that we wouldn’t have the light bulb, or no telephone if it wasn’t for these two. Someone else would have probably the same dreams and it would depend on them to reach their destination. Edison tried 1000 times to make his light bulb work, and at the 1001 one time, it did.

There will NEVER be success after the first try, but it is your mind that will push forward to the second try, and the third and the thousands of try that might be needed to make it work. Believe in yourself, believe in your product that it will work. Never be afraid, never hesitate, and always be willing to change. Never let insanity kick in by trying the same things over again and expecting different ending results. You need to allow yourself the time and effort and determination to make things work. By changing your thoughts, you can change yourself. New thoughts will open doors to opportunities, and you might change path along the way but at the end, your focus would be the same. Never let go of your dreams, of your passion, of your desire to succeed. Remember that success is not determined by your material assets, but what you did along the way to help others grow and become better people.

The Mind of a Champion


What does it take to be a champion, an indisputable winner; what makes them different? You may imagine its extraordinary talent, and sometimes it is, but the reality is extraordinary talent is a rarity. It takes something beyond average and far more than mediocrity to be a champion. It takes perseverance; perseverance always prevails.

This phenomenon requires an attitude that refuses to accept defeat. Champions always get back up, no matter how long or hard the fall. Quitting, giving up or in and letting go are never a consideration in the mind of a champion. They understand that in life you will find a way or find an excuse. Champions never own a ‘loser’s limp’ bag, they offer no excuses because they fail to recognize a loss. Champions understand that a perceived failure is a mere testing of faith; they will reach the goal. They carry the illusion of defeat straight to the next win.

Champions understand that in life one cannot be poor who has less, only those who desire more. They rarely bother to assess or compare their talent; their attention is focused squarely on achieving the goal. They don’t need a handicap when tallying their score, understanding that handicaps exist only in the mind. You can’t accept the things you can’t see. Champions know that ‘the me is see is the me I will be.’ They are careful to see what they want to be and not what others think they are or can become.

Who are the champions? They are all around you. It may be difficult to recognize them because you don’t know understand their goals. The best way to identify them is in their refusal to give up or give in. Look for the ones who seem to be extremely tested yet refuse to give up. Champions always exhibit persistence; a determination to succeed, they persevere no matter the difficulty. The one who refuses to give up always prevails.

While it may seem that champions are called upon to let go of a lot, they understand that real security lies not in what they have but in what they can do without. In the end is it always worth it to them because they never gave up and never gave in; they simply refused to accept defeat. That’s how they became a champion; this is the mind of a champion.

If you want to join this elite group you must get inside the mind of a champion and think like them. Persist, persevere and prevail. There is a raging fire within champions that propels them to press on, press on, press on.

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