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Meet Ashley Griffin – CEO, Yah Roots Official



  • What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?

I moved around a lot growing up.  I was born in Baltimore, MD but my mother moved us to Wilmington, NC when I was 4.  I lived there all the way through my later teenage years then BOOM, my senior year of high school my family left Wilmington and moved back north to Baltimore.  Imagine relocating as a senior, it was not fun leaving all my childhood friends.  I went to 3 different High schools, however, I was able to make new friends at all of them.  My family is spread out on the east coast so I don’t get to see them often, but when we come together it’s always a lot of dancing, karaoke, and laughter!

  •  How old were you when you knew this is your calling?

As early as 10 I begin to be conscious about hair care and would do my own hair for school.  My hair is curly, so I remember going to hair stores to find hair products that I thought were “good” for my hair, at 10!  By 12, I began to make my own hair serums by mixing oils that my grandmother had and would “deep condition” my hair once a week.  I didn’t think anything about what I was doing at that time until I had my 2 children, I noticed that hair care is my passion.  I gave my son dreadlocks and would make my own twist cream, and I would make deep conditioners for my daughter’s hair from natural and organic ingredients.  As my knowledge for hair care grew, people would come to me for hair care tips, and wanted to know what I was using on my family’s hair.  This is when I knew I wanted to share hair products with the world.

  • How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and sometimes unscrupulous industry, as a business at times can be cutthroat?

I believe that if you stick to your passion and maintain your values and morals then you can face anything that comes your way.  Never lose sight of what your drive is.  There are thousands of hair products out, but I don’t look at them as competition.  I focus on my own brand and knowledge of hair care, so, as long as I am providing the best hair products for my customers, I am happy.  I interact with my customers and I allow them to provide authentic reviews, I feature real everyday people on the Instagram business page @YAHROOTS_OFFICIAL, that’s what drives me to stay focused on my brand.   

  • What advice do you have for others who have the dream?

My number one advice is to invest in yourself!  Invest not only money but time into your goal.  Read, study, and educate yourself on what it is that you trying to accomplish.  Knowledge is power, and with knowledge, you can do anything you put your mind to do.  Second advice, do not be cheap with yourself, if you need a machine that cost $400 that will benefit you, GET IT THAT 400$ machine!  It will all pay off.  

  • What are some of the things you do to wind down and relax after grueling events and preparations for them?

I love music, so when I want to wind down I may play some smooth r&b or smooth Jazz music, it puts me in calming headspace.  Of course, a nice glass of wine is always good to “wine-down”

  • What is your definition of peace? What is your definition of success?

My definition of peace is the space that I call home, and the people I surround myself with.  I do a lot of work from home, so I like to invest in furniture and live plants and flowers, it makes me feel happy and peaceful.  I am very big on good energy from others, so I keep my few close friends around to spread good vibes also. 

Success to me is seeing your dreams become your reality.  Whether big or small, its so amazing to see your hard work and dedication pay off.  It’s not about money it’s about your accomplishments and that priceless feeling of “I DID THAT!”.

  • What is the one thing you want people to remember most about you and your work?

I want people to know that YAH Roots Official is what I prayed for, this is my gift from The Highest and I give all credit to God.  I promote a love of ethnic natural hair of all types.  It is my passion to provide the best products for natural hair.  Every ingredient used in YAH Roots is exclusively chosen by me and beneficial for all hair types.  I like to say its “Made with Love”.

  • What type of legacy do you wish to leave? 

We live in a world that it’s not appealing to love our ethnic hair.  Afros, tight curly hair, thick hair, wavy hair, thin hair, whatever your authentic hair maybe, we hide it with perms, weaves, and wigs.  I want people to know that our ethnic hair is beautiful and there are amazing organic and natural ingredients that God has put on earth for us to maintain and love our hair.  My legacy is to promote knowledge on hair care and beard care and to regain the love for our own natural hair.  YAH Roots is the face of bringing natural hair back in style.    

  • If there’s one thing you could change about your past, what would it be? 

This is a great question; my answer is very simple.  I would not change anything about my past.  My past experiences and tribulations are what make me who I am today.  I am at a good place in my life and I wouldn’t be where I am if I had not gone through life as God planned me too.  As I always say, “Turn your L’s into lessons”

  • If there is one thing you could change about the world what would it be? 

I would love for Black, Native Americas, and Latino cultures to have more opportunities and resources to become business owners. 

  • What advice do you have for the young ladies (teens to young adult age) who are growing up in today’s world with so much influence in music that is not always supportive of their best interests? What advice would you give young men? 

Ladies, I know how easy it is to be on social media and see other people “living their best life” I want you to know that its only entertainment and only believe half of what you see online.  Move at your own pace in life, set your own goals, and do not compare another person’s lifestyle to yours.  Remember you write your own book with your own story, be yourself always.

Men, you play such an important role in this world.  I know there is a lot of influence in our music culture that does not encourage healthy relationships or respect for women and promotes violence.  I encourage you to keep the entertainment separate from your actual goals in life.  Know that it IS cool to be a good guy, and it IS cool to want a healthy relationship with a woman, and it IS cool not to condone in violence.  We need our men.  

  • Are you single? 

Yes, I am single.  Might not be for too much longer though lol  

  • In your opinion why are relationships failing today and if you could remedy them, what would you do?

In my opinion, relationships lack communication and it causes long term issues between you and your partner.   I would say be open to expressing your feelings respectfully to your partner giving the chance to talk things out early on before situations become more complicated.

  • What are you looking for/from a relationship?

I am looking for a spiritual connection with someone.  Someone that will be on the same accord as far as our values, morals, and beliefs.  If we are grounded in The Most High we can get through anything in life. 

Who do you admire most and why?  

I admire my mother Valerie, my father Desmond, and my grandmother Shirley.  These three have been so influential in my life and taught me to never settle.  They are hard workers, true hustlers, and dreamers.  I gained a lot of my hustle and ambition from them.  I am forever grateful to have learned from them.


Ashley Griffin is the creator and founder of YAH Roots Official Hair and Skincare.  Since a child, Ashley has grown a true passion for encouraging women and men to love their authentic ethnic hair.  She loves creating tutorial videos providing knowledge on healthy hair and beard maintenance.  People regularly come to her for hair tips and want to know what she uses in her hair.  This inspired her to create YAH Roots Official for the world.  Ashley’s love of math led her to pursue an education in finance and science, which helped her to become her own formulator for YAH Roots Official; making her own products in a personal lab.  Ashley gained years of extensive research on ingredients and formulating before releasing YAH Roots Official to the world in May 2020.  With a steadily growing amount of positive reviews, she has been able to stay connected with customers providing more than just her products.  Ashley’s goal is to influence people to embrace and care for their natural hair. 

Along with being a full-time entrepreneur, Ashley is also a full-time employee for an Insurance company and single mother of two amazingly intelligent children Jayden and Nyla. When asked how she handles all these responsibilities her answer is simple, “Balance”.  Though her busy schedule, Ashley enjoys making time for her family and herself. She loves planning weekend trips just to get away and enjoy her “me time,” as well as frequently taking road trips with her family to exploring new places.  Outside of traveling, two of her favorite things to do is trying new foods and furniture shopping.  Ashley is a true hustler and goal-getter, giving all credit to God first in everything. 

Demetrius G. Rainer-Advocate/Speaker/Columnist


Demetrius G. Rainer-Advocate | Speaker | Columnist

Demetrius G. Rainer, JD is a former Federal and State Criminal Defense Attorney that has been on both sides of the aisles in the courtroom, on one side defending citizens that had been charged with a crime and on the other as a defendant fighting for her life.
“Dee” as she is affectionately known, is an outspoken Criminal Justice Reform Advocate that focuses on collateral consequences of conviction and how they are hurdles to successful re-entry for returning citizens. Due to her being impacted by collateral consequences of conviction, Dee became Founder and Executive Director of My Meta Re-Entry Services.

Demetrius G. Rainer
Demetrius G. Rainer

Demetrius G. Rainer mission is to remove barriers for returning citizens, reduce recidivism, increase public safety and spur economic growth, by providing resources, information, wrap around services, advocacy and case management to returning citizens for successful reintegration.
Dee is an Executive Board Member for Scotland County Re-entry Council; 2019 Faces of Women Imprisoned Inaugural Co-short Member; Criminal Justice Reform Columnist for Hustle Mama Magazine; Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Renew Life Group, LAC an Outpatient Mental Health Center for Adolescents and Adults;

Dee’s life mission is to see that states repeal all collateral consequences of conviction so that “Time Served” really means “Time Served.”


Demetrius G. Rainer, JD is Wanting to Have the Say So and Last Word…


oh and…On a Mission to Ensure that the Letter of the Law is to the Letter and that their Words Mean Exactly What They Say

HMAG: What was life growing up like for you?
Demetrius G. Rainer: Life growing up for me was easy. I have two older siblings, a brother and a half-brother. Both my parents were teenagers when I was born, and I am sure they had their struggles but me and my brother didn’t suffer. My mom spoiled all of us, including my dad. My dad made sure we were well provided for and disciplined us when necessary. My dad’s only requirement was for me and my brothers to go to school, study hard and make good grades. My parents just celebrated 50 years of marriage.

HMAG: When did you realize what you wanted to do with your life?
Demetrius G. Rainer: I knew early that I wanted to be a lawyer. Maybe by the age of ten. I was drawn to legal shows on TV. I was always opinionated, inquisitive and had to have the last word.
HMAG: Were you a dreamer in your younger years?

Demetrius G. Rainer: Yes, I was a dreamer when I was growing up. I still am. I dreamed about being Diana Ross!! I Loved Her. I can’t tell you how many times growing up I watched Mahogany and Lady Sing the Blues. I also wanted to marry Billy D. Williams.

HMAG: What did you want most to be from those dreams? Is it what you are doing today?
Demetrius G. Rainer: As I stated earlier, I knew early that I wanted a career in the legal profession. So, I went to law school and began practicing law. As for my profession now, being the Founder of My Meta Re-Entry Services, (will be up and running soon) and being a Criminal Justice Reform Advocate, I was thrust into this role due to my being adversely affected by the Criminal Justice System. For almost a decade, I was a Federal and State Criminal Defense Lawyer. I also practiced Real Estate Law. However, after making some unwise decisions in my law practice, I was ultimately disbarred and charged with Money Laundering and Mortgage Fraud. I was sentenced to 36 months in prison and ultimately served 1 yr and tens days. I went from a successful up and coming defense and real estate lawyer to a defendant. I thought I would die. However, through this adversity, I had to reinvent myself. I had to think outside the box and do something different.

I became a Criminal Justice Reform Advocate more specifically focusing on Re-Entry services and collateral consequences of convictions because I have been adversely impacted by this system and collateral consequences of my conviction continue to hinder me, long after my release from imprisonment.

HMAG: What makes you do what you do?
Demetrius G. Rainer: What makes me do what I do, is because of my own personal experience and the experience of others that have been negatively impacted by the criminal justice system.


HMAG: What do you hope for your legacy?
DGR: As for my legacy, I would like to change the Game in the arena that I am in. I would like to work effectively to change laws in the criminal justice reform arena. I want to be a trailblazer in the game. So, when you hear my name it will be synonymous with changing laws and getting things done in criminal justice reform.

HMAG: If you were able, what would you change about the world we live in?
DGR: If I could change one thing in this Nation, I would like to see this Nation become a Nation of second chances where time served really means time served.

“I would like to be remembered most as a servant. I live to serve others…I serve with a Servant’s Heart. I am guided by God and I ask God daily to guide me and allow me to be a blessing to others.”
Dee Rainer

HMAG: Who were some of your life influences?
DGR: Nelson Mandela. Why: This is a man that was sentenced to life imprisonment ultimately served 27 years in prison in a country that wanted his soul, his spirit, his mind and body, a country that wanted him dead…And within 4 years of his released he became the 1st democratically elected President of that Country!!! That is remarkable. He had an indomitable spirit, the will to press on and persevere. How can’t you admire a person like that?

White Shirts and White Blouses


White Shirts and White Blouses

White shirts and white blouses are the cornerstone, of my wardrobe. In fact, I believe they should be the cornerstone of everyone’s wardrobe. Just like a White T-Shirt or Black Turtleneck they’re clean and focused, yet have an amazing opportunity for interpretation and diversity.

The White Shirts and White Blouses can display poise, femininity, strength, professionalism and an official stance, in many eyes. It’s a basic beginner piece and finishing touch, all at the same time.

Just like the Little Black Dress, white blouses and white shirts are an essential item in anyone’s wardrobe.  Yet unlike the black dress, it’s appropriate for a picnic, disco, date night, carnival, interview, black tie event and even a funeral. It goes with jeans, a classic pair of pants in ANY COLOR, a skirt and even as an under pinning with vest, jackets, overalls or the right Little Black Dress.

If you haven’t been hip to this idea, I hope you’ll allow me the opportunity to change you mind.


It’s not all “Happy Go Lucky” with your white blouse. While there will be so many opportunities for you to wear it, there are so many obstacles out to get you.


a good stain fighting pen on hand is always helpful. Try to remain mindful so you don’t need the pen, but mistakes happen, so arm yourself accordingly!


Another form of stain, blue jeans, black leather and colored napkins can be out to get your white shirt. I find the best thing to do is just take a zen approach and know it may happen then be prepared to show your top some love afterwards.


I always find it best to follow the cleaning instructions in any garment, but with white blouses and white shirts, we tend to panic. Spot cleaning is good (for stains) followed by regular cleaning as follow up.


It’s just the way it is. Your white top will start to yellow, because of age, oxidation and chemical cleaning products, this is unavoidable.  Yellow happens very slowly and sometimes unnoticeable until you’re in a situation with a brand new white shirt; it’s like the tissue test for white teeth! Now you have a decision to make, ignore it (keep) or invest in a new shirt (toss).


Now that we’ve gotten all the details out of the way, I urge you to make good investments, in this product. I’m my opinion, you can’t have too many. You can have so many types, fabrics and styles of white shirts, it’s mind boggling. Take this basic item and prepare to make it anything but basic. Think of different necklaces, pins, scarves you can wear with your white shirts and white blouses and experiment. You can essentially wear a different one everyday and make a statement .


Now, this is a subject I’ve mentioned before, but it bares repeating for this important garment; it must fit well. If the blouse is too tight in the shoulders, squeezes your back, is too tight in the armholes or so oversized you feel swallowed, it’s not right. Make sure your top fits your body well. You should look and feel comfortable remember the fact that white highlights too many imperfections, to explain away.  Make sure it looks good across the bust and back and while oversized can be, fun make sure it looks like it was on purpose with the correct look in your bottom and accessories.


WEAR IT: tucked in with a pin at the neck or collar
WEAR IT: untucked with a belt, scarf and skirt
WEAR IT: sleeves rolled up unbuttoned with another top underneath such as a lace tank or stripped top and jeans
WEAR IT: tucked with a large statement necklace and finish off with a classic pant or skirt
WEAR IT: completely clean no jewelry and an extravagant bottom, so the top is your support piece(Co-Star of the show)
WEAR IT: tied at the wait with a long flowy satin or sequins skirt.

Imagine these ideas with your basic white blouse/shirt, but then start to think how far you can go with a more elaborate top; one which is pleated, with an unusual neckline, such as a mandarin collar or bow, enormous sleeves or a grand bib detail. You’re white blouse can also be made of linen, lace, chiffon, knit or a mixture of several fabrics and details. You can even start to design your own blouse, by being creative with ties, ribbons, scissors, safety pins and/or trinkets; with these items you can be as basic or ornate as you wish!

It’s YOUR white blouse, make it express your unique style!♥️

Every Day is Different


Every Day is Different

Sometimes you’re having a wonderful morning; the sun is shinning everything goes easy, your clothes look great and you are out the door with ease. Other days your alarm didn’t go off, your having a hard time getting that hair together and you just can’t figure out WHAT TO WEAR!Every Day is Different and a strong and solid wardrobe with proper options and big enthusiasm can help make this portion easier. Let me offer some help.


I am a VERY firm believer of a healthy wardrobe, meaning some clothes being stuck, in the dry cleaners or any event that pops up at the last minute doesn’t cause a complete melt down.  We recently had articles regarding “The Importance of Basics” and how “Accessories” can increase your wardrobe options. These concepts never go out of style and will keep you from be caught off guard, in any situation. Basic pieces in your wardrobe such as a clean white shirt or a favorite pair of grey pants, which can be paired back to items, in the closet or a great statement necklace can make all the difference in your morning, rain or shine, up easy or a hard time getting out the door.
Also, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; why wait until that morning to pull it together?  Laying your clothing out the night before make life so much easier!  Organizing your top, bottom, shoes and accessory is a time saver, less stress and lets you focus or more fun ideas. Maybe you can use your extra time to some experiment with hair and makeup.


While I love new clothing, I also love having items that can be pulled out of the closet, properly accessorized and go. With this in mind, think of your wardrobe as part of a functional concept meaning, hair, shoes, nails, handbags and even the right attitude can help you get it together.

Make sure you have several accessories ideas for each outfit/dress. Make it your business to have a couple of necklaces, bracelets, shoes and/or hairstyles for one outfit. This process will help you remain prepared, not only does it help you organize it helps you think, in a way that offers the opportunity for future outfits and the best “Put Together” possible.


We’ve become a society full of picture takers. I can’t speak for others but most of the pictures in my phone will never be published or posted. These are the pictures I use to remember details of places and things; so why can’t you use the same exercise, on your clothing? You can photograph items, on the bed or floor adding in jewelry, belts, shoes or put them on and take pictures. Create your own catalog, which can offer a opportunity to refer to when your feeling “not” as motivated, going on

a business trip, out on a date or attending a wedding, meeting someone you want to impress, trying out a new color/silhouette or need to feel sexy.


The more effort you can put in upfront the more you create a window of opportunity that can be pulled together quickly and with confidence. How great is it to know exactly how that blouse will look with those pants instead of “Gee, I hope that will look good together.”

Preparing removes doubt, builds confidence and allows for less effort when it’s time to wear the outfit (e.g.-I realized the long black beaded necklace looks better with that top than the short pearls.)

“Wow, she always looked great.” and “She’s always so pulled together!” is just what everyone can say about YOU, when you display the right intent and focus in your wardrobe. It’s all  in your effort and visual goal.  By utilizing the ideas I’ve mentioned, use social media to offer you inspiration, excitement and realize while everyday is different there is no reason you can’t maintain your same cynosure. You hold the power to make everyday work, for you.


Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

taking accountability

Too many times, we find ourselves apologizing for things, and for what, half of the times we do not even know. Not just because it seems right, but also our conscious and inner being doesn’t want the stress from arguing to prove a point.

Today’s society seemed to have stopped taking accountability for their actions, and instead of owning their faults, they find a guinea pig and a way around being guilty of an activity that they partook in.

I, too, am guilty of the same. My spirit is so big, and my heart is so loving that I also tend to apologize quickly. To a point, I think the reason I apologize is in part because of my upbringing, whether it is something as far as not returning a call, answering a call, and keeping an appointment. One thing everyone knows “I Am A Woman Of My Word!” I do not say it unless I mean it. I do not accuse unless I have facts. I do not make an appointment unless I am sure it fits into my schedule. Yes, I, too, believe in “Fake It Until You Make It,” but I also am a firm believer that if you have nothing in life, you should at least have your word!

I wrote this piece to say to all those quick apologetic people who tend to apologize for being too kind; for being too good-hearted; for being a person guilty of giving the benefit of the doubt – don’t be sorry. Today, I want you to be Unapologetically. You! The beautiful spirit that God created. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same morals and way of thinking, but there is no need to apologize for everything. Yes, pick your battles and act accordingly, but there is no longer a need to apologize for being you.

There is truth in owning your faults and taking accountability for your actions and sometimes apologizing and meeting the other person in the middle, but you should not find yourself apologizing for everything you do. God created each of us differently for a reason. Yes, we can learn from others, and in no shape or form am I suggesting that you should change because of other people’s actions. I am merely saying, “Be You!” If today you choose not to apologize and that person decides that you are wrong for not doing so, although they know in their heart and spirit you are right, let them go. God does not remove people because He knows they are right; He removes them because He knows they are wrong. God knows your heart, and indeed, that is all that matters. Sometimes we have to allow people to lose us to see their wrongdoings. Sometimes we have to walk away to lessen the burden of the load we carry for others. Sometimes we have to be the one who says, “I Am Not Apologizing, Because I Did Nothing Wrong.”

Wedding Photo Vibes


It’s Here! The Day Most Women Dream Of! Your wedding day is easily one of the most photographed days of your life. Traditionally, most people hire one photographer, because the great photos are usually of the bride. Honestly, if your photographer is good, he or she will know to schedule accordingly, so that you can capture those memorable moments of both the groom and bride. Yes!


It is important to catch those moments before the bride, but I think it is equally important to capture those memorable moments with the groom and his guys as well. Your photographer will likely have thousands of candids of the two of you as you tie the knot, cut the cake, and dance the night away. But before you walk down the aisle and hear the first click of the shutter, it’s a good idea to have a consultation with your photographer to ensure that every pose you want to be included will be there—because, after all, you only have one shot at your wedding day.

Here are 16 poses you’ll want to photograph for your wedding:

1.   Getting Make-Up Done:   Every moment before “I Do” is essential, and catching you getting glammed up is important too.

2.   Putting On Your Dress:    This is true when the magic begins. If you are lucky enough to have your mother present, this is true when the tears start to flow.

3.   The Men Sharing A Laugh:   As they sit around waiting, reminiscing and joking before they start to get dressed.

4.   Time To Get Suited Up:   All women want to see those special shots of them getting dressed, but they also secretly want to see how their groom looked, so it is also important to get pictures of the guys getting dressed.

5.   Putting Your Veil On All queens wear a crown, so it is fitting to get that right shot of you putting on your veil, as you prepare to go from Miss to Mrs.

6.   Let’s Toast To That:  It is essential to capture the shots of the bride and her ladies having a glass of champagne and saying a prayer, as well as the groom and his men, taking a shot of whiskey and a few puffs from a cigar.

7.   Bridal Portrait:  Time to take some candid moment of the future Mrs.

8.   Wedding Party Photos:   Let’s have some jokes, silly photos, and classic memories with the special people you chose to be a part of your special day.

9.   The First Look:  I am not a fan of the first look unless it is still a hidden moment, where we can capture the picture of both of us standing on opposite sides of the door. Most people like it, because it gives them a moment together, away from the crowd, and a moment to get most emotions out.

10.   The First Walk:   After you have said the I Do’s, he has kissed his bride and the nerves have settled, have the photographer take a picture
of you two from behind…. the new couple taking their first walk.

11.   Best Man/Maid of Honor Toast:   This moment is not just for photos, but it is vital to get this on videotape. If you did not hire a videographer, then hope someone videotapes it. Childhood stories, many jokes, and so much more.

12. The First Dance: This moment is so beautiful, between the shared looks, the smiles, the kiss, and the hold, so much sentiment is shared between the newly married couple. At this moment, no one else is in the room but them, well so it seems when you look at the happy couple.

13. You and Mom:  Mothers hold their babies safe through their life, but these photos show how proud they are of the man and woman their child has become and how happy they are of the person they chose to share their life with.

14. Cutting the Cake:  Make sure the photographer takes a few pictures of the cake before the couple stands beside it; a few with the couple and of course, a few when they feed each other.

15.   Throwing the Bouquet:   From the throwing of the bouquet to the removal and catching of the garter. The inner stripper seems to come out of the groom when it’s his time. 16.   Thank You From Bride & Groom:   As they stand to give their final thank you, and they share a few kisses. No better way to end the day, but with some more candid pictures of the newly married couple.

The Creative Mind

Mental health for women vector

Creative Mind

We have all heard stories and witnessed the unraveling of creative people living wild, uncontrollable lives of madness, being genius, and yet still selfish with the thoughts that go on inside their heads. The ‘artistic temperament’ has now entered the cultural mainstream. While their work may be admired, creative people are sometimes dismissed as non-recognizable and non-relatable. In some circles, the term “creative” is tinged with contempt. That is far from real. A creative mind is sometimes misunderstood as anti-social and weird, but a person living with a creative mind seems to have the most fun.

The upside to having a creative mind is that you are always entertained because most times, your brain never sleeps and is also active with thoughts and ideas. When you have a creative mind, your wheels are still turning. You never get a rest from the commotion inside of your mind. Unlike most people, who work a nine to five job, you are unable to stop thinking about work once your head hits the pillow at night. You are inspired to create at odd hours. You wake up in the middle of the night with ideas on your mind. You do not get well-needed breaks during holidays and birthdays. You work through celebrations. Even if you have stepped away from your pencil or paintbrush to spend time with your loved ones, your mind is elsewhere. You are never fully present because you are always thinking, always planning. To me, the best part is being visual with conversations. I still have my coworkers dying with laughter, because we could have a chat or a joke, and within seconds, I respond via email with the visual aspect to that conversation and joke. They are always amazed at how I came up with that so quick or so precise. In my head, there is never a dull moment.

Now, the downside to a creative mind is that sometimes you may tend to think deeper into things, analyze more than usual and/or you are never satisfied with a project, until it comes across just right, wherein you give the person reading and/or watching, the feel of being in the shoes of the creative mind. When you have a creative mind, you are never satisfied. You never think you are doing enough. You push yourself towards the brink of exhaustion. You criticize yourself even when you are trying your hardest. You could get a million compliments on your work and will ignore them to dwell on the one negative comment. Yes, the creative mind is always striving for better.

As for me, my creative mind has taken me many places. I can travel the world and never get on a plane. My creativity started me out and has continued with my love of the arts, writing, and dancing. Still, I sometimes tend to think that I missed my calling and probably should have been in marketing, which was what I majored in high school, but had so many jobs, that I diverted away from it. Life teaches us lessons, and although I may not have followed my dreams of being a dancer and marketing, I still have had the opportunity to do so. With regards to dancing, the many years that I took, I can now teach a young woman or man the skills of perfecting the art of dancing and give criticism and compliment from the director’s eye. With marketing, I can entertain those around me with my visual aspects of the conversation, and I have been blessed to land the opportunity to write for this great magazine and contribute monthly to the meat of the meal when preparing the magazine’s content. I also self-teach myself in whatever field or hobby that I take on, and I am proud to say that I use my many skills to help others.


As the excellent quote says, “Pay It Forward.” I truly believe God has not blessed me with so many great stories, opportunities, and skills to keep it to myself. He is using me to teach and to empower, and I welcome every old and new face that I encounter. No complaints here, I love it! To those of you raising children, never stop them from their life interest, allow them to explore. You will be amazed at what their inner creative mind is thinking. Give them that white sheet or blank canvas and will enable them to paint their picture.

Author Barbie Scott


Author Barbie Scott

A “Hood Romance Author” is how she likes to be described. Hustle Mama Magazine introduces to you, Barbie Scott. A California based writer who is using her God-given talents to the fullest.

Get to Know Barbie Scott

Barbie Scott
Barbie Scott

Growing up in a Trap has been bittersweet for this young author. However, it was a life lesson. Overcoming her suspenseful life in a gang, Barbie Scott has taken a more positive turn. “Barbie Scott, you have been through so much you need to write a book!” Those are the words Barbie normally from people that knew her stories (or better known these days as her truth). In 2016, Barbie was introduced to the ‘Authors Game.’ Adjusting her crown, The Queen began to write a very anticipating book series entitled ‘Trap Girl’ that reflects on her own life. The self-published author has written over 30 novels in such a short time and has over 20 published on Amazon. She has also sold thousands of copies street-wide from the trunk of her car. Her motto is “From Bricks 2 Books,” and she’s blessed to say she has made it this far and has become so passionate about her craft. Now stepping into film, she recently shot a sizzle for “Trap Girl,” in hopes of being picked up as a television series. The book game is no more accessible than the rap game and the TV/movie industry. It starts with a manuscript, but the hard work comes with creativity and drives to make these publishers recognize your skill.

“Street Chic With A Vision!”

HMM:   Tell us a little about your most recent book? What is the title, and what and who inspired you for this story line?

BS:   My most recent book is titled “A Boss Got Me In My Feelings, But A Savage Got My Heart” It’s a story about a girl who’s abandoned by her mother and went from foster home to jail. When she was released, she meets a young guy who takes her in. This guy is cocky, a true savage but lovable. Anyhow! He takes her in and provides for her. He has dreams of becoming a rapper, but he’s so consumed with his mother’s drug addiction he puts his life on hold. After some time, the girl “Lyric” becomes a stylist and lands a gig for a major producer. She sleeps with the producer to get Royal Kane a deal but then regrets it. I don’t want to give up any more of the book, loll. The story is inspired by life experiences as far as how people let fame change them. That’s what happens in this book with money and fame – Royal changes.

HMM:    Are you independently published? Yes? No? If no, please advise who are you published by?
BS: Yes, I am both. Miss Shan publishes me at Shan Presents, and I am also an independent author as well. I believe in the great words by Malcolm X, “By Any Means Necessary!”

HMM:   Where were you born, and where do you currently live?
BS:   I was born in the heart of Los Angeles, California (South Central). I currently live in Los Angeles, California. Although American born, the majority of my family is from Cuba.

HMM:     What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?
BS:    Life growing up was rough only because of the violence I had to escape. Other than that, I had a crazy but dope family. My grandmother is a full-blooded Cuban, so we spoke Spanish around my home. Spanish was the first language I learned. My family is very close. At a very young age, I was caught up in a gang, and I was also raised in the Trap. Nothing to be proud of, but I’m proud of my accomplishments. I did not let my past life deter me from becoming a positive role model.

“From Bricks to Books!”

HMM:    How old were you when you knew this was your calling and what you were possibly going to do for the rest of your life?
BS:   When I was in junior high, I always wrote poems. I didn’t expect to become a writer professionally. About the age of 24, I picked up a pen and began writing my first book. Everyone that knew me always encouraged it. So finally, I gave it a shot. At the time I was an avid reader, I knew what would excite readers. When I got to about chapter 7, I tossed it to the side. Years later I picked it back up, only this time I used a laptop. I completed it. I got discouraged due to editing issues, and I almost quit (again). One of my friends checked the hell out of me and said: “You better write something else, but you better not give up!” So, I started writing “Trap Girl,” which is my best and favorite book written. I found another editor, and since then, I have not stopped.

HMM:   Are you involved with any workshops, and as an author, how do you help others accomplish their dreams, and what advice do you have for new upcoming aspired writers?
BS:   I’m not in any workshops or anything, but I do consultations via Facebook or Instagram. I want to tell any writer that’s up and coming never to give up. Make every story you write, whether its fiction or real, as realistic as possible. The goal is to capture your readers and make them feel like they are in the character’s shoes. Another thing, especially for male authors, no matter what, there should always be some love story in your novel. Remember, women are your biggest supporters, and women love a damn good love story. I am speaking as an author, a reader, and, most importantly, a woman.

HMM:      What books have you written? Have any been done as a playwright? BS: I’ve written tons of books, but my favorites are the “Trap Girl” series, there are five parts to the series. I’m also in love with “Me, U & Hennessy” and “Stealing The Plugs Heart.” “Trap Girl” is being pitched for a television series. I’m praying it gets picked up. So far, I only shot a sizzle reel. It’s going to be dropping soon. Another message for authors, “never be afraid to invest in yourself.” I took every dollar I had to my name and shot the sizzle. I spent $12,000.00 for 10 minutes. I don’t worry about the money, because if I put my heart and soul into it (which I normally do), I believe one day it will pay off. “Believe in your craft.”

HMM:     Would you consider yourself a driven person? What makes you a “Powerhouse”? What is the source of your strength?
BS:    The source of my strength is my life; my past life motivates me. The crazy thing is most people do not realize that your past can either make you or break you. I chose to allow my past to drive me to be who I am today and become better tomorrow.

“Turn Your Pain Into Your Greatest Purpose!”

Barbie Scott
Barbie Scott

HMM:    Are you currently working on any new books?
BS:     Of course, my pen does not stop! By 2020, I’ll have about 60 books. Loll. I’m working on a novel now called “A Hot girl Summer” that comes out in September, and I’m releasing “Heartbreak In The Hood” on or about August 10, 2019. HMM: What can we expect from you in the future?
BS:   TV shows and movies on the big screen and Netflix, whatever I can get my hands on, and whoever is willing to give this street-chic a shot.

HMM: How can they purchase a copy of this book?
BS: All my books are available on www.amazon.com, and for paperbacks, visit www.authorbarbiescott.com .

To follow Ms. Scott, see her social contact information below:

Website: authorbarbiescott.com
Twitter: autbarbiescott
Instagram: @authorbarbiescott
Facebook: Author Barbie Scott

Art Prodigy Tyler Gordon



PAINTING PRODIGY MAKING A BIG SPLASH – TYLER GORDON, a San Jose, California born, 13-year old young man, who has impressive painting skills and is making a name for himself around town.

In fifth grade, while many of us were running around on playgrounds, Tyler Gordon (“Tyler”) of San Jose, California, had just discovered his endless supply of painting talent. Tyler, who is now 13, paints black, white and gray portraits of celebrities he finds on television, or of people who want a portrait of themselves. He has painted Kevin Durant, Jay-Z, Beyonce, the Beatles, Oprah, and many more famous people. “His paintings are shadows and negative space,” said Nicole Kindle (“Kindle”), his mother.

He has sold dozens of paintings, started a Facebook page to promote his art, and has also appeared on Steve Harvey’s show, “Little Big Shots.” A budding entrepreneur, Tyler also promotes his art on other social media platforms,

June 2019, Tyler was at San Jose’s Juneteenth celebration at Plaza de Cesar Chavez, where he live-painted for several hours, fueled only by a bologna sandwich. He sold more than 40 paintings that day, he said.

Tyler’s living room in San Jose is filled with his painting supplies and the art he has made. He paints many free-art from images from tv or movies, and then there are some he paints while sitting on a stool. Lately, he said he’s been at it for about four hours every day, to fulfill the orders that have come pouring in since he appeared on “Little Big Shots” and at the Juneteenth festival. Despite Tyler’s accomplishments, his mom said that he is still a normal kid who plays outside most of the time, thinks he’s Superman, and always has to finish his homework.

“His school comes first,” Kindle said. “If I see a grade slipping, that’s a priority; the painting will have to wait.” Kindle was the one who encouraged Tyler to start painting, and she instantly recognized his talent. “I’ve never seen anything like that,” Kindle said on Oli Pettigrew’s TV show, “Right This Minute.” “I’ve been painting, and she instantly recognized his talent. “I’ve never seen anything like that,” Kindle said on Oli Pettigrew’s TV show, “Right This Minute.” “I’ve been pushing, trying to get him everything he needs.” Tyler’s accomplishments come despite life-changing hardships. For a while, he was in a wheelchair after breaking his hips, and he is nearly deaf, Kindle said. On Steve Harvey’s show, Tyler got a big surprise when one of his heroes, Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors, appeared in a video. “Keep inspiring,” Durant told Tyler. And undoubtedly, Tyler will.

Hustle Mama Magazine takes pride in featuring kids of “Our Future” and this month, we feature 13-year old Tyler Gordon. Here is his story.

“I love painting because it keeps me calm and makes me happy!”

HMM: What was life like growing up for you? What kind of family did you grow up in?
TG: Life growing up for me is excellent. My family is very close. I’m growing up in a fun family. When not in school, my family gets together to play games, go to the beach, church, and every Tuesday, my family has a movie night. Another thing I like to do is help feed the less fortunate.

HMM: How do you maintain your integrity in an otherwise very competitive and
scrupulous industry?
TG: I stay true to who I am. My mom taught me always to be humble and treat the janitor with the same respect that you treat the CEO with.

HMM: At such a young age, what makes you a POWERHOUSE? What is the source of your strength?
TG: I paint from my soul, from deep down. I guess you can say that I paint my feelings. I put some of me in every piece I do. My style of painting, as well as my speed, sets me apart from the other artist. When I did my first painting, which unbeknownst to my mom (I had it in me), I shocked her by the fact that I could paint, let alone the fact that I finished it in approximately 20 minutes.

“I love painting because it keeps me calm and makes me happy!”

HMM: Who are some of your earlier influences?
TG: My earliest influence is my mom. She paints good too. She also started painting at a young age. I like her style, it’s like mine, although the truth is I get it from her. I’m also influenced by Floyd Norman, Basquiat, and Bob Ross.

HMM: You have painted many celebrities from Kevin Durant, Jay-Z, Beyonce, the Beatles, Oprah, and many more famous people. Who is someone you would love to paint and sell a portrait to?
TG: I would love to sell a portrait to Former President, Barack Obama.

HMM: What advice would you offer to kids with a “DREAM”?
TG: I would say, “Never stop going after your dream!” I know, first hand, with determination, it will come true. I’m living my dream right now.

To follow Tyler Gordon, see his contact information below:

Facebook: Tyler Gordon Young Artist
Instagram: Official_tylergordon

7 Types of Berries and What They Can Offer

cancer prevention

Eat some berries, and you’ll be compensated with a rush of sweetness in your mouth. They’re perfect for breakfast as they are for dessert. Just as good, though, a study shows that berries produce a bevy of advantages, including more excellent cognitive health, aiding prevent cancer, and lowering blood pressure. The image of berries should give you some hints that nature’s candy is fit for you. “Vibrant, brilliantly colored fruits and vegetables produce some of the most distinguished levels of nutrients, particularly antioxidants.

Berries contain cancer prevention agents, which help secure free extremists under control. Berries are an incredible wellspring of cancer prevention agents, for example, anthocyanins, ellagic corrosive, and resveratrol. As well as securing your phones, these plant mixtures may decrease sickness hazards. One examination showed that blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries have the most unusual cancer prevention agent movement of usually burned-through natural products, close to pomegranates. Know more about the types of berries and what they can give your body:


The skin and seeds of grapes are an incredible wellspring of cancer prevention agent polyphenols. Various examinations have shown that grape seed polyphenol concentrates can bring down both pulse and pulse. Nonetheless, a considerable lot of these examinations were small. Different investigations affirm that the impact of polyphenols on circulatory strain stays indistinct. An enormous observational study found that eating grapes or raisins three times each week was related to a 12% decrease in the danger of type 2 diabetes. Another investigation found that eating 17 ounces (500 grams) of grapes each day for about two months decreased blood cholesterol and oxidative pressure in individuals with elevated cholesterol. At long last, grape juice may even profit mind well-being. A little investigation of 25 ladies found that drinking 12 ounces (355 ml) of Concord grape squeeze each day for 12 weeks fundamentally improved memory and driving execution.


Like other berries, cranberries include antioxidant polyphenols. However, most of these antioxidants can be found on the skin of cranberry. Therefore, cranberry juice doesn’t have as many polyphenols. The best-known health advantage of cranberries is their capacity to lessen the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs). Some chemicals in cranberries inhibit the bacteria E. coli from clinging to the bladder or urinary tract wall, decreasing the risk of disease. 

Acai Berries

Acai berries are perhaps the best wellspring of cell reinforcement polyphenols and may contain multiple times a more significant number of cancer prevention agents than blueberries. Drinking 3 ounces (100 ml) of an acai juice mix for about a month and a half decreased blood cholesterol. It diminished oxidative pressure after the workout, which may accelerate recovery from muscle harm. The cell reinforcements in acai may likewise help reduce the side effects of osteoarthritis. An investigation of individuals with osteoarthritis found that drinking 4 ounces (120 ml) of acai juice each day for 12 weeks fundamentally diminished agony and improved day-by-day living.


Strawberries are helpful for heart wellbeing. Indeed, an investigation of more than 93,000 ladies tracked down that the individuals who ate multiple parts of strawberries and blueberries each week had more than a 30% lower hazard of coronary failure. Different investigations have shown that strawberries may diminish various danger factors for coronary illness, including blood cholesterol, fatty substances, and oxidative pressure. Besides, strawberries may help control glucose levels, which is significant for forestalling diabetes. Indeed, an investigation of more than 200,000 individuals found that eating strawberries could decrease type 2 diabetes hazard by as much as 18%. At last, another study showed that eating 2 ounces (60 grams) each day of freeze-dried strawberry powder decreased oxidative pressure and provocative synthetic substances in individuals at great danger of creating esophageal malignancy.

Goji Berries

Goji berries additionally contain undeniable degrees of nutrient An and zeaxanthin, the two of which are significant for eye wellbeing. One investigation of 150 older individuals found that eating 14 grams of an exclusive milk-based detailing of goji berry each day diminished the decrease in eye wellbeing because of maturing. This examination, alongside a second comparative investigation, showed that eating goji berries could raise blood zeaxanthin levels. One investigation found that drinking goji berry juice for 30 days expanded blood cancer prevention agent levels of solid, more established Chinese individuals. Another examination found that drinking goji berry juice for about fourteen days developed digestion and decreased midsection size in overweight individuals.


Raspberries additionally contain cell reinforcement polyphenols called ellagitannins, which can help decrease oxidative pressure. One examination showed that when cyclists burned through a beverage containing raspberries and different berries, oxidative stress brought about by practice diminished altogether. Dark raspberries might be particularly useful for heart wellbeing. Different investigations have shown that dark raspberries may diminish irritation in individuals with a metabolic disorder. Be that as it may, these studies were minor. More research is expected to affirm the advantages of dark raspberries.


Blueberries additionally contain cell reinforcement polyphenols called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins from blueberries may lessen oxidative pressure, accordingly bringing down the danger of coronary illness in both solid individuals and those at significant risk for the infection. Furthermore, blueberries may improve different parts of heart wellbeing by bringing down “terrible” LDL cholesterol in the blood, diminishing the danger of coronary failure, and upgrading the capacity of courses. Blueberries may bring down the threat of diabetes also.

4 Ways in Dealing with the August Rush and Back to School for the Kids

August rush

We frequently disparage the measure of time, exertion, and cash that goes into setting up the little ones for their first day back at school. Be that as it may, with the perfect measure of preparation, this September can go off effortlessly. Here is a portion of the tips I use to facilitate the progress.

August rush must be the day of the awakening for most parents. Aside from the jobs and businesses you have to handle, you also have to make sure that your kids are all set to open classes. Since education is an essential aspect of a child’s life, you have to ensure that everything they will need is provided to support the environment conducive to learning. As summer comes to a close, children and their families nationwide prepare to head back to school and break open the books. Now is the time to get them ready to go back to school and set them on track for a successful school year! 

This year’s back-to-school scene will be a little different amidst the threat of COVID-19, so it is essential to gear up and avoid the crowd. But how do you do that?

Prepare your list

Just like you are doing your grocery errands, secure the list of items you will buy from the department or stationery store: pencils, pens, paper, crayons, or even notebooks. Complete the list up to the number of items that you will be needing. Don’t forget about the grocery store where you will be getting their snacks!

Plan your itinerary

It is suggested that you purchase things two-three weeks before the August rush to avoid the crowd to save more time. Plan where you want to buy what first to save time, energy, and even fuel for your car!

Practice health protocols

COVID-19 is still everywhere, so gear up as you go outside of your home. Don’t forget your mask and observe at least a meter from other persons. If given a chance, have yourself vaccinated and your children, too. You can save lives!

Ask your children what they would be needing.

As parents, it will not be enough to assume what our kids will need in their class. For example, the study will be conducted online; they might be requiring good headphones- with a microphone! 

Train your kids gradually about the consumption of TV too. While they take so much time watching TV in the summer, it may not be the case when classes start. Parenting does not solely talk about your kids, but it also entails your well-being. It would help if you practiced discipline to your children and to yourself too. Tasks such as the ones stated above will give you such relief as a parent. 

Bad Study Habits

study habits

We all have various learning styles and study habits. However, we all have bad study habits we failed to notice, or we ignore them. It takes some energy to get the grade you require to maintain your academic career. Even if you are an expert, bad habits can hurt your grades.  

Not studying is one of the worst bad habits. Some students go to school for the sake of being called a “STUDENT.” They don’t care about their grades, and mostly, they rely on their peers to help them pass at the end of the school year.

Sometimes students go to class, but they go unprepared. Some do not buy the proper books or any requirements they need in the class. They try to get by sharing or borrowing other’s books. If you find yourself not doing anything, you will know you are shifting into bad habits. If you go to class and you have not understood the assignment, you will be ill-prepared.  

Some bad physical habits make studying difficult. Studying without resting or eating is like going to battle without a sword. Learning without enough rest is unproductive. Studying with a hangover is very troublesome.  

Cramming for tests is a well-known habit. Doing daily practice will help you know the learnings and knowledge put into your brain. It will help you grasp it in a way that will encourage you to understand and remember it for a long time.

If you are a motivated student, your bad habits may be just as unfruitful in the short period at most. You may see yourself getting in your research. You find your topics engaging, but you find other subjects entertaining as well. Before you know it, you have spent most of your time on the internet studying something you do not need at all. It may boost your education overall, but it keeps you away from the topic you should be focusing on.

It’s hard to conclude which study habits are good and which ones are bad when you start going to school, and It’s not easy to build new, effective study habits when you’re used to the bad ones.

Wanting to be a good student has a way of its own. One of the things that you need to know is that you learn it on your own when you are in school.

Ways to Successfully be Admitted in College

Advanced education

Numerous things will influence our lives. Advanced education is the most significant of these elements. With quick improvement in finances, advanced education has become an essential prerequisite for getting a fine line of work.

Today, more Americans see the meaning of an advanced degree and give better open positions and a pleasant way of life. Indeed, around 84% of Americans guarantee that advanced education is exceptionally (47%) or amazingly (37%) essential to excel throughout everyday life. Among these Americans, 66% of the individuals who didn’t move on from school say they wished they had, and 62 percent feel that setting off for College would have improved their current way of life essentially. If you are a student out there reading this and wanted to invest in your future, you need to be admitted to College first. Here’s how:

Start Early
The best and ideal opportunity to begin considering school is in middle school, yet don’t worry on the off chance that you are in secondary school and simply contemplating going to school. Starting early permits you to build up an order for cutting out the best courses for school prep, keeping up or expanding your evaluations and class standing, joining and aiding administration of a secondary school club/association/sports group, and planning for taking at least one normalized school acceptance tests.

Know Yourself
You can’t successfully tell colleges and universities how great you are unless you know exactly who you are, your goals and ambitions, how you are distinctive (and better) from other applicants, and why you want to attend College.

Ask Support from Family and Friends
Having the help of your family goes far in this somewhat tiring synergy. Look for their info and proposals on the kinds of universities best for you. Notwithstanding your family’s monetary circumstance, don’t allow accounts to prevent you from applying to school; different wellsprings of the financial guide are accessible for going to school.

Talk to your Guidance Counselors and Teachers
You could treasure your secondary school direction advisor, yet s/he can give you essential data about course measurement, state-administered tests, school fairs, and so forth. It’s an intelligent decision to speak with your #1 instructors about potential majors and school choices – and make sure to ask that they prepare school recommendation letters for you to help support your applications.

Give yourself time to focus on standardized tests.
You need to have a blend of school prep courses – including some that challenge you. Evaluations and class standing likewise assume a part, so if your assessments are not where they ought to be, increment you’re studying, improve your examination abilities, or potentially discover a guide. Consider contemplating or taking a prep course so you can improve your scores.

Research on schools and universities
Whenever you’ve researched schools and colleges with your teachers, course instructor, and family, finished your research, and went to, at any rate, one school reasonable – the last approach is arranging a summary of your previous choices. There are quite a few different ways and standards to help restrict your rundown from selecting majors to estimate the area.

Write killer essays
Each school utilizes the application essays contrastingly in the choice interaction’ from being a central point to a minor one – however, in any case, pretty much all schools (absolutely all using the regular application) need in any event one individual article. The papers are your opportunity to excel – to open a window into your character and feature your fit with each school. Significantly, your articles recount a connection with the story while additionally being elegantly composed. Compose, alter, compose, reexamine, edit – and request reviews from a most loved instructor and a relative.

Monitor your Application
Follow your preferred schools and colleges on Facebook and Twitter. Sharpen your Facebook profile to coordinate with your application persona and eliminate automatic creation, as an ever-increasing number of schools are utilizing online media to sneak around on candidates. You can likewise accompany current understudies at the schools to learn more practical perspectives on life. Follow employees on Twitter. Record and distribute a short video about yourself on YouTube. Peruse (and react to when suitable) online journals composed by personnel/staff of your top schools and colleges.

Getting an advanced education is such a significant improvement that it has become a focal piece of the “Pursuit of Happiness.” Head off to College, find a new line of work, purchase a house, raise a family. It may not generally be that basic, yet everything begins with your advanced degree. Getting a higher education is tied in with opening up promising happenings throughout everyday life. It sets you up, both mentally and socially, for your vocation and your grown-up life. The advantages of an advanced degree incorporate vocation openings like better paying and higher talented positions, yet contemplate have shown that it likewise prompts in general bliss and steadiness.

Amazing Facts You Didn’tKnow about Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is outstanding amongst other female vocalist lyricists to get through in the twentieth century. At a remarkably young age of seventeen, she had the option to achieve her fantasy of turning into a famous vocalist. Avril Lavigne has been a significant impact on the universe of exciting music as far as we might be concerned today, explicitly in the female territory.

Avril Ramona Lavigne Whibley was brought into the world on September 27, 1984. She was brought into the world in Belleville, Ontario, at that point moved to an unassuming community called Napanee at five years old and grew up there. She came from a French family. However, she doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to communicate in French. She grew up as a fiery girl, where her diversions were skating, drinking, spending time with the folks, and playing baseball and hockey. Her other most loved pastime is singing. Her mom found her singing ability when she chimed into Christian music. Her family was Christians, so she sang in the Gospel Choir at the nearby church, and she showed herself how to play the guitar. Her expert administrator Cliff Fabri found her while singing nation covers at a nearby book shop. At sixteen years old, she was endorsed by Ken Krongard to sing in a studio in New York City. Her music type is more Modern stone, Pop stone, Punk pop, Post grit, and Alternative stone. Give up was her first collection, which was delivered on June 24, 2002, arriving at #1 in Canada. She portrayed her first collection as a pop collection, “a few stone melodies in it.” Following one month of its delivery, Let Go came to multi-platinum and arrived at triple-platinum fourteen days after. It sold more than fifteen million duplicates worldwide on December 24. She was named “Best New Artist” at the 2002 MTV Music Awards, won four Junos in 2003, a World Music Award for “Top of the line Canadian Singer” and was named eight Grammys. Now, let’s know more about her:

She looks up to her brother
Avril Lavigne, as of late, portrayed her senior sibling with exemplifications like genuine, great, and a virtuoso. She truly admires him. For the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea, his name is Matthew. She uncovered significantly sooner that her sibling would prod all her occasions she sang as a youngster since he thought it was not very pleasant.

She has a favorite band.
In the same way, like other of us, Avril Lavigne loves Nirvana. This band gave us some essential tunes, like Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are, I Hate Myself And I Want to Die, and the cover tune, Jesus Doesn’tDoesn’t Want Me For a Sunbeam. A few music mashups join Nirvana music with Avril’sAvril’s melodies – you can discover them on the Internet.

She Digs Chick Flicks
Even though she is rough and tumbles and out of control looking, Avril has a nostalgic and soft side that is lovable. This went to the front when she said that she adores heartfelt and parody film kinds. She shocked her fans when she added that she loves watching romantic comedies the most.

She can eat pizza anytime.
She inspired an emotional response from numerous when she uncovered that pizza is her #1 food – she loves to glut on it. Although she can purchase any food she needs, she said that she could continue to eat pizza for the remainder of her life. You may be amazed to find that a bit of pizza joint in the area of Ontario is named after her.

Strumming was her first hobby.
Avril Lavigne, who can say for sure how to play a few instruments, including the guitar and the drums, figured out how to play the guitar by cooperating to a Lenny Kravitz’sKravitz’s tune, Fly Away. Indeed, even as a youngster, Avril showed a skill for music – she grew up singing melodies at the chapel and area celebrations.

She practices healthy
Avril has uncovered that she jumps at the chance to deal with her wellbeing and has a solid morning schedule. The primary thing that she does, the second she awakens, is taking a gander at that point. At that point, she drinks squeeze and tastes hot lemon water. A refreshing ocean salt shower follows. This is a standard that she sticks to strictly.

She survived Lyme Disease.
Avril Lavigne made a heartbreaking revelation about contracting Lyme disease. Wearing her heart on her sleeve as she spoke about her battle with it, Avril admitted that she had accepted that she was going to die. She was bedridden for two years because of the illness. She also said that she lost many of her friends due to her health challenges.

She moved to France
Following her split from her previous spouse, Deryck Whibley, the craftsman moved to France and was resolved to learn French, as her father was of French beginning. She utilized her time spent in the country. Besides attempting to dominate the language, she pursued getting more accessible and finding who she was as a solitary lady.

She has an unending love for sneakers and heels.
Avril Lavigne is known for eye-getting, lively shoes. Along these lines, it was just normal for a fan to inquire as to whether she loves wearing shoes, heels, or shoe heels. To this, the vocalist answered that she appreciates wearing shoe heels. Avril Lavigne has her style assortment, for which she plans garments. It is known as Abbey Dawn.

She Wants to Act
Avril Lavigne admitted that she needs to act in a film eventually in her life. Even though she isn’t sure about the class for her first job, she said she wouldn’t see any problems testing her acting abilities in a blood and gore film. From that point forward, she’d be available to investigating different classes.

Although we might not have heard much from Avril Lavigne as of late, she is back and over anyone’s imagination! The vocalist delivered her most current single ”Head Above Water,” recently and has since been preparing her visit to begin one year from now in Europe! Even though she’s once again busy working, it’s been some time since she’s delivered new music. Let’sLet’s hope to hear more from her.

Top Online Resources for Women Entrepreneurs

women entrepreneurs

None of us start our own business knowing absolutely everything that is required to succeed. We may have an idea, ambition, and some motivation to go with it, but that is just about it. Most women entrepreneurs do not know much about regulatory compliance, bookkeeping, or supply chain management among other things. However, the question remains, should you be stopping yourself from your entrepreneurial dreams because of your lack of command over secondary business skills? Not at all!

In the age of the internet, most women entrepreneurs can develop amazing educational and business-related skills online, without having to go back to school. Almost everything you wish to know today is a single click away from you and can be accessed easily. Starting from online tutorials to networking tools, professional memberships, and applications for loans and grants, almost everything is accessible in the online world.

Go through these resources and find out what’s best for your brand.

1.   American Business Women’s Association (ABWA)

The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) provides much-needed leadership, networking, educational and business support to female entrepreneurs. The site is a helpful resource that provides free links to business trends, news, job postings, and social media updates. The organization also discusses various issues that women face during their entrepreneurial journeys and looks at possible ways to overcome these challenges.

ABWA is the ideal place for women entrepreneurs interested in developing practical and necessary business skills. The platform motivates and encourages members to practice and learn business skills such as public speaking, marketing, facilitating a meeting, and creating a business plan or pitch for investments. The platform also organizes monthly meetings for members. You have to pay a small fee to attend in-person conferences, while online resources are free.

2.   Office of Women’s Business Ownership

The Office of Women’s Business Ownership is a national network within the United States set as part of the Small Business Administration or SBA. These centers are supported by the government and are numbered over a hundred across the nation. Each of these centers provides women entrepreneurs the skill set and aspirations they need to start their own business.

The centers provide female entrepreneurs with training, support, and education to take their business aspirations forward and to fill their skill gaps. As per the official online website of WBC, “WBCs seek to level the playing field for women entrepreneurs, who still face unique obstacles in the business world.” The website strives to offer tons of online resources from handling commercial lease agreements to something as simple as keeping books. The resources will update your skillset and give you the platform you require to move forward.

3.   Women’s Venture Fund

The Women’s Venture Fund is a nonprofit organization that is focused on developing businesses in underserved communities in the urban world. The fund supports diversity and measures for equality by offering business advice and funding to women entrepreneurs coming from less privileged urban areas. Investment is one thing that most women entrepreneurs lack when starting their businesses. This online accessible fund can inject the right investment into your business and help it flutter onwards. The information on available funding and business opportunities in specific urban areas can also help direct women to other resources that might offer them the investment they need.

4.   Women Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur magazine has for long been the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs to catch up on their skills and to also find out about the items trending around them. Women Entrepreneur is a separate section set up by the online magazine to cater to the needs of women entrepreneurs.

Even with the recent move toward equality, women business owners are still at a disadvantage as compared to male business owners. This women-centric resource helps you navigate the issues that are faced by women in the organizational setup today and gives solutions to the challenges you will encounter. With the tips and resources mentioned on their online blog, female entrepreneurs would finally be able to somewhat level the playing field for future growth.

5.   Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)

The Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) is a community of like-minded women business entrepreneurs looking for certifications and opportunities for their businesses. The platform allows small business owners to compete for funding and contracts as they try to set sail in the complex business environment of today.

The organization has an extensive national reach and a full roster of contacts that women business owners can utilize for future growth and vendor relationships. You can also register on the website and use their grants to qualify for helpful certifications.

6.   Mompreneur Center

This is another great resource by the Entrepreneur website and magazine for entrepreneurial moms. Articles and resources present on this site cover a variety of topics ranging from maintaining a work-life balance to business ideas and success stories from moms that made the jump and eventually succeeded.

These resources do not only help aspiring moms learn how to juggle their familial responsibilities with those of their business, but also give them a sense of direction and aspiration to take their business forward. Starting your own business gives you the opportunity to be more flexible with your time at home. However, flexibility isn’t something that you’d have learned at college or in school, or even at your previous workplace. Hence, this mompreneur website makes it easier for moms to succeed as entrepreneurs and leave a decent impression.

Women entrepreneurs are changing the dynamics of the business environment around us. Much of this success is owed to their ability to learn and acquire knowledge from all corners of the world. If you’re an aspiring woman entrepreneur as well, you can jump over to our website and make good use of some of our resources as well.

Strategies for Handling Difficult Work Conversations

work conversation

You’re bound to encounter several complex and challenging work conversations during your career as a manager or entrepreneur in the diverse work setup of today. Often these problems require expert solutions, which can only come through the focus and leadership skills of the person in charge.

Diversity in the workplace has meant that no organization today is free from unnecessary conflicts and differences of opinion within employees. Employees come from diverse backgrounds and are often unable to find the middle ground needed for practical co-existence. In such cases, conflicts happen, and managers/entrepreneurs need to take charge of the situation and recommend a solution.

No one teaches you the skill of handling difficult conversations at work. Instead, it is something that you prepare yourself for at the moment or learns through experiential learning. Another effective way to learn this skill is through acquiring knowledge from others who have been in these situations before. Learn from their experiences and implement the proper steps.

This article mentions a few strategies and tips that might help women entrepreneurs the next time they’re handling a tough work conversation. Go through these tips and develop an effective resolution strategy.

Look Around for Support and Suggestions
Most entrepreneurs or managers have mentors they look up to for support and suggestions. Whenever you face a difficult work situation, it is always best to proceed and ask that one person about what they would do in the given case. The suggestions and recommendations they give might eventually add perspective to the way you approach the discussion.

Know Where to Begin
You’d be surprised to know just how many entrepreneurs and managers delay important meetings related to conflict resolution just because they aren’t sure where to begin. Beating around the bush can take perspective away from the actual point in the discussion, and developing a complacent approach might reduce the gravity of the matter.

Hence, the best way to start is through a direct approach. For instance, if you want to talk to someone about a delay in work submission, begin by sending an email that entails, “Victoria, it has been brought to my notice in today’s meeting that you have continuously been missing deadlines and ignoring submission requirements. Let’s grab a cup of tea tomorrow at 10 am and have a chat over this.”

The message above is a great starting point because it includes the following characteristics:
• The message within the email is to the point
• The email specifies a time for the meeting and does not leave that up for assumption
• And it builds expectations as to what will be discussed in the meeting. The employee can hence prepare a response accordingly, rather than being caught out of the blue

Know Your Objective
As an entrepreneur or a manager in the tricky business world of today, you need to realize that the purpose of a difficult work conversation is a lot more than just getting dead weight off your chest. There has to be a business objective insight or a justification for the approach you bring to the table. What is it that you want to accomplish through the meeting? What outcome are you looking for? For instance, do you want this to be a warning meeting, or do you want to motivate the employee through positive reinforcement?

Avoid the Blame-Game
Although this is a self-explanatory point, it is often considered one of the most challenging things to do during a complex work conversation. Do not underestimate two things:
1. How crucial it is for you not to play the blame-game and start blaming each other for the behavior
2. And just how difficult it can be to avoid placing blame through the course of difficult conversations in the workplace

It is human nature to find people to blame for their lack of understanding or application, which is why you need to remain level-headed and make a conscious effort to avoid the blame game.

Give Them Space to Feel
Often difficult work conversations include information that can be tough for employees to process. If an employee takes time processing the data, give them space and let there be silence. Do not fill pauses of silence with your small talk.

Additionally, if the employee shows an emotional response to what you have just said, acknowledge it rather than brushing it off. Emotional reactions include crying and even anger through justifications and other reasons. You can console and help recognize their feelings through something as professional and straightforward as “I understand how you feel and hope this won’t happen in the future.” Remember that everyone responds to a difficult conversation; don’t judge them for how they respond.

In the end, if you do have adequate time for preparation, your complex work conversation can be smooth and easy to manage. However, the key is to remain compassionate through the meeting and stick to the point.

15 Magical Things that Music Does to our Life

Tuning in to music

In 2009, archaeologists excavated a cave in southern Germany that uncovered a flute carved from a vulture’s wing bone. The delicate artifact is the oldest known musical instrument on earth — indicating that people have been making music for over 40,000 years. Although we can’t be sure exactly when human beings began listening to music, scientists do know something about why we do. Listening to music benefits us individually and collectively. Here’s what research tells us about the power of music to improve our physical, mental, and emotional health. 

Music is an essential trait of the human species. Practically all societies, from the crudest to the most progressive, make music. It’s been valid through history, and it’s all through a person’s life expectancy. We people sing and murmur; on schedule or not, we applaud and influence; in sync or not, we dance and bob. 

I know you can name a lot of benefits that music brings to a person, but these are the top 15:

  1. Ease recovery in stroke patients

Analysts in Finland presumed that when stroke patients tuned in to music for two hours per day, their verbal memory and consideration improved. They had a more certain temperament than patients who didn’t tune in to music or tuned in to book recordings.

2. Improve mood while driving

Tuning in to music while driving can affect mood. So when you’re feeling grumpy in the vehicle, take a stab at pulling a portion of your #1 tunes.

3. Relax patients before surgery

One investigation found that tuning in to music helped set cardiovascular medical procedure patients straight as they anticipated their operations. That is a significant advantage for the almost 4,000,000 individuals who get heart medical procedures every year in the U.S.

4. Reduce anxiety as much as a massage

One examination found that music’s impact on tension levels is like the effect of getting a message confided in Source. Here’s a thought: Treat yourself to a back rub and carry your #1 relaxed tunes to play during the meeting. Twofold the unwinding!

5.Improve Mood

A recent report found that music assisted sets with peopling feeling better and connect with their emotions. Study members appraised “excitement and disposition guideline” and “mindfulness” as the two most significant advantages of tuning in to music.

6. Can help depression

Music can help get you (similar to exercise) a Trusted Source when you’re feeling sad. Exploration proposes the sort of music that matters: Classical and reflective sounds appear incredibly inspiring, though hefty metal and techno can aggravate burdensome manifestations.

7. Induce a meditative state

Tuning in to moderate melodic beats can change brainwave speed, making brainwave movement like an individual ruminating or in a charming state. Some examination recommends utilizing cadenced improvements (like music) to prompt these states to have a remedial impact, facilitating indications of headaches, PMS, and surprisingly conduct issues.

8. Reduces Stress

Research has found that listening to music can relieve stress by triggering biochemical stress reducers (think of these physiological processes as anti-stress ninjas).

9. It helps people eat less.

One examination found that playing soft music (and diminishing the lights) during supper can assist individuals with easing back while eating and eventually devour less food at a time (maybe because hindering helps them with being more aware of totality cues).

10. Improves Sleep Quality

Tuning into traditional music appeared to successfully treat a sleeping disorder in understudies, making it a protected, modest choice to rest prompting meds.

11. Increase workout endurance

Tuning into those top exercise tracks can support actual execution and increment perseverance during an intense exercise session.

12. Improve running motivation and performance

 This works incompletely through the force of interruption: When we’re zeroing in on a most loved collection, we may not receive notification that we just ran an additional mile.

13. Ease Pain

Music can genuinely decrease the apparent force of agony, particularly in senior consideration, full consideration, or palliative medication (a space of medical services that centers around forestalling and mitigating patients’ enduring).

14. It raises IQ and Academic Performance.

Examination shows that taking music exercises predicts higher scholarly execution and IQ in youthful children.[22] In one investigation, 6-year-olds who took console or singing exercises in miniature gatherings for 36 weeks had fundamentally more enormous expansions in IQ and normalized instructive test results than youngsters who took either dramatization exercises or no exercises. The singing gathering did the best. To assist your kids with accomplishing literary greatness, urge them to sing or figure out how to play an instrument.

15. It keeps your brain Healthy.

A study with healthy older adults found that those with ten or more years of musical experience scored higher on cognitive tests than musicians with one to nine years of musical study.[23] The non-musicians scored the lowest

Examination demonstrates that when you tune in to music you like, your cerebrum discharges dopamine, a “vibe great” synapse. Valorie Salimpoor, a neuroscientist at McGill University, infused eight music-darlings with a radioactive substance that ties to dopamine receptors after tuning in to their #1 music. A PET output showed many dopamines were delivered, which organically made the members feel feelings like satisfaction, enthusiasm, and joy.

So the following time you need an emotional lift, tune in to your #1 tunes for 15 minutes. That is everything necessary to get a characteristic high!

Points to Look At When Watching Movies At Home Or Movie Houses

watching movies at home

Going to a cinema is a different experience than watching movies at home. Seeing a film in a theater provides these obvious advantages over watching movies at home, you can watch the newest movies; there’s a better presentation; large screen, and better sound; it’s a focused environment with minimal distractions (theoretically); there are many other factors that, although not consistent and universal, are typically present in some combination.

Which is better – watching films in forthcoming films or getting a charge out of movies in your private home theater? With staggering advances to home innovation, including HD TVs, encompass sound frameworks, and surprisingly home robotization, is there any need to take off from the house for an artistic encounter? 73% of individuals say they incline toward watching films at home contrasted with at the neighborhood film. Be that as it may, do the other 27% know something we don’t? Let’s consider these points:

Protect your pocket

The cost of film tickets has risen drastically throughout the most recent ten years. Maybe then paying out over 50 bucks for a family outing to the film, leasing a movie, watching one on the TV, or lawfully downloading or streaming one from iTunes or Netflix will work out a lot less expensive. The one drawback to watching at home is sitting tight for those new deliveries that the film has first.

Pick the best seat

At any point, end up in the film’s first line, extending your neck to see the movie? Following over two hours of that, anybody’s neck would hurt. Watch films in your home theater, and it is anything but an issue. Make yourself agreeable on your couch, get a cover, and rested. The home film positively has the in addition to being significantly more agreeable.

Choose your audience

You are out in the open methods being with people in general. Now and again, you wind up encompassed by individuals who just will not quit chattering, the boisterous clamor of somebody crunching on crisps, and a lit-up cell phone screen all in a similar room. While in your family room, you can pick who you watch films with within your home theater. Assuming you’re a genuine cinephile, you’re not going to need the entirety of the interruptions that accompany film seeing without a doubt.

You have complete control.

The home film gives you unlimited authority over your artistic experience. Need a latrine break? Respite the film. Is it true that someone is talking ludicrously? Turn up the sound. Abruptly befuddled by a complex science fiction plot and think you’ve missed some indispensable data? Rewind. Watching films at home methods, you have control of when you start and stop your movie. With home robotization, you can remotely control all electronic gadgets from simply a solitary device that can be adequately little to fit in your pocket.

Sound and Picture

With incredible quality encompass sound and top quality TV separates numerous homes, the home film is unquestionably contending great against customary films. The standard TV screen in the UK is currently 33″ wide. However, that is as yet nothing contrasted with the traditional film screen at 826″ (around 21 meters). In every case, encompass sound in the film, expertly set up for the ideal experience. However, numerous individuals grumble that it’s deafening. Does that make unlimited oversight in your home auditorium the better choice?

If you are still unconvinced, let us discuss the strengths of each place. In a movie house:

Movie Going Culture

Going out to see a film theater is an extraordinary method to get a significant gathering of companions or a whole family together. It is additionally a most loved date thought since you can appreciate your date’s conversation with no off-kilter quiets. Commit your entire evening to the excitement of going out to see the films by arranging exercises when the occasion.


Let’s be honest; it’s hard to coordinate with the rich flawlessness of cinema popcorn in your kitchen. Necktie Cinemas steadfast clients search out our auditoriums for our great film determination as well as for the flavorful mark popcorn. Remember to attempt our heavenly Flavored Popcorn (Caramel, Cheddar, Churro, and the sky is the limit from there) made new in-house at select Bow Tie areas.

Ultimate Experience

With regards to an outstanding film-watching experience, the venue just can’t be bested. Since 1900, Bow Tie offers unparalleled support to its benefactors, doing a fantastic job of guaranteeing unprecedented review insight. Not exclusively do our films provide excellent client care; however, many are refreshed with conveniences to make your component show one to recollect. Our Ultimate image of the film highlights extravagance-held chair seating, raised full menu and bar contributions, and incomplete in-seat administration in a recently remodeled theater climate.

How about in the comforts of your home? Check this out:

Bathroom break!

The character will kiss the young lady, or the sheriff is going to capture the lawbreaker. You are moving over individuals to get to the passageway, at that point running down covered lobbies at the cinema to get to the bathrooms and back on schedule to perceive what occurs. 

At the point when you go out to see the films in the theater, you trouble everybody when you murmur, “What did I miss?” And hearing the enormous uncover is never similar to encountering it directly. At the point when you watch films at home, you should squeeze “stop.”

Unlimited rewind

Now and then, in a cinema, individuals might be snickering so boisterously you miss part of the exchange. In certain appearances, the crowd becomes so occupied with the film that they begin yelling at the screen. There’s nothing more bothering than the couple behind you contending when you need to be wholly immersed in a storyline. Or then again, a youngster crying in a film she ought to never have been taken to in any case.


A few motion pictures you might not have any desire to watch in a theater. Here and there, they are provocative. Here and there, they are horrible motion pictures. However, they are amusing to watch. Imagine running into your neighbor or your manager as you emerge from an appearance of “Fifty Shades of Gray”? Humiliating! At the point when you are watching motion pictures at home, you can watch what you need, with whom you need, in the manner in which you need. On the off chance that you need to watch Frozen,” bare, you can!

It doesn’t differ whether an individual preferences activity, show, parody, or another class of movies and films. Nearly everybody loves watching video materials. There are numerous purposes behind individuals’ craving to watch video movies and motion pictures. But one thing is for sure; you need to prioritize your needs when watching!

Asian Painters and the Beauty of Painting

Chinese artistry

The older painting gets as an art style, the more difficult it gets to define. Is a painting that grows as a video still a painting? What is a painting that is also a photograph? What about the painting: a collage, a sketch, graffiti, or some other form of design? Artisans have long combined objects into images on canvas, but what should we call art if no paint or canvas is concerned? Is a painting done with nothing but fabric or putty still a painting? And what kind of a painting takes up not just a whole wall but the place of an entire room?

It used to be so candid: a painting was the intervened aftereffect of a craftsman’s use of wet paint on a level surface. No more. Having ingested high culture and low, painting has turned itself out in combined media collections that incorporate both natural and engineered materials and include photography and computerized printing once in a while. 

When discussing Asian craftsmanship and its set of experiences, it is difficult to put it in one particular class since it has been affected by various religions, societies, and customs from different nations across the mainland. The absolute best Asian specialists are also pioneers in their separate fields, hundreds of years in front of their Western partners, particularly painters from China, Japan, Korea, and India who extraordinarily enlivened numerous people in the future artisans in both the Eastern and Western craftsmanship scene. The utilization of different themes, most memorable scenes, creatures, landscape, and strict figures are the most unmistakable among numerous others. 

Fan Kuan

Chinese artistry history is separated into periods dependent on the decision traditions of the country. Fan Kuan made during the Songline right off the bat, drawing motivation from another renowned painter Li Cheng. He built up his style enlivened ordinarily, which he guaranteed was the lone genuine educator. He created scene craftsmanship on silk hanging scrolls utilizing ink and slight tone, his generally moving and mainstream work being the Travelers Among Mountains and Streams. Fan Kuan is perhaps the best craftsman of the brilliant time of Chinese artistry and is quite possibly the most loved even today.

Utagawa Hiroshige

Conceived Ando Tokutaro Hiroshige began his creative schooling and profession at the simple age of 12 when he lost both of his folks. Known for his virtuoso scenes and splendid woodwork prints in shading, his ability was perceived in Japan and the West. He rose to notoriety by making figure prints of champions, samurai, and young ladies during his understudy years, just as his exceptional heartfelt scene plan included birds and blossoms in his later life.

Raja Ravi Varma

He was probably the best craftsman ever in India. He was frequently propelled by Indian fanciful stories known as the Puranas, just as the incomparable Indian sagas. The excellence of his compositions was reflected in the ideal and most beautiful mix of his nation’s customs and culture and the conventional European way of painting. He regularly remembered ladies for his fine arts, incredibly featuring their excellence and depicted divine beings and goddesses in them. His most essential artistic creations incorporate Shakuntala, There Comes Papa, Stolen Interview, Galaxy of Musicians, and numerous others.

Jeong Seon

Thought about one of the most significant and most acclaimed craftsmen in South Korean history, Jeong Seon, also called Gyomjae, was perhaps the most productive painters of his time, hugely adding to the craftsmanship world during his life. Next to no is thought about the scene craftsman himself. Again, his number one subject was Mount Gumgang, and that he decided to zero in on his country’s excellent nature and culture rather than drawing motivation from the Chinese. He began the brilliant time of Korean artistic creation with well-known works, for example, Inwangjesaekdo, Geumgang jeon do, Soyojeong, and then some.

Gu Kaizhi

A famous painter of Ancient China, all the more explicitly of the Jin administration, his #1 subjects were individuals, explicitly their countenances and articulations that he generally attempted to catch strikingly and in a ton of detail. He considered apparel and the foundation insignificant, as seen in large numbers of his works of art like The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies. None of Gu Kaizhi’s firsts made due over the long haul. However, a portion of his other famous craftsmanship incorporates Nymph of the Luo River, just as Wise and Benevolent Women. He is viewed as a legend in his nation of origin and has even distributed three books on the painting hypothesis.

Ogata Korin

Rinpa is a profoundly enriching and extraordinary canvas style that began in Japan. Maybe the most excellent craftsman and most notable names of the Rinpa school was Ogata Korin, a Japanese painter who added his own contort to this all-around exceptional severe style. He accomplished this by dismissing customs and utilizing straightforward structures, intense viewpoints, impressionism, and theoretical and solid shading designs while articulating his thoughts. This is reflected in his show-stopper – Red and White Plum Blossoms, just as his different works, for instance, Irises screen, Waves at Matsushima, Chrysanthemums, and others.

Each artisan on the summary has somehow added to the historical backdrop of artistry, not exclusively to their local country’s nevertheless the world. Hence, they, and numerous others, have propelled probably the best Western painters and have affected their style and method of articulation. Furthermore, although standard individuals may be less known, genuine artistry sweethearts know their identity and comprehend their significance and commitments.  

Visiting Atlanta & The Best Places to Go


The United States of America has the most robust economy, as experts say. That explains that many people around the world are dying to visit America. America as a tourist spot can speak volumes. The United States is a staggeringly different country. Individuals from everywhere the world move here, and large numbers of those individuals proceed to have groups of their own who are ethnically and racially assorted. There is no “one” kind of American because every individual has a novel foundation and childhood. There are various religions, races, social customs, and political convictions that make up the country. To observe an exceptionally multicultural method of living is genuinely uncommon.

Besides the usual touristy places in the States, such as California and Los Angeles, let’s explore Atlanta, Georgia. Elite eateries, happy nightlife, pro athletics groups, and an abundance of attractions and occasions help make Atlanta the middle for amusement in the South. Guests can encounter an assorted and flourishing social scene at the city’s numerous theaters, historical centers, displays, and show corridors. Investigate the express capital’s part in memorable occasions at exhibition halls like the Atlanta History Center, Center for Civil and Human Rights, and the Martin Luther King, Jr. Public Historical Park. Wonder about the Georgia Aquarium, and taste favorite flavors at the World of Coca-Cola. Investigate the city’s various culinary scenes, and see why customers love Atlanta for everything from stores to collectibles. For family fun, heartfelt escapes, metropolitan experience, exceptional occasions thus considerably more, Atlanta is a city you’ll adore visiting over and over. But if you only have a week, what do you do best in Atlanta? Read on.

The Center for Civil and Human Rights

This midtown fascination, opened in 2014, commends the American Civil Rights Movement and the worldwide Human Rights Movement. The vaporous, present-day building was intended to rouse positive activity with engineering components like an unmistakable glass front and two intense, bent dividers. The National Center for Civil and Human Rights imparts its ideal spot to neighbors the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium. Brought about by configuration firms HOK and Perkins+Will, the control designers said Washington, D.C, propelled them. National Mall, Cairo’s Tahrir Square, and Beijing’s Tiananmen Square. Inside, the historical center incorporates three degrees of exhibitions and occasion corridors. Considerably more rousing are the drawing-in, frequently enthusiastic displays spread across 43,000 square feet.

Georgia Aquarium

Peruse any rundown of must-visit Atlanta attractions, and the Georgia Aquarium is someplace at the top, and which is all well and good. This living gallery, which opened in 2005, is the giant indoor aquarium in the Western Hemisphere, with more than 10 million gallons of new and saltwater. The enormous design is home to more than 100,000 animals. It has 100 unmistakable natural surroundings for untamed life, including whale sharks, ocean lions, bottlenose dolphins, belugas, manta beams, penguins, and that’s just the beginning. It’s likewise home to a showing emergency clinic for hopeful sea life scientists and vets. The freshest display, Sharks! Hunters of the Deep just opened and contains 1.2 million gallons of water and is home to shark species, including tiger, sand tiger, sleek, silvertip, and extraordinary hammerhead sharks.

Ponce City Market

Checking in at an incredible 2.1 million square feet, this is the Southeast’s most considerable block structure and is home to giant retailers, neighborhood stores, exercise centers, and above 20 shifted cafés and food slows down (counting different James Beard Award-winning, culinary experts). Ponce City Market is someplace you come for a happy time, regardless of whether it’s shopping at a bit of store, display, or bigger store, or for a dinner or drink in the focal food lobby (including three James Beard Award champs). The executives work effectively in facilitating fun occasions like cooking classes, craftsmanship, and flame doing workshops, wine samplings, and then some. You likewise can pay a little charge to take a cargo lift to the roof and play vintage sideshow attractions and get a portion of the city’s best horizon sees.

Atlanta Botanical Garden

Neighboring Atlanta’s verdant Piedmont Park, it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why this 30-section of a land desert garden in the core of Midtown invites the more significant part 1,000,000 guests every year. In 2010 it almost multiplied its size when it opened the Canopy Walk, a 600-foot walkway suspended in the trees. Visitors can visit the hot orchid house, stroll through the consumable nursery of local plants (however they are eatable, oppose the allurement!), and stop for an upscale feast at Longleaf, one of only a handful few cafés on the planet to be housed in a greenhouse.

King Historic District Tour

Plan to be roused on the King Historic District Tour, which is fastidiously explored by organization organizer and student of history Akila McConnell. On the over two-hour strolling visit—at about 1.5 miles, the speed is comfortable—you’ll get a very close glance at a portion of the city’s most significant Civil Rights areas and generally learn secret stories in the area. With a limit of 14 visitors—there’s no base, so it’s conceivable you could have the guide’s complete focus—the experience feels close, in any event, when it’s a limit.

Atlanta is known for being hot, ablaze, even. As an unequivocal last hit toward the Southern states during the American Civil War, General William Tecumseh Sherman set a significant part of the city ablaze in 1864 in his notorious “March to the Sea.” The town has been similar to a Phoenix becoming alive once again since, as the metro region presently is home to more than 5,000,000 inhabitants, the world’s busiest global air terminal, a flourishing culinary scene, accolades for old neighborhood saint and Civil Rights pioneer Martin Luther King, Jr., an expanding film business, a-list shopping, thus substantially more. When you visit, start with our rundown of what to do in Atlanta to manage your outing.

Effective Time Management Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

effective time management

As women and moms, time management is second nature to us. Due to the burden of responsibilities on our shoulders, we usually have a strong work ethic. However, the rise in female entrepreneurs has taken the importance of time management to a whole new level. Women, including moms, now have to take their natural persona a step forward and implement their time management skills in their entrepreneurial experience.

Now, this isn’t an easy transition. Working around the clock without taking a break is not a sign of effective time management. Instead, it is a slow recipe to disaster and mentally fatiguing yourself. If your plans for success in life depend on overexerting yourself beyond measure and leaving no time out for your body to rest, then you need to step back and reconsider these priorities.

Time management has never been about the number of hours you work. Instead, time management is about how effective you are in getting work done during these hours. As a female entrepreneur, there will be a lot on your plate, and effective time management is an ability you have to ace.

In this article, we take the concept of time management forward and help women entrepreneurs develop the attribute. Keep reading if you’re ready to work smarter and incorporate these effective tips into your routine.

Have Multiple Plans for the Day

Entrepreneurs cannot plan for the week or the day without factoring in for natural diversions and inconsistencies. But that shouldn’t stop you from having a basic idea of how you want your week to go in mind.

Start by creating a plan A, which should include all priorities you’d want to get done with during the week. List down all of your preferences and create a calendar to keep everything in sight. Secondly, plan everything you want to get done during the week. Emphasize each task and prioritize the schedule through color-coding.

However, things barely go as per plan, which is why you should have a less strenuous plan B and even a plan C available to you. These plans should give you the room to pivot from your original plan without feeling guilty. Expect that there will be diversions and plan for them accordingly. The inability to do so puts you up for disappointment.

Multitasking isn’t the solution.

Yeah, we see that look of confusion and suspicion on your face. For years, time management theories have focused on multitasking as the very colossal of time management. You might wonder why we’re advising you against it, but let us explain first.

Multitasking often makes you spend a lot of your time doing very little. And even the very little you do lacks authenticity. You’re bound to make mistakes when you juggle your attention between multiple tasks. Eventually, you spend more time amending those mistakes, making the entire purpose of multitasking lose value.

Ditch the time management theories that you currently looked up to and develop the Pomodoro Technique, including time blocking. Prioritize tasks within your schedule, break them down into different time slots and try to get them done individually within that time slot. Take short breaks in between to remain focused and minimize diversions.

Work-Life Balance

Women entrepreneurs are often juggling multiple roles. They have to act as mothers, sisters, partners, and even friends while simultaneously working on the dream they’ve set for themselves. The most popular school of thought from the days gone by might push you into putting work first and waiting for the other things to fall into place. But this is toxic behavior, and we won’t recommend that.

The industrial revolution and the resulting waves of sub-human efficiency that developed led humans into believing that they could function as machines. We, unfortunately, can’t, and as much as we wish to extend our working capabilities, we need to feed our social existence to remain happy and satisfied.

Maintain a family and social calendar where you give time to people around you. Make sure your weekly work plans coordinate with these social gatherings. Make self-care and social commitments a non-negotiable part of your personal life.

Take Breaks

So, you started watching this new entrepreneurial podcast and are astounded by the number of entrepreneurs who say they have lunch at their desk or work excessively for 10 hours or more without a break. This might sound impressive, but it is a recipe for disaster in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t look down on yourself for taking a short break away from work. Your brain and body need an outlet, and while working for excessive hours and challenging your capabilities might produce decent results in the short term, it isn’t a long-term strategy for the future.

The breaks you use can also be taken to reflect and plan. Check up on your work. Find irregularities and plan improvements over time. Do this, or you may end up screwing your mental health.

Ask for Help

Women can often be a bit hard on themselves. The Wonder Woman cape sure looks good on you, but there are times you need to take it off and ask someone else for help. Learn to delegate tasks, especially when you know someone else with more time on their hands may be able to do it better.

If you run a business from home, make sure that your family helps you with chores inside the house and business responsibilities. If you need expert help, make sure to pay someone with relevant experience. Delegating work improves efficiency and allows you to take some burden off your shoulders.

For much of human existence, we have misconstrued the concept of time. It is on our side. It is something that we own. We’re not slaves to time; instead, we get to decide how we spend it. Running your own business may be challenging, but with practical time management skills, you will be able to power through your multiple responsibilities.

The Simple Steps of Negotiation for Entrepreneurs

negotiation process

As an entrepreneur in the competitive business environment, you are expected to get the very best out of every deal and transaction. You have to prioritize your business interests and ensure that the deals you enter are suitable for the overall success of your organization. This isn’t selfish behavior, but just how we have been molded by nature.

However, a good negotiator does not prioritize their own needs but one who objectively looks at things. Most deals blow up because entrepreneurs are so hell-bent on serving themselves and their organizations that they forget to consider the cumulative good offered by the agreement objectively.

Negotiating is not an easy process and is one of the more challenging parts of running a business for women entrepreneurs. You need to strike the right balance and ensure consistency in what you offer for effective results. Successful negotiators aren’t shaped overnight. Instead, they take time to master their negotiating skills and practice the expected approach.

In this article, we look at some simple yet effective steps of negotiation that entrepreneurs should work on for successful negotiations. Go through this article and improve your negotiation skills for the better.

Focus on Planning Skills

All successful negotiations are usually the result of hours spent preparing and planning. This means that entrepreneurs should put in the required hours within their research and study the needs and behavior of the other party before they eventually sit at the table together to formulate a deal.

Knowing the nature of the negotiating party and their behavior during negotiations can help you devise a strategy that will take you through the process. You cannot successfully negotiate with people you don’t know. Hence, you must do your research and know your partnering negotiators first before taking the step forward.

Understand the Importance of the Opening Offer

In most cases, the opening offer is the vital bit of information that anchors the entire negotiation process. It holds a lot of essential details, regardless of who took the lead to place their offer. Therefore, the opening offer needs to be looked at with careful consideration. Opening offers aren’t just limited to the full quote. Still, they include the work proposal, the goods or services that will be used within the process, the warranties to be offered, incentives, terms and conditions, and the price.

Popular culture suggests that you shouldn’t be the one giving an opening offer in any negotiation. However, suppose you’ve done your research and understand the recommendations being circulated in the industry. In that case, there is no harm in making an opening offer and setting the flow of the negotiation process.

Also, before you set the opening offer, make sure that you have a clear bottom line in mind which you would be willing to accept. This bottom line shouldn’t be compromised during the meeting at any cost.

Control Emotions

While it is good to do your background research and feel confident in the quality of the offer you’re putting in, entrepreneurs should try to leave their ego out of the negotiating room. Lack of emotional control and toxic bouts of confidence is a recipe for failure in negotiations. When negotiating your way through an offer, you should be as neutral as you possibly can. Do not let your emotions and your thoughts get the better of your decision-making abilities. Most deals are lost or closed because of the inability of concerned members to think outside of their emotions and reach favorable conclusions.

“The most difficult thing in any negotiation, almost, is making sure that you strip it of the emotion and deal with the facts. And there was a considerable challenge to that here and understandably so.”

– Howard Baker

Be Prepared to Walk Away

Always be prepared to walk away if the negotiation process does not go in your favor and when the other party isn’t showing the flexibility you expected from them. Regardless of how vital a negotiation process is or how tempting it can be to get the deal over within one meeting, entrepreneurs should always be prepared to walk away.

The ability to walk away if things don’t go the way you want almost always puts you in a position of power. You will never be bulled if you’re willing to leave the meeting with disapproval. Problems come up when entrepreneurs start to believe that this deal is everything to them. Such behavior can lead you to accept mediocre offers.

Ask Good Questions

Do not assume anything related to the deal and ask good questions. The chances are that a deal might sound good to you on paper but may not be as good when you start asking questions and consider all other relevant details. Your questions shouldn’t just be a means to acquire knowledge but should also be a means for you to hit the jackpot and get the results you require. Make progress with your questions and push the other party to the outcomes you need through the power of questions.

Listen Effectively

Effective listening is an essential requirement for negotiating successfully. You should be able to catch all details relevant to the deal and mentally process them through the events. Effective listening will also help you see minor glitches that might otherwise go unnoticed. Your listening skills will be at their best if you leave your emotions at home and are willing to think objectively.

Negotiation is an essential process for entrepreneurs today and can help them make strategic business decisions. Entrepreneurs should always negotiate with the appropriate gatekeeper or person in charge to avoid wastage of time.





6 Importance and Value of Love & Self-Love


For some individuals, the idea of confidence is an exaggerated hypothesis, and they frequently overlook its significance. People try to be excellent. When we talk about self-esteem, it is not difficult to picture somebody perusing self-improvement guides or embracing a tree; yet confidence is significantly more than that. Many studies have shown that confidence is the way to mental prosperity, and it keeps melancholy and uneasiness under control. Present-day culture is molded so that we are bound to go up against one another continually, or even ourselves. We are always attempting to arrive at our short objectives and trying to better ourselves to coordinate with the assumptions set upon us by the general public.

We can’t generally hope to depend just on outer hotspots for adoration, and that is where the idea of self-esteem comes in. An individual who rehearses confidence won’t ever have to rely upon others to be content, and it is an enabling inclination to be contained within.

Confidence isn’t egotistical; it is simply putting yourself first and not being too hard on yourself. When our friends and family commit a mistake, we regularly excuse them effectively. However, when we commit an error, we are frequently too hard on ourselves. The initial step of self-esteem is understanding that we are just human and it is alright to commit mistakes; it is OK to lose now and again; it is OK not to have the most fantastic day… week… or month. We should cherish ourselves and let the negative things go through; in the end, things will change, and awful occasions will pass. Now is the right time for you to start your journey to practice self-love. Here are the six reasons why this thing is essential:

To Free Yourself from Comparisons

Who do you contrast yourself with, and why? When we distinguish ourselves from others, it is an aggregate and utter set up for disappointment. Why? Individuals who genuinely love themselves understand that examination doesn’t feel better… ever… yet once in a while, they keep on doing it. Teddy Roosevelt once said, “Examination is the hoodlum of delight,” … and he’s correct!! How frequently have you been looking through web-based media and seen a colleague boasting about their “great” life? The perfect house, the vehicle, the cheerful, wonderful family… You can be sure that within, that family might be doing their family treatment, and they will lose their home, and it’s making pressure and contentions. Indeed, they just pursued conjugal treatment as well, and they are thinking about separate and haven’t had intercourse in a year. The exercise is, the thing that’s outward may not be what’s truly going on in the background… and it’s alright… yet here we are contrasting our existence with their “wonderful picture,” feeling jealous… and feeling more terrible than an hour prior, before we began looking over.

To Live Life in Alignment to Values

What are your qualities? Is it true that they are family? Companions? Victory? Benevolence? Is it accurate to say that you are living in an arrangement with your markers? On the off chance that you are not rehearsing self-esteem, it is profoundly plausible that at least one region in these classes is slipping. For example, your “family” worth may not be adjusted in the daily routine you are experiencing because you need confidence. You may see you struggle to be available with your family and feel the loss of the unique times or don’t have the energy for them. Or then again, maybe your worth is generosity. Nonetheless, you have been progressively aggravated or simple to respond… and can’t be thoughtful at present… Why? Since you are running on void and everybody is getting your affection, aside from you.


Consider somebody who is certain… How would they act? Do they appear to be secure in their suppositions? Do they utilize their voice? Is it true that they are a decent audience as well? Self-esteem upgrades trust in yourself since you permit yourself to acknowledge yourself… similarly as you are. You’re not so hung up on your defects or the way that you mishandled over certain words during that zoom preparing—being human and excusing to yourself. You confide in yourself and carry on like this, and you never judge or are cruel to reprimand yourself. When you permit yourself to accept all that you will be, you will see you will not feel disgrace or weakness for not being something different.

Resilience Through Challenges

It’s a difficult time on the planet! We are confronted with new difficulties that we’ve never seen… With COVID19, social distance learning, and striving to oversee telecommuting and running a family, it’s entirely expected to battle. However, now and then, when we face difficult situations, we develop. We understand our solidarity, and we figure out how to consider difficulties to be exercises or “lily cushions” to leap to the following degree of life. By and by, through the most challenging and most trying times in my own life, I figured out how to value myself, set limits with others, and, yes… love myself. When you can genuinely learn confidence, you will be faster to pardon yourself through difficulties and discover that all that will turn out great all around. You will figure out how to converse with yourself how you would speak with a friend or family member or a little youngster… with adoration, graciousness, and a delicate tone.

Self-love is also essential when it comes to setting boundaries in relationships.

Having an unmistakable comprehension of your limits and having the option to set them tells that you love yourself. Accordingly, you’re bound to have satisfying relationships. Your relationship with yourself establishes the pace for the connections you have with others. At the point when you treat yourself with affection and regard, you allow others to do likewise.

Without self-love, you drastically decrease your ability to be successful at anything.

When you have self-esteem, you comprehend who you are at the center of your being and acknowledge who you are, blemish whatnot. Self-acknowledgment has, again and again, been demonstrated to be a vital marker of achievement. Confidence is simply the subsequent stage of acknowledgment. Envision how fundamental that is the achievement and genuine satisfaction in any part of your life.

Cherishing yourself entirely and wholeheartedly is probably the most challenging thing an individual can provide insight, and it is a continuous excursion that won’t ever end.

Reasons Why Moms Make Good Entrepreneurs


Starting your own business can be the most rewarding and nerve-racking experience of your life. It is a risk that can either pay off or give you experience in the long run. There will always be times when you suffer complications and difficulties, but true entrepreneurs never regret their decision to work as entrepreneurs.

The experience of being an entrepreneur can be compared to that of being a mom. You might face challenges while raising your kids, you might even have a few all-nighters, but at the end of the day, you know they’re your bundles of joy. Since there is such a significant overlap between these activities, does being a mom give you the bravery, strength, level-headedness, and vulnerability required for entrepreneurs to succeed? We believe it does.

Motherhood helps you develop character traits that eventually qualify you for more significant roles in life, including that of being an entrepreneur. In this article, we list down a few reasons moms make excellent entrepreneurs.

Maintained Composure

Moms are no strangers to unnecessary drama. The stress resulting from it – tantrums from children, injuries while playing, and other mom experiences prepare you to handle stress well eventually. Moms barely meltdown; they know how to stay cool, calm, and collected through their ups and downs.

Running a business also presents its fair share of stress and drama. There are times you need to manage slacking employees, deal with angry customers, and breeze through financial setbacks. Through all of this, the composure and level-headedness of entrepreneurs are what allows them to succeed. Moms bring this experience with them, having raised kids of their own and having gone through the impossible stress and drama that comes with looking after children.

Strong and Resilient

Women truly do not realize just how strong they are until they become mothers. There will be times when you astound yourself with your strength and composure as a mother. The most important thing is that since motherhood is a constant no-relief experience, the power and resilience gained through it eventually runs in your blood.

It is when you’re juggling job responsibilities, looking after your kids, and being present for them when it matters without breaking a sweat that you realize just how strong and resilient you’ve become. As an entrepreneur, you have to be strong every day and come out at your very best without sick days – something moms know all about.

Skilled Negotiators

Having negotiated their way through difficult 5-year-olds, moms are extremely good at the art of negotiating. This is one reason moms make excellent bargainers. They realize what a good deal is and know how to find their way through negotiation.

Entrepreneur and mom Yael Kochman perfectly summed up the negotiating skills of moms in her article for Fast Company:

You think it’s hard selling your solution to a possible client or sealing a deal? Try selling clothes to a stubborn five-year-old! Believe me; if you have kids, you are already great at bargaining. Closing transactions is a piece of cake for you.”

Excellent Time Management

Time management is no mean feat – ask people who still have trouble finishing work at five after working their lives in the 9 to 5 routine. Moms struggle with time management since they’re juggling through so many responsibilities, but they eventually become masters at it.

Through their journey of motherhood, every mom realizes that certain things can be done in a better and faster manner. These experiences and hacks help them speed up time and manage their routine more efficiently.

Honed Leadership Skills

Women with natural leadership skills hone them through their experiences as a mom. Moms make superior leaders. After all, they’ve had extensive knowledge of being in charge for extended periods and guiding their children through complicated issues in life. Not only are moms known to be resourceful, but they can also juggle multiple responsibilities at one time.

They are no strangers to leading from the front and know the right time to take charge and maintain control. Moms also understand how to dumb their leadership technique down for different individuals. Not everyone has the same mental capability as you – case in point, children – hence, there are times when you have to make them understand your perspective by going down to their level.

They Wear Multiple Hats

This, we believe, is a significant overlap between the concerns of entrepreneurs and moms. Entrepreneurs wear multiple hats. They need to be accountants, sales professionals, managers, and marketers, among many other things. However, successful entrepreneurs also realize when it is time to call someone in for help.

Moms also wear multiple hats. They’re constantly teaching, cooking, chauffeuring, and taking care of their children. Also, they realize they need help when it is required and outsource a babysitter.

Calculated Empathy within Boundaries

Being an entrepreneur is all about showing calculated empathy within the boundaries you’ve set. Moms need to be understanding and empathetic toward their kids. At the same time, they try to be firm with the limitations they’ve developed. Children need to be disciplined from time to time by being reminded of their boundaries, and no one knows that better than moms.

As entrepreneurs, moms know how to empathize with suppliers, employees, clients, and other stakeholders. However, they also know how to set boundaries and expectations for their stakeholders. Entrepreneurs need empathy in calculated amounts, and moms have been hardwired to develop it.

Being a mom is a life-changing experience that prepares you for the good things in life. You might not notice it yet, but your experience with motherhood not only makes you a better human being but a better leader and a more successful entrepreneur whenever you decide to wear that hat.

Ways to Strengthen Your Leadership Skills

leadership skills

The prospect of advancing to a managerial position is why most women keep plugging away at their monotonous 9 to 5 routines, honing their skills, and taking on new challenging tasks at work. As a professional in today’s competitive landscape, you must develop a set of soft skills related to your job.

Your willingness to work hard and excel in your job will place you for consideration in a leadership role. Still, the ultimate decision eventually comes down to your soft leadership skills. Some people tend to have an acquired natural talent for leadership. But this shouldn’t stop others who don’t have these skills from developing them with some practice and effort.

If you want to take your career to the highest pedestal and become a part of your leadership team, then you should be willing to put in the hard miles and follow relevant tips. In this article, we look at some of the most appropriate ways to follow to strengthen your leadership skills. With routine practice and consistency, you will soon be at the top of your game.

Be Disciplined

A good leader needs to be disciplined in their life. Developing discipline in one’s personal and professional life is a hallmark of all successful leaders. You can achieve true success as a leader if you inspire others toward discipline and time management. People will tend to judge your leadership capabilities through the amount of discipline you show at work.

Disciplined employees always meet their deadlines, end meetings in time, and adhere to their appointments. If you are a naturally organized person with a penchant for perfection in everything you do, you may have your work cut out for you. If not, try to practice some essential tips starting with waking up on time, working out daily, and leaving the job on time.

Take Responsibility

Leaders are differentiated based on their ability to take responsibility and be accountable for their actions. A great way to improve your leadership skills is by accepting more projects. You shouldn’t overburden yourself with more work than you can handle, but you shouldn’t just keep your work limited to what’s written in your job description.

Step out of your self-created comfort zone and come up with new ways to learn. Women who take initiatives in the workplace are welcomed as a fresh wave of change, and executives notice their efforts.

Learn to Follow Before You Lead

True leaders should first learn how to follow commands before they take the baton of charge. A good leader or manager has no qualms in yielding control to someone more experienced or professional for a specific project or area. Additionally, you shouldn’t feel threatened or vulnerable when someone in the organization tends to question your directives or challenges your ideas with some of their own.

Leaders keep an open mind to differences and give merit to opinions from others when it is due. This will be tough to start with, but you will eventually learn to value the opinion and feedback of those around you with time.

Be Aware of Situations

Anticipating problems and situations before they occur is a genuine mark of a good leader. This is a unique skill for leaders managing complex teams or complex projects on a deadline. When the going gets tough, leaders can step in and use their situational awareness to draft alternative strategies.

The ability to foresee potential problems also comes with relevant experience in your industry. Learn from the more experienced people around you and implement their techniques in your flavor.

Inspire Others

As a leader, you shouldn’t just be able to motivate yourself but also know how to inspire others. Be an inspiration for the people you manage and collaborate with, and ensure that you’re all on the same page.

Leaders should take the lead and stand up whenever a team member needs guidance or encouragement from them. Additionally, it would help if you were a good listener to understand and comprehend problems faced by team members. Don’t turn your back on their issues.

Keep Learning

The learning process never stops. The most definitive path to becoming effective as a leader is always to keep learning new things. Learn from your interactions with others and keep an open eye out for new experiences. Learning experiences can often come from the most unexpected of places. You might learn something new from the new apprentice under you or might even catch something inspirational to learn from a candidate you’re interviewing. Regardless of how far you go up the corporate ladder, remember that there is always room to learn something new and acquire new talents.

Know-How to Resolve Conflicts

As a leader in today’s diverse corporate structure, you’re bound to encounter several conflicts between stakeholders and employees. To prepare yourself for that managerial position, you should start by learning how to resolve disputes.

Conflicts can be brutal to manage if you haven’t had prior experience in them. Learn from the people around you and look at how current managers resolve disputes. See if there are certain traits that you like and specific traits that you deplore from their solutions. Also, interact with other employees to see if they don’t like areas of conflict resolution that you have issues with. Based on these experiences, you can eventually up your conflict resolution tactics and be more straightforward and successful in solving them. Also, be prepared to reassign teammates if the need be.

Good leadership skills are essential for women in the corporate world today. As quoted by American statesman John Quincy Adams, “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

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