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A&B Lifestyles

The year is still young! What are you thinking? What are you hoping for? Well, if you are thinking and you are hoping, you are on the right track. My name is Seena and I am the co-founder of A&B Lifestyles in San Diego, California.

I can not only help you to declutter your home but I also help declutter your mind. Not only can I help you plan a party, but I can help convince you life is a party. At your party, the flower arrangements may be perfect but someone may spill red wine on your new carpet.

To say 2020 was a weird year is an understatement, and 2021 has started off even weirder, but I am not writing it off just yet. Are you? Because of the pandemic, most of you had time to organize every drawer, every DVD collection, and every box of old photographs in your home. I could say you put me out of business (and I laugh when I say this). I am uber-organized so I had no need to purge my place of stuff during the past year. What I did was sit and ponder my personal situation. See, I had fallen ill (non-covid related) and wasn’t able to do much of anything. Now I look back on my uber-organized self and thank her for being such. It made getting through difficult times a little less difficult. You see, someone had spilled red wine all over my new carpet.

So be encouraged that all the time you spent doing whatever, whether it was upping your organization skills, upping your bread-making skills, or upping your binge-watching time, you made yourself a better human being. Yes, even binge-watching may have taught you that you shouldn’t binge-watch so much. Maybe you binged on something that told you “ boy am I glad my life is not like this”. Maybe you binged and did yoga at the same time and realized you multitask better than you thought. Maybe bingeing on a comedy was just the laugh you needed to get you through this pandemic.

Anxious moments are not for naught! I know you experienced them. Shed a tear or two? Frightened maybe? I too felt the anxiousness of a hurting world. Remember, these emotions are an alert system. They are speaking, or rather yelling, at you to notice YOU! ‘Take care of me!!!’ they say!


Twenty twenty-one. Here we are. Now, I am going to encourage you a bit more. All those thoughts and tasks. Do not waste them. Twenty twenty-one is your year to assess. Tell me, how did your organization project work out? I always touch base with my clients two weeks after a job to see how the systems I have put in place are operating. I never claim they will be perfect as I may have to tweak or revise the original plan. The resolutions you may have ultimately planned for January 1, 2021, probably started when this pandemic began. Look at it this way: you got an early start! Whether it was physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual in nature you are way ahead. Applaud yourself! But strive to be a better you tomorrow than you were yesterday. I post a different quote in my home every month to encourage me. This month’s quote is “celebrate what you want to see more of in 2021”. This speaks to me with a positive force. It tells me to assess last year and grasp those moments that filled my cup. Now that I have done that, I can celebrate them and invest that energy into others. This is my process. Maybe it can be yours. It doesn’t have to be. What’s important is that you continually assess your situation, not just a segment of the past.

One method to help put this practice in place is to talk it out. When I assist people in cleaning out their closets, we are never just talking about how to color code clothing; we converse about their hopes and dreams and life’s concerns. Sometimes this is done almost unknowingly on their part. If I am not the chosen listener for you, find someone, a friend maybe, to help assess one another’s situations. Clearing out a closet is no different from clearing out your mind. Do you have thoughts that have hung around that do not fit you you want to be in 2021? Do these thoughts bring joy to you and those around you? Can these thoughts stand the test of time or are they trendy because everyone around thinks the same? Think about it. Assess the last twelve months. Make them count for something no matter how big or small.

I would love to hear your thoughts and answer any questions you may have about decluttering your bedroom closet or the closet in your mind. I can be reached at aandblifestyles@gmail.com.

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