Inside my memory, there is a reverie, places and spaces where I go to test.
To try out the dreams I dream, the plans I scheme, to put my mind to rest.
I want, in you, to believe
But memory tells me that Time will only deceive.
The friendship we share will one day lose its flair
And you’ll forget me, as if I were never there.
It’s A Matter of Trust. Will you always be here?

In times past, I thought that friendship could last
Forever, through All Time
But in retrospect, I only expect
The pain of losing what I thought was mine.
Do you know what it is to give yourself to someone?
Only to wake and realize that the dream was a lie;
And that you really have no one?
I don’t want to return for the pain still burns, when I think of all I went through.
It took so long to recover, how can I hope to ever discover a light that shines anew?

I cry out to you because I want to believe!
Please say that you’ll stay with me, and that you’ll never leave.
It seems that whenever I try to overcome the fear,
The Nightmare Resurrects! It Reappears!
I don’t want to go through it! Not ever again!
I just want the Truth of a Faithful Friend!

Show me that you’re real.
Help me to understand that Time won’t steal what we share today.
You see? It’s really all A Matter of Trust.