The Cabbage Soup diet

The Cabbage Soup diet is as it sounds, eat cabbage soup instead of your main meals, and very little else. It reduces the calorie levels of the body to the point of near starvation. You are allowed fruits and vegetables next to the soup, but you should eat to feel satisfied, not stuffed.

This system should not be used for more than a week as it is generally used when the weight is to be lost very quickly, for example, for a wedding. Alcohol is forbidden. Water and unsweetened juices are the only drinks you should take throughout the week. You will lose weight almost quickly on this diet, but it is only suitable as a very short-term solution. The side effects include flatulence and bad breath.

People with long-term health conditions should consult a medical professional, but for people otherwise healthy adjustment, this diet should not cause harm.

The Atkins diet

The Atkins diet is a low carbohydrate diet. If we reduce the number of carbohydrates and eating more protein and fat, our bodies will naturally lose weight by burning our stored fat much more efficiently.

The Atkins diet problem is that because the body burns its fat, some people can have some obnoxious side effects, such as bad breath and constipation, depending on what you eat. And with such a controlled diet, where you eat a minimal amount of fruits and vegetables and protein, only just pure and saturated fat, you increase your risk of heart disease and certain cancers.

The potential is there to lose a lot of weight quickly on the Atkins diet. You will tend to feel full longer by eating lots of carbohydrates, but this kind of diet when long-term monitoring is dangerous for your health.

South Beach diet

The South Beach diet and the Atkins diet are quite alike in that it is another low in carbohydrates and proteins rich diet, except that it is much more balanced. Instead of sticking rigidly to low carb foods throughout the dieting phase, it focuses on how each of good and bad carbohydrate foods impacts your sugar levels in the blood.

You hold two weeks of strict retaining what you can and can not eat. From there, you can start introducing carbohydrates and healthy fruit to your diet again; it is all about experimentation with your diet, and watching the weight patterns, learn what triggers your body to gain weight. If you start to gain weight again, you can quickly return to the strict diet for two weeks.

As low-carb diets go, it is a much healthier diet because it encourages dieters not to cut anything and eat everything in moderation to maintain a healthy weight. This means that you are much more likely to stick to this plan and achieve your goals successfully.

The Zone diet

The Zone diet is different from other systems in that it discourages consumption of carbohydrates, bad fats, processed foods, and sugars. It focuses more on us eating more meat, fruits, and vegetables. Dieters are also encouraged to calculate the number of calories they need, and it also encourages regular eating habits and regular consumption of good fats and low glycemic foods.

It is a healthy way of eating and controlled, which ensures significant weight loss, although many people may find it costly and difficult to follow.

Detox diet

Detox diets involve either not to use or attempt to flush out the substances that are considered useless or harmful. Examples include limiting the consumption of foods without dyes or preservatives, taking supplements, or drink large amounts of water.

The latter practice, in particular, drew criticism, but to drink much more water than the recommended levels can cause hyponatremia.