9 Entertainment Themes Trending This Summer

When it comes to having a fun party and entertaining people, look no further than planning a backyard or poolside party. Getting out of doors in the summer is a great idea!

1. Pot Luck Game Night – Grab a game that a group can play together like Win, Lose or Draw, Pictionary, or Charades, and let everyone bring something to the dinner. Sometimes it helps to coordinate what the theme is and what each person is bringing so you can fill in the gaps. You can offer to supply the protein and let everyone else bring the sides.

2. BBQ Fun – Everyone loves a BBQ in the summertime. Having a beautiful outside party never goes out of style, especially a BBQ. Today’s BBQs are a lot healthier than in the past, too. Remember to consider your keto, vegan, and allergic friends when you plan your menus.

3. Beach Party – Don’t have a beach? That’s okay. Set up children’s pools and slip ‘n slides, put up a volleyball net, and you’re in business. A beach- themed party can include frozen drinks and easy- to-eat food like tacos or finger foods, while focusing on the fun and wet water activities.

4. Glamping Experience – Many people have taken to renting RVs to camp, or as they like to call it, “glamping.” This is a camping experience you can do together with multiple people. Travel by caravan to somewhere fun or just rent a camper in a location where you want to be together.

5. Backyard Dinner Party – You can also get fancy in the backyard. Set up a picnic table with a beautiful table cloth, put out citronella candles and a shelter against the elements with some twinkle lights, and you can serve any type of dinner you want to enjoy.

6. Ice Cream Social – You can go far with this theme. For example, you can make the ice cream that you want to eat at the party with the help of the guests. (Have some in the freezer too, so you can account for problems or mistakes.) Put out a lot of sides, fruit, nuts, cones, toppings, and more so that everyone can make what they will enjoy most.

7. All You Can Eat Fruit Party – This is a wonderful thing to have close to the end of summer, right before the gardening season is over. Everything that grows locally is game. Ask your guests to bring large quantities of each fruit that you choose to be at the party. Everyone can eat all they want as a celebration of summer.

8. Mexican Fiesta Party – This type of party, of course, includes all the delicious and easy-to-eat Mexican food we all love. You can set it up like street food with servers, or you can set up a taco bar. Bring in a band, and people will talk for weeks.

9. Party in the USA Extravaganza – Naturally, July 4th is in the summer and a big day for a party. You can use this theme anytime you want, though, not just on the 4th of July. Make a beautifully- layered dessert as the centerpiece.

Hosting a party can sometimes be stressful, but if you set it up to let the guests share in the duties, it will be fun. Just ask each person coming to bring a specific item, and you only worry about supplying the few things that you want to the event.