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4 Fun Crafts Kids Can Make With Alphabet Beads

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Some of the best things you can do with a young child involve crafts and projects you can do as a family. Alphabet Beads are perfect in this regard, as your child can look right at the project and see they have created their name or a meaningful word. You can have hours of fun and many great pieces by using these beads. Here are four fun crafts you can do with your children that use these decorative beads.

#1 – Bookmark
Encouraging children to read and express themselves through art is a two-fold benefit to making bookmarks out of alphabet beads. This fun project is sure to spark a child’s interest in reading to use their bookmark. Have your child spell their name or the title of their favorite book, and attach the beads to a thread. Then, attach the line to a coming bead and a paper or cloth bookmark. Attach, and enjoy your new personalized bookmark.

#2 – Hair Adornments
Another fun thing for girls to do is to make hair tassels out of alphabet beads. They can spell out your child’s name, some favorite things, or be single expressive characters. First, take a length of wire, and thread it with your chosen beads. Then coil it to the shape of the desired hairstyle your child is most likely to be wearing. Braids are usually the easiest to adorn. Wrap it together, and style the hair around it. Now you have fun words in your hair!

#3 – Personalization
Anything can be personalized with a tassel and some beads. Backpacks, clothes, purses, and coats all can be marked with a good bead project. You can even sow the alphabet pieces into clothing and bags if you know your way around a needle. Tassels are the easiest. All you need is a length of colorful string and some beads. Have your child arrange the beads to spell their name, attach them to the string, and add to any item.

#4 – Gift Jewelry
Bracelets, necklaces, lanyards are all things that you can make with your children using lettered beads. Next holiday, consider gathering your children to make crafts for presents that say, “Happy Love Day” or “best mom ever,” depending on the holiday. These can be as complex as wire and expensive beads, to string and a few choice words. These projects are a wholesome and fun way to spend time with the family.

The most important part of making crafts with alphabet beads with your children is to have fun with them! Making the project fun will get your children more involved in it and get them more interested in artistic ventures in the future. These personalized projects will also show your children some of the value of pride in workmanship and make future artistic endeavors more important. So break out the crafting kit and create with your child today!


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