If the panic of gift buying is making you rush to buy a gift without thinking, then 9 out of 10, you should not buy it.  Plus, wouldn’t you prefer the “worst gift” comes from their family or friends? A study found more than half of women and one of five men say they’ve opened a present from their significant other, and wondered “what the hell were they thinking!” We did our own poll and it turned into a venting session. Below we compiled the “worst gift list” for those people who need our help.

The Ten Gifts Men Should Never Buy Or Give Women:

  1. Waist Trainer/Spanxs.
  2. Toiletries.
  3. Pushup/padded bra or padded butt underwear.
  4. Kitchen utensils.
  5. Promise ring instead of an engagement ring.
  6. Scale.
  7. Pajamas or slippers.
  8. A vacuum cleaner.
  9. No gift.
  10. Gym membership or exercise clothes.


The Ten Gifts Women Should Never Buy Or Give Men:

  1. Ties/Socks/Underwear.
  2. A Man Bag.
  3. Mug.
  4. Shaving kit.
  5. Car wash kit.
  6. Sex.
  7. Comforter set.
  8. Sex toy.
  9. Tools.
  10. A framed photo.

Unless your significant other specifically asked for it or hinted to you about it, do not consider any of the above.  Survey also found that one in six couples have gotten into a fight over a present and one in twenty have broken up over a bad present.  So, if you have not bought your significant other a gift yet, STOP!  Carefully read this list. We can’t tell you what to buy or give…but we can tell you what NOT to buy or give!!